Babies First Birthday Clothing-How do we celebrate in past and present?

Babies' first birthday clothing-Baby girl with closed eyes and white dress on first birthday.
Babies’ first birthday clothing-Baby girl with closed eyes and white dress on first birthday.

Babies first birthday clothing

The first birthday of our babies is such a milestone. After a busy year of cuddling and caring for your baby, the next chapter presents itself, babies’ first birthday. So very special indeed! In this article, we like to go over trends we have in both past and present first birthday parties? the first birthday is such a significant milestone and a special cake and special first birthday clothing is no exception.

First up, let’s take a peek at birthday celebrations in history, shall we?


Who hold records in history for birthday celebrations

Did you know that the Egyptian pharaohs hold the first records of birthday celebrations?

However, studies have shown that Egyptians celebrated their birthday, it was not on the physical day they were born, but the day they were crowned to be kings.
This event was a significant day as Pharaoh’s considered this as the day they would transfer into gods.

The beginning of the calendar

Before it was possible to celebrate any birthdays at all, we had to
know when our day of birth was right?

And how could you possibly tell when your birthday is without a calendar?

Ancient people mainly kept track of time by sun and moon, but with time, the Ancient people recognised and learned that the moon phases kept repeating themselves. They wrote down Repetitive cycles when detected.

With this breakthrough of recognising those repetitive cycles, the start of the very first calendars was born. By marