5 Sustainable Baby Fashion Trends

You probably have noticed Sustainable baby fashion trends have been around for a while now, and increasing numbers of families are looking for ways to dress their families and babies more sustainable than the initial norm.

Sustainable baby fashion trends-Image of a room with singing for sustainable fashion.
Sustainable baby fashion trends-Image of a room with singing for sustainable fashion.

As a result of the increasing number of people looking for more sustainable ways to dress their families and babies, there are growing numbers of baby clothes services and brands that have started focussing on sustainability.

While organic baby clothes were once upon a time obscure or even non-existence, that is hard to imagine now.

In contrast, sustainable baby clothes trends are more popular than ever and keep increasing yearly with new sustainable services to dress your baby more sustainably.

Why are sustainable baby clothes trends so popular?

Over the last few years, it has come to many people’s attention that most garments made from natural fibres like cotton are treated with high amounts of toxins.

The large amounts of pests and herbicides used to grow fibres like cotton and the toxic dyes used to manufacture clothing are the second biggest polluter globally. So those supposedly natural cotton baby clothes may not be as honest as you hope.

When you learn the facts about toxins exposed to your baby’s clothes and the ongoing unethical practices of the textile industry, it is obvious something has to change urgently.

It is time for a change, and Society speaks with the increasing interest for sustainable fashion that is ethically made, safer for your baby and healthier for the environment.

Is sustainable baby fashion continuing to be popular beyond 2021?

Organic fashion has been increasing in popularity since approx 2015, and the numbers are only expected to keep going up.

The expectations for the popularity of organic fashion trends are enormous, and it is no surprise to see many small sustainable brands and services popping up.

While the sustainable fashion industry had reached a value of approximately six million in 2019, researchers in the field expect this value to get an impressive 15 billion in 2030.

These are pretty impressive numbers.

However, sustainable baby fashion is generally more expensive than mainstream fashion; sustainably dressing your baby has become more accessible. With increasing opportunities finding cute sustainable baby clothes doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot.

Check out our 5 Suggestions below for dressing your baby with sustainable fashion trends…

#1 Organic baby clothes

The demand for sustainable clothing is recognised by fashion designers who pick materials with great care to meet their customer’s expectations.

To be considered sustainable, the materials picked to make the garments need to have a less negative impact on the environment to meet sustainable standards. Examples of this are using fabrics for clothing grown without harsh chemicals.

Sustainable fashion trends for babies-Organic bodysuit from Finn+Emma.
Sustainable bodysuit from Finn+Emma.

Organic cotton is significantly improved compared to conventional cotton and has become more accessible globally.

But, especially in America, there is a generous selection to choose from, and it will somehow depend on your budget and how much you can or like to spend filling your baby’s wardrobe with cute organic outfits.

For some of the more exclusive organic baby clothes brands, you can check out some options here, or when you are looking for more affordable organic baby clothes that are still all certified organic, you can check out these.

‘More designers and brands are offering organic clothing now as they have recognised that society demands sustainably ethically made items by society.’

#2. Organic Gender-neutral baby clothes

Other than general organic baby clothes, Organic Gender-Neutral baby clothes are fashionable and popular. Gender-neutral baby clothes styles can also function greatly as a sustainable choice. They can nevertheless be used for future siblings, whether boys or girls; hence, choose gender-neutral baby clothes of excellent quality to stay in perfect condition wash after wash.

#3. Renting baby clothes bundles

While renting baby clothes was unthinkable or not even an option once upon a time, in today’s Society, it has become trendy to be sustainable and use companies like ‘Upchoose’ to rent your babies’ outfits.

Renting baby clothes can be highly convenient van new parents and perfect to implement if you follow a minimalistic lifestyle.

No more clutter from your outgrown baby clothes as you send them back after your baby has outgrown its size.

Additionally, there are great ways to access premium organic baby clothes brands for an affordable pricing by companies like Up choose.

Upchoose provides exclusive services to rent premium organic baby brands with brands like Under the Nile, Burt’s Bees or Finn+Emma.

