Are Kyte baby bamboo zipper footies worth it?

Are Kyte Bamboo zipper footies worth it?-Kyte Bamboo zipper footie color Wheat.
Kyte Bamboo zipper footie colour Wheat.

Are Kyte baby bamboo zipper footies worth it? Kyte baby clothes have been around since 2014, founded by Ying Liu.

One of Kyte’s babies popular collection items are the bamboo zipper footies, which are convenient for many reasons. Still, like many other bamboo clothing brands, Kyte baby clothes are relatively pricey.

For all interested in buying some Kyte baby bamboo zippers footies, we will share in this review all pros and cons to help you decide if these footies are worth it for you and your baby.

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Are Kyte baby Zipper Bamboo footies worth it?-Kyte Baby Bamboo zipper Footie color 'blush'.
Are Kyte baby Zipper Bamboo footies worth it?-Kyte Baby Bamboo zipper Footie colour’ blush’.

Are Kyte baby bamboo zipper footies worth it?

Kyte’s ultra-soft baby bamboo zipper footies are popular and widely sold with a majority of 4.8-star ratings across 900+ reviews which is both promising and impressive. However, although there are many benefits and PROS for these bamboo zipper footies, there are a few key points regarding bamboo rayon that may not align with all families.

Featueres of Kyte bamboo zipper footies

Brand:Kyte baby
Product:Zipper footies
Material:97 Bamboo 3% Spandex
Sizes:0-24 months- (5 sizes)
Colours:Ten colour choices
AvailabilityAmazon U.S
Amazon rating 4.8 out of 5 stars over 900+ reviews

Pros and Cons to consider for Kyte bamboo baby zipper footies

Perhaps you are familiar with Bamboo baby clothes, and they work just great for your baby. It is understandable, as they have many benefits and can be perfect for summer weather to keep your baby comfy and cool.

Except for a few, most baby clothes are made from Bamboo rayon, and if you have bought bamboo rayon baby clothes, you probably know how incredibly soft they can be. Yet, they have a few cons that we would like to share below to help you decide if Bamboo zipper footies from Kyte are worth it for you.


  • 4.8 out of 5 stars along 900+ reviews is impressive
  • Leighweight material perfect for summer
  • 2 way zipper-perfect for night time nappy changes.
  • Super soft comfy to wear matarial
  • Hyperallergenic
  • 3 degreace cooler than cotton


  • Not suitable for dryer
  • A delicate material that has to be gently treated with dressing and washing
  • Prune to pilling
  • No, build in Mittens
  • Not organic
  • Poor evidence for eco-friendly claims
  • Not Oeko-tex certified

Do the Pros of Bamboo outweight the Cons?

As you can see in our overview, there are many benefits for bamboo material, but there are a few cons to outweigh when it comes to Bamboo baby clothes too.

Yes, bamboo rayon is super soft, lightweight, and great for keeping your baby cool on hot summer days and minimising skin irritations. Be very gentle with changing clothes and washing bamboo clothing, though, as it is super delicate and can pill pretty easy.

Also, Bamboo rayon is not necessarily your most eco-friendly choice due to the required processing involved.

As for Kyte baby, there is very limited information available about their clothing process to learn more about their methods and unfortunately, we have not been able to see any evidence that Kyte baby clohtes are Oeko-tex certified. Still, we will update this page when we have been able to learn more about these facts.

Eco friendly baby clothes suggestions

If you’re looking into Bamboo for eco-friendly reasons, double-check more in detail which methods are used or perhaps consider other sustainable baby clothes choices.

Some great include :

  • Certified organic baby clothes. These are avialbe in a wide price range with the most affordable certified organic brands generally offering bunels with more basic outfits while the more luxourous organic brands that have mostly individual pieces with unique prints and aditional certifications such as fairtrade or comitted to the use of rare biodynamic cotton.
  • Pre-loved sustainable baby clothes brands-They are available through platfroams like Kidizen. You can find numerous great brands here and these platform ae defintly worth checking out for both seling and buying baby clothes.
  • Renting premium organic baby clohtes– This is a great one too if you are seeking to dress you baby sustainably. Up Choose or rent a romper are inovative bussnisses who provide retnal services for sustainble baby clothes which has become increasingly more populair and both are well worth checking out..

Final thoughts on Kyte bamboo zipper footies?

Kyte Bamboo zipper footies for babies have impressive ratings and reviews and overall happy customers.

The Kyte bamboo zippers are perfect for keeping your baby cool and comfy, and the two-way zipper is an excellent convenience for nighttime nappy changes. Keep in mind, though, to be very gentle with the fabric.

For anyone browsing for the most sustainable baby clothes choices, consider checking out Upchoose, Kidizen or look into certified organic baby clothes. General speaking, those are the most environmentally friendly choices.

Have you tried Bamboo footed pj’s for your baby and find it more fantastic to wear for their baby than cotton?

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