Mother Daughter Matching Outfits-{Family matching fashion 2020}

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Mother daughter matching outfits-Mother and daughter in matching outfit sitting on a bench.
Mother daughter matching outfits-Mother and daughter in matching outfit sitting on a bench.

Across the globe, we see the matching clothing style trending. While Mother daughter matching outfits are a reoccurring trend, we also see a new trend on father and son outfits and complete family outfits as well.

Mother and daughter matching outfits have been popping in and out of fashion for over the last century. However, the mother and daughter matching trend is not new; there have been some changes over time, though. One of those changes is the fact most matching outfits are now store-bought while in the old days most outfits were homemade.

Do you join the matching fashion trend this year?

Are mother-daughter matching outfits a new trend?

The fashion for mother-daughter matching outfits started in early 1900. Like most fashions, ‘mummy and me outfits’ have been cycling in and out of style for over 100 years.

Mother Daughter Matching outfits-Mother and daughter in matching white dresses
Mother Daughter Matching outfits-
Mother and daughter in matching white dresses

Back in the old days matching clothes were more seen as leisure. Either for mums who stayed at home and had time to sew clothing or for a mum who had the money to go shopping for matching outfits.

Part of the idea behind the matching clothing was that mum and daughter would spend enough time together in public to show off their matching outfits, being without their other half would not pay off the effort to invest in mirror clothing.

So the answer is no, mother-daughter outfits are not a  new trend. However, on the other hand, mum and son matching outfits may be a very new trend indeed! How adorable is this leopard outfit for mother and son? 

Around 1970 the trend started that mothers started taking on jobs outside the house, with this changing trend mum and daughter outfits were going out of fashion. Also, mum’s who did stay home didn’t continue with this fashion any more.

Nowadays, mum and daughter matching clothing is mainly storebought. Even though many things have changed, matching outfits for mums and daughters are fashionable once again to wear.

Matching clothing for the whole family?

Mother-daughter matching outfits-Matching family Christmas PJ's.
Mother-daughter matching outfits-Matching family Christmas PJ’s

Really? Well, I don’t know about you, but I like it.

Previous attempts of designers to sell father and son outfits had not much luck yet and never reach the point of success or became really popular. Maybe this is the year that all changes and persistence of the designers pay off?

As dads have become more involved in family life, designers have seen their opportunity to offer clothes complementary to the change of dads changing roll in current family lifestyle.

So now matching family outfits are available and the trend has become quite popular for the whole family 2020.

Most of the matching family clothing is designed for special occasions when the family spend a lot of time together such as holidays,

sleepwear and vacation outfits. Matching Christmas pyjama’s are one of your choices or matching swimming outfits for the whole family are available in many different choices as well.

Would matching swimmers for you and your family be on the books for your families next holiday? To learn more about family matching outfits including family matching Christmas PJs you can use the green button below.

Matching swimmers for the family

Mother-daughter matching outfits-Mother Daughter Matching swimmers
Mother-daughter matching outfits-Mother Daughter Matching swimmers

Quite honestly, I have not witnessed anybody wearing matching family swimmers myself but matching outfits for the family increasing popularity rapidly. For many families, the matching trend is pure joy for the whole family to get involved. What are your thoughts on matching outfits?

Do you like these matching swimmers for your families? Well for each individual there is catered for as you can buy all matching garments the way they suit your family.

If you like them for mother and daughter, this is an option for you, but when you are interested in joining in with more family members you than do that as well. You pick the pieces exactly to the needs of your family. To learn about matching swimmers and other matching outfits, please use the green button above stating: ‘Learn more about matching family outfits here’.


A final thought on 2020 matching trends.

Mother and daughter matching outfits are trending in 2020, and we are spoiled for choice for sure.  But not only mother and daughter outfits are trending, this year the whole family joins in with the fun. Complete family outfits, mum and son outfits and even father and sons don’t miss out with the dressing up fun.

What is your opinion about the matching fashion trends in 2020, do you love it, or not your cup of tea? We love to hear from you, and please comment below with your opinion or experience or any suggestions.

Please share any comments below, we love to hear from you. 


24 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Matching Outfits-{Family matching fashion 2020}”

  1. Thanks for reviewing some very nice and affordable mother-daughter outfits for 2020. I am always looking for some nice gifts for my daughter and granddaughter, so this post is perfect for the coming summer months! We had similar outfits for my wife and kids, of course, that was decades ago now.