#4. Purchasing (or selling) gently used baby clothes online

Sustainable baby clothes trends-Scrabble letters wording 'Buy Less choose well make it last.
Scrabble letters wording ‘Buy Less choose well make it last.

One of the most sustainable choices we can make is using less and renting baby clothes, or buying gently used baby clothes can be one of your most sustainable choices and friendlier for your wallet than purchasing new ones.

The good thing about using pre-loved baby clothes is that they are generally almost new, as babies use clothing for a short time before they have outgrown their garments. Also, it is more durable, especially if it is premium organic brands that you purchase second-hand.

You might have heard about Kidizen, a re+wear program that is a mobile marketplace to buy and sell pre-loved kids’ clothes and accessories that are still in good condition.

While Kidizen is not exclusively organic, you can find great quality brands on Kidizen, like Hanna Andersson, Art and Eden, and many other great brands that can be worth checking out to dress your baby sustainably with pre-loved outfits.

#5. Sell back baby clothes

Lastly, we like to chat about your opportunities to send back baby clothes programs. As we mentioned, ‘Upchoose’ provides excellent sustainable services like renting baby clothes.

Upchoose services are pretty flexible and give you lots of opportunities. If you, for example, change your mind and decide later you want to keep your rented baby clothes, you can still purchase the bundle. Additionally, you can choose to sell them back. Finally, may you change your mind again, including additional organic clothes you have as long as they meet Upchoose’s guidelines?

However, this is not common practice; a few sustainable brands like Art&Eden and Little Lentil give their customers the unique opportunity to sell the outgrown organic baby clothes back to the company and generally provide compensation for their next purchase.

Conclusion for sustainable fashion trends for babies

Sustainable fashion trends for babies have increased significantly over the last six years. Unfortunately, I believe it is safe to say that this will not change anytime soon.

Choices to dress babies sustainably will keep expanding, and we already see more brands starting to choose for sustainability responding to Society’s demand.

However, it will likely still take a reasonable time; eventually, we will see suitable fashion trends turn into the ‘new average and gradually become mainstream.

When would sustainable fashion no longer be a trend but a new standard more than ever?

8 thoughts on “5 Sustainable Baby Fashion Trends”

  1. My heart actually became warm and I felt like it was melting when I saw the children all dressed up in those cool clothes.You wrote yourself a winner for sure!
    How could any mother resist these outfits for their precious little ones to show them off. I have on regret no little ones in my family so I can spoil them.


    • Hi Jeff, thank you for reading my article and response. I agree with you, they are just adorable. It is much fun to put them in all those cute outfits!
      My eldest one enjoys dress g up like her baby sister now so we have to look into some more matching outfits.
      Thanks for stopping by Jeff.

  2. Hello Jude,
    I think your website is very informative. My daughter and I have been allergic to dyes and pesticides since she was a Baby. She is 17 now and I still have to purchase hypoallergenic soaps and laundry detergent. Your site would have really come in handy for me 17 years ago. But, I have lots of friends with Babies so I will direct them here when I see them. Good Job!

    • Thank you for reading my article. That must have been challenging for you to deal with? How did you go with clothing? Would her skin flair up from particular fabrics as well? As there can be leftover pesticides in these items too it must have been so hard to find appropriate clothing? I am sure you are an expert after 17 years of experience dealing with this.
      I hope your daughter and yourself are doing very well.
      Cheers Jude

  3. I love the idea of organic and sustainable clothing for babies (and adults) and if it is used when particular fashions are trending than that would definitely help with the cause I think. Yes, I have noticed neon seems to be making a comeback. Fashion seems to be cyclical – everything comes back. Sustainable is the winner for me. Thanks for your article.

    • Thanks a lot for your response, Martine. I totally agree with you. I got a couple of organic cotton onesies for my baby the day and other than good for the environment, the organic cotton is so comfortable and soft compared to regular cotton. So for me a win-wins as well. Luckily it seems to get more affordable as well to make it achievable for more people to buy organic and sustainable.
      Thank you for stopping by Martine.

    • Hi there, happy we could help you to get your hands on a great bargain.
      Have a wonderful week ahead and let us know how you went with the baby clothes.


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