Kids and Babies Fashion Clothes-Trends for 2020

Kids and Babies Fashion Clothes

The trends in children fashion are ever-changing,  but how do kids and babies fashion clothes get created?

Kids and babies fashion clothes-Onesie stating: 'and they will never sleep again'.
Kids and babies fashion clothes-Onesie stating: ‘and they will never sleep again’

What prints are trending?  And do we see the sustainable and organic trends of our society back in kids and baby fashion trends as well?


Please join me in the world of fashionable kids and babies’.


Disclaimer; ‘ Please note that the garments in this article are not made from organic cotton’

How do kids and baby clothes trends get created?

Who decides what is going to be a trend? How does this happen? And where does it happen?

The moment that people choose to dress in a particular style, a trend gets created. Often new trends start at the catwalk. Celebrities choose to dress in specific designer clothing which often then become new trends.

Fashion gets influenced by several factors in our society, such as:

  1. Relevant events.
  2. Things happening in the environment we live in.
  3. Pop cultures can change the style as we have seen in the past.

The moment that people choose to dress in a particular style, a trend gets created. Often new trends start at the catwalk. Celebrities choose to dress in specific designer clothing which often then become new trends.

‘Babies’ and children’s fashion are influenced by leading fashion trends’

If a style becomes a trend for adults one year, this trend is often seen for babies and children the following year.’


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What is trending for Kids and babies fashion in 2020?

  1. Neon shades colours

Last year we saw designers demonstrating new fashion, and one of the designs trends seen are neon shades colours. We will likely be seeing the Neon shades colour designs back in this year’s children fashion.

Neon shades have been in fashion firstly at the 80s, and like most trends, we have seen it popping in and out of fashion several times since then. In the 80s neon shades were seen in bright colours like orange, yellow, pink and green.

Now we instead see pastel neon colours like lilac and peach.

Often when fashion trends return, it is not exactly the same, but with a twist compared to the previous fashion trend.

2. Logo’s, tape stripes and graphic designs.

Babies fashion for 2020-Baby 3-piece Letter Print Bodysuit and Leopard Print
Babies fashion for 2020-Baby 3-piece Letter Print Bodysuit and Leopard Print


As you may know,  we have seen a big fashion trend with underwear designed with a waistband and a logo showing the brand name. The idea was to intentionally wear the waistband visible above your jeans to show off the brand. Many of you may know the brand Calvin and Klein, who started this trend and is still very famous for this style.

Logo’s have always been popular with kids clothes.  It gives a sportive look, and kids do like to show the brand they are wearing.

Tape stripes

We also see a lot of horizontal tape stripes on leggings and jogging trousers this year. The strips meant to give the outfit a more polished look.

Tape stripes designs and logo’s on, t-shirts and dresses are trending this year.

Graphic designs

We see a lot of cute graphic designs outfits for kids and babies. The graphics on the clothing have memorable and quirky quotes on kids and Babies fashion items like onesies, t-shirt and dresses.

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3. Sustainable fashion

Other than the cute and affordable kids and babies fashion trends, there are brands who are specialised in sustainable baby clothing. People are getting more aware of their environment and searching for items which are environmentally friendlier to contribute to a more sustainable world. Durable items become more popular across our day to day living, and we see this most definitely back in kids and baby clothing as well.

The demand for sustainable clothing is recognised by fashion designers who are picking materials with great care to meet costumers expectations. The materials need to have a less negative impact on the environment to meet the standards of being sustainable. Examples for this are to use fabrics for the clothing what is grown without the use of harsh chemicals

‘More designers and brands are offering organic clothing now as they have recognised the rising popularity and need for such items across the society’

Many designers and manufacturers replace regular cotton with organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides compared to regular cotton, which is grown of genetically modified seeds, and to protect this crop this needs pest and herbicides are required.

If you want to make a more sustainable choice and choose for organic cotton, make sure you read labels to purchase the quality you are after. Budget shop selling organic cotton items may label their items with ‘Organic Cotton’, just be aware that very likely there is only a smaller percentage of organic items used.

For High-quality items with 100% Organic cotton, choose a certified organic brand to ensure you buy clothing who are sustainable and last. Other than that, you can feel the difference of quality and the high-quality organic cotton are buttery soft compared to the cheaper edition. I suppose like everything in life; you get where you pay for.


4. Pantone Blue style clothing

Pantone Blue is a shade of the ultimate blue colour, blue with a drop of indigo!

The colour is inspired to symbolise ‘the sky at dusk’. The colour used in this fashion trend can be found in the various designer brands and likely seen in fashion clothes of 2020.

5. Tencel fabric

Another material popular to use by designers is Tencel.

What is Tencel?