    There were several options that caught my eye, one being the matching swimwear (so cute!), the yellow-striped dresses/outfits (the last set you covered), and the link in the middle of your article also had some nice selections. You have made my job as a loving father/grandfather a bit easier today, I appreciate that!

    • Hi Dave, thanks a lot for your reply to my article bout affordable mother-daughter outfits. I am delighted I was able to help you and I am sure your kids and grandchildren will be so delighted and excited to receive such a nice gift. My daughter would be over the moon for sure if she would receive a matching outfit for her and mum.

      Best wishes.


  2. Hi Jude.

    This post really takes me back a few years to when my daughter was a bit younger. We used to think that it might be a bit cheesy to get her an outfit to match her mother but when we tried it, we couldn’t believe how much she loved the idea.

    I think a lot of it comes from our daughter feeling like she was all grown up by wearing exactly the same outfit as her mum and once she had one matching outfit she wanted even more. It became one of their “things to do” and they used to go out shopping together every Saturday afternoon in their matching outfits (and bring home even more!!)

    I think it is one of the things that build a great bond between mother and daughter. Thank you for sharing your ideas in this lovely article.


    • Thanks a lot for your lovely reply Dave. Your daughter was so lucky that her mum did this with her. This sounds like a lovely tradition and so much fun for both of them.

      So very true what you say about little girls want to feel they are growing up, my daughter likes to wear everything I have and wear too.

      Thank a lot for your response Dave, I appreciate it.

      Best wishes Jude

  3. Many thanks to for sharing such an excellent article for us. I have a baby and she is my favourite. I always match my dress with my daughter and we always wear the same kind of dress. I feel like we look so fashionable in our matching dresses.

     It seems to me that the mother and daughter united dresses are the new trend. And as a result, I think I have saved a lot of money.  I’m considering to wear a mother and son outfit, I think it’s going to be interesting for everyone to witness a new fashion. I think matching costumes with mothers and sons can be a very new trend indeed.

    Lastly, I hope that through your article, every mother, child or daughter, will be delighted and will share their experiences with you.

    • Hi Shanta, thank you so much for your lovely message, I appreciate it a lot. Of course, your baby is your favourite, I am sure you are so proud of her, babies are so cute. How cool you and your daughter have been wearing lots of matching outfits. I just at the point of ordering some and trying it out. I am sure my daughter will be so delighted, she loves to wear my shoes and jewellery too. Thank you so much for your comment.

      Best wishes. Jude

  4. Hello, thank you for creating this great website,  and also create a write up on an article like this. I didn’t see much nice articles and websites like these yet. I like the products with matching clothing and I am definitely getting a set for my wife and daughter. thank you.

    • Hi Benny, thank you for your response to my article. I am delighted you liked my website and enjoyed my article. I hope you can find some nice outfits for your wife and daughter. They will be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift from their husband and father.  I hope you can find the perfect outfit for them. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude

  5. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on affordable mother-daughter outfits and find it very useful for parents. I know that mum and daughter matching outfits are definitely not new. However, on the other hand, mum and son matching outfits may be a very new trend indeed. I will buy mother and daughter matching outfits for my wife and for my lovely daughter. Thanks for your for sharing your knowledge and this awesome information.


    • Hi, thanks a lot for replying on the article Affordable mother-daughter outfits-2020. I am quite excited too to see if the mum an son outfits will take off and become a real trend. Your wife and daughter are really lucky you surprise them with a matching outfit, they will be absolutely delighted. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Best wishes.


  6. Thank You for taking the time to post this Article. I find it absolutely ok for mother and daughter(s) to have a matching outfit. We are really admired when I wear a matching outfit with my son to Church or Parties, and my wife and daughter do that frequently too. I will have this page bookmarked for future purchases because the recommendations look really nice. Do you also have recommendations for father and sons, please?

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your reply and for sharing your insight on the topic matching family clothing. It is very nice to read people admire you and your son wearing matching clothing, I can totally understand. And so lovely your wife and daughter do the same too. Thank you for bookmarking my page, I include a link to the site for you with some lovely dad and son outfits.

      I hope there are some options to your liking. 

      I would have included some images, but the section in here don’t allow me to add photos. I hope you are able to check the options out through the link. Please let me know if you have any more questions. 

       Kind regards Jude

  7. Hey there! Thanks for sharing this beautiful article. All the pictures you shared is really beautiful. Actually I was thinking of taking the pink combined dress for my sister and niece. It will really match them, they will look very gorgeous.
    Your idea about affordable mother-daughter outfits is really amazing. I am going to share your article on my social media account. Your article would surely attract many.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply to my article. I am happy you enjoyed it and I am happy for your sister and niece as they may get spoiled with some nice clothing, they will be so excited! Thank you for sharing my article on social media. Best wishes. Jude

  8. Hello, I have noticed some really cute mother and son outfits on your site, I really like it, I have never seen them before. I was reading on your site that you can buy complete matching family outfits as well. Also, I saw a matching mum, daughter and baby dress, all in the same style, I really like all these matching clothing. I like it that the fashion of matching mum and me clothing returns into fashion again and I definitely consider buying a set. I am so happy to find your article to find out about this cute option. Thanks a lot for sharing, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Harish, thanks a lot for your comment on my article about ‘Affordable mother-daughter outfits. I agree with you, it is nice to see this fashion returning and it is nice to see options for mums and sons as well. I am delighted the article was helpful for you and hope you can find some clothing you like to purchase. Thanks a lot for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude

  9. Thank you so much, Jude, for sharing this beautiful article with us, I really appreciate it.

    I love reading about the topic of family matching apparel. I visited your nice links and I really liked it. I would definitely buy swimsuits and various occasion clothing for my family. As a kid, I wanted to wear matching clothes with my mom too. But at that time there was not much opportunity.
     I will share this post on social media. I think others will be happy to read this post. Many people want to wear matching clothing.

    • Hi Tasmia, thanks a lot for your lovely reply to my article about affordable mother-daughter outfits. So cute you wanted to wear matching clothing with your mum when you were a child, such a shame you had not much opportunity to wear much-matching outfits at that time. Thank you so much for sharing my article, I appreciate it a lot. I hope you find some nice purchases for your family. Thanks a lot for stopping by Tasmia, I appreciate it. Cheers Jude

  10. Thank you for writing a beautiful article about mother and daughter clothing. There are nice dresses available for  Mom and daughters, they look really nice. Your website looks very attractive for mothers who like to buy matching dresses for herself and her daughters. I am interested to see more choice of matching clothing for mum and sons in the future. I really like the black dress, these matching dresses  I would buy for my wife and daughter. I will share the article with friends so that they can buy beautiful matching outfits as well. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Jahangir, thank you so much for sharing your insight and response on my article about matching clothing. And thank you for sharing my article with your friends, I appreciate it. I hope this article is helpful and inspirational for you, you may surprise your wife and daughter with beautiful matching clothing one day, they will be delighted. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you so stopping by. Cheers Jude

  11. I am a dad and  I do not see anything wrong wearing the same outfit, as long as it is only done in moderation such as in occasion to be recognized as a family. The advantage of wearing the same outfit when going to places where are a lot of people, this way you recognise your family members and don’t get lost. With regards to mum-daughter or dad-son, I think there is no problem as long as your daughter or son does want to wear the same outfit with you. 

    • Hi Dan, thanks a lot for replying and sharing your insight with us. Very good point that matching clothing can be used functionally as well, to recognise your family member in busy crowds.

      I agree to it has to happen in a fun way to wear matching clothing, when kids turn an older age they may not enjoy joining in anymore as much and then we should definitely move on to a different family tradition..

      Best wishes and thanks again for stopping by. Jude

  12. Dear Jude,

    Matching outfits really have a unique way of a family presenting themselves, especially in public functions. It is certainly a fashion trend that comes and goes- but not too long before it comes back up again. I also agree with you that mother-daughter matching outfits have kind of evolved from the old-fashioned sewn-at-home approach to mainly store-bought clothes.

    You’ve sold me an idea to try a mother/sons match within my family to see how things will go!

    • Hi, thank you for your response to my article and thank you for stopping by. I am happy we could inspire you to try a mother-son outfit, please let us know how you go.. We are looking forward to hear about your experience and if you like, feel free to share some photos with us. Best wishes Jude 


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