Pat Pat can be an exciting place to shop for mother and daughter matching outfits. You can quickly get your hands on some great bargains and find new stock on their shopping platform daily.

Mother and daughter matching outfits-Mother and daughter in multicolored matching outfits.
Mother and daughter matching outfits-Mother and daughter in multicoloured matching outfits.

You may wonder, though, what quality standards you can expect for such low pricing, correct?

Of course, you can be either lucky or unlucky when you hunt for a great bargain. Still, to help you decide Pat Pat is worth giving a go for you, we have created this upfront review with a clear guideline stating who Pat Pat matching outfits aligns best with and which audience may be better off shopping elsewhere.

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Review of Pat Pat’s Mother and Daughter Matching outfits…

When researching information about Pat Pat, you may have noticed some controversial information on the web. We have researched Pat Pat quite a bit lately, and today, we share our findings and a genuine review of our experience with you.

We ordered two different mother and daughter matching outfits from Pat Pat to learn more about their outfits’ quality. You are welcome to read on and learn more about our recent shopping experience with Pat Pat. See Pat Pat would be worth trying out; for you…

Mother and Daughter Matching outfits #1-Colourful Vertical Stripe Matching Shorts Rompers.

We first picked these colourful matching shorts rompers. We thought they looked super tropical with these happy colours and nice and cool to suit the hot weather. We needed all three sizes in stock, so we placed our order to arrive within a week, which was quicker than we expected.

Product details Colorful matching shorts rompers…

Product:Colourful vertical stripe matching shorts rompers
Material:100% Rayon
Sizes:Baby:3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 months
Girl: 2, 3-4. 4-5, 6-7, 8-9
Women: S-M-L-XL
Reviews:50+ Reviews
Product details Colorful Vertical stripe Matching shorts rompers
Mother and daughter matching outfits-Colorful Vertical Stripe Matching Shorts Rompers.
Mother and daughter
\matching outfits-Colorful
Vertical Stripe Matching Shorts Rompers.
Perfect for hotter climatesThe material feels relatively cheap
Colourful designsThe button to close at the front is not strong and broke quickly
Super lite to wearIt didn’t make a great fit at the front of all 3 sizes
Pro’s and Con’s multicolour vertical stripe matching shorts rompers

However, these outfits are very colourful and perfect for hot weather. The quality was slightly underwhelming, and we experienced some breakage of straps and buttons after only a couple of wears.

Our experience was very similar to many others where some outfits’ quality was excellent, while others were not as great.

However, this outfit scores 4.8 stars and has 50+ reviews; obviously, most people are satisfied with this purchase. Perhaps we were unlucky with our multicoloured vertical stripe matching rompers, but we would not recommend this particular outfit based on our experience. Still, you can learn more about the vertical stripe outfit below if you wish to do so.

Mother and Daughters matching outfits #2 –Bless Letter Print T-shirts for Mom and Me

Besides the adorable graphics, we especially loved the green colour tint used on this cute matching mother and daughter matching t-shirt. Matching T-shirts are trendy, and we were curious about what kind of quality we would get from this bargain website.

All sizes we needed were in stock, so we ordered 3 t-shirts with ‘blessed’ graphics.

Product details Mother and Daughter matching T-shirts ‘blesses’...

Product:Bless Letter Print T-shirts for Mom and Me
WebshopPat Pat
SupplierSLHX Trading Ltd.
Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
Colour:Army green
Size:Baby: 9-12 Months
Kids: 2 y, 3-4y, 5-6y,6-7y
Women: S,M,L,XL
Rating:4.9 out of 5
Product details Bless letter print t-shirts.
Mother and Daughter matching outfits-Pat Pat matching T-shirts
Mother and Daughter matching outfits-Pat Pat matching T-shirts
Good quality T-shirts come individually wrapped in plastic
Great stock of size choicesThe T-shirt is not quite big enough to tie in a nice knot
Beautiful deep green colourNot 100% cotton
Pros and Cons Matching mother and daughter t-shirts ‘blessed’.

We were pretty impressed with the matching ‘blessed’ shirts. The material feels nice and soft, and the colour is nice and true to the picture. However, the T-shirt size could be a little bit more generous to allow a nice knot in the shirt like in the picture, but overall, this shirt is everything it promises to be and is not of insufficient quality for a bargain price.

Wrap up for mother and daughter matching outfits from Pat Pat

Are mother and daughter outfits from Pat Pat worthwhile ordering?

The correct answer lies mainly in your expectations when you start your shopping experience with pat Pat.

Who might be likely not very satisficed shoppers for the matching outfits from Pat Pat?

However, Pat Pat does have a quality guarantee; still, you may be disappointed if the quality you expect is of a different grade. Pat Pat’s quality appears to be somehow inconsistent, and the fabrics are not the most durable choices for some outfits.

Pat Pat outfits may likely not align well with people whose audience prefers to shop for sustainable and eco-friendly outfits. For example, Pat Pat’s outfits come individually wrapped in plastic zip log bags, which is not the most environmentally-friendly choice. Also, Pat Pat uses minimal eco-friendly fabrics.

Who will be more likely to satisfy shoppers with the matching outfits from Pat Pat?

Pat Pat might be worth trying out for people who don’t expect durable quality but are chasing matching outfits for bargain prices to use for a short period. However, if you are keen to try out some of Pat Pat’s bargains, keep in mind that the sizing can be inconsistent, and the quality you receive may have minor imperfections depending on the outfits. Still, most people who love Pat Pat forgive for faults because the prices are such great bargains.

What are your thoughts on the matching mother and daughter outfits from Pat Pat?

Please share any comments below, and we love to hear from you. 


Pat Pat mother and daughter matching outfits









  • Free shipping over $35.- (U.S)
  • Bargain prices
  • User friendly shopping platform


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Not always true to size
  • Not most sustainable choice

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