It is a fibre made out of the wood pulp of trees. It gets used blended
with cotton and has a silky feel to it. Tencel has properties to keep your clothes less wrinkly.

Tencel is the other option to look for to make a more sustainable choice.

6 Floral and Leopard prints

Another style we see it al lot of for kids and babies fashion is Floral and Leopard prints.

Kids and babies fashion clothes-3-piece Slip Top and Leopard PP Shorts with Headband Set
Kids and babies fashion clothes-3-piece Slip Top and Leopard PP Shorts with Headband Set

Often this gets combined with other trends such as text or quotes on onesies or T-shirts.  We do see them often offered an incomplete set for girls, including hair accessories such as a hairband. This makes shopping even more comfortable, and they are perfect as a gift or a photoshoot as well.

Designer fashion for bargain prices

One of my favourite shops is T.K.Maxx

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T.K.MAXX get daily stock from various designer brands, and because of the frequency they receive a share, it is always exciting to pop in to chase a good bargain. They still have something new and exciting.

You do have to get lucky though as they only get a very few of each item. The good thing about TK Max is that the items you purchase usually are less common and more unique as there are less of the same pieces around. There is a wide choice of brands you can find in their shops such as Nike, Levi’s, Diesel and many many more.

T.K.MAXX is an international chain. You can find stores in Ireland, Netherlands, England, Poland, Austria and Australia.


Conclusion for kids and babies fashion

Fashion is ever fast-changing, and for kids and babies fashion, we often see clothing

Kids and babies fashion clothes-Baby / Toddler Girl Trendy Letter Print Strappy Onesies
Baby / Toddler Girl Trendy Letter Print Strappy Onesies

trending which has been in fashion for adults the previous year.

Some of the styles trending in 2020 are neon colours, logo, stripes and quirky graphics.

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The other fashion trend who continuously increase popularity is sustainable garments such as non-toxic and organic clothing items. Always check labels to know what you are buying as labels can be misleading with some cheaper priced organic clothing.

Choosing sustainable and organic doesn’t always have to cost a lot. Sometimes, we have to get more creative.

More sustainable choices on a smaller budget might be a bit more tricky as the low budget organic items are likely not that much more durable as they only have a smaller percentage of organic material.

A trend we see in high quality organic and sustainable clothing is shops offering them as a preloved item. Keep on eye out on my article used baby clothes-Trends in second hands where I soon will add a section with sustainable, high-quality preloved items for sale. I keep you posted on this.

For now, I like to share the following with you what may be helpful for a more affordable, sustainable choice.

I found this attractive website I’d like to share with you. I didn’t buy anything here just yet, but it caught my eye, and I thought you might be interested in checking this out too.

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I hope this article about kids and babies fashion clothes was helpful for you and you find some cute outfits for you little persons. If you have any questions or suggestion, we love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below or use the contact me form on top of the menu. Thank you


6 thoughts on “Kids and Babies Fashion Clothes-Trends for 2020”

  1. My heart actually became warm and I felt like it was melting when I saw the children all dressed up in those cool clothes.You wrote yourself a winner for sure!
    How could any mother resist these outfits for their precious little ones to show them off. I have on regret no little ones in my family so I can spoil them.


    • Hi Jeff, thank you for reading my article and response. I agree with you, they are just adorable. It is much fun to put them in all those cute outfits!
      My eldest one enjoys dress g up like her baby sister now so we have to look into some more matching outfits.
      Thanks for stopping by Jeff.

  2. Hello Jude,
    I think your website is very informative. My daughter and I have been allergic to dyes and pesticides since she was a Baby. She is 17 now and I still have to purchase hypoallergenic soaps and laundry detergent. Your site would have really come in handy for me 17 years ago. But, I have lots of friends with Babies so I will direct them here when I see them. Good Job!

    • Thank you for reading my article. That must have been challenging for you to deal with? How did you go with clothing? Would her skin flair up from particular fabrics as well? As there can be leftover pesticides in these items too it must have been so hard to find appropriate clothing? I am sure you are an expert after 17 years of experience dealing with this.
      I hope your daughter and yourself are doing very well.
      Cheers Jude

  3. I love the idea of organic and sustainable clothing for babies (and adults) and if it is used when particular fashions are trending than that would definitely help with the cause I think. Yes, I have noticed neon seems to be making a comeback. Fashion seems to be cyclical – everything comes back. Sustainable is the winner for me. Thanks for your article.

    • Thanks a lot for your response, Martine. I totally agree with you. I got a couple of organic cotton onesies for my baby the day and other than good for the environment, the organic cotton is so comfortable and soft compared to regular cotton. So for me a win-wins as well. Luckily it seems to get more affordable as well to make it achievable for more people to buy organic and sustainable.
      Thank you for stopping by Martine.


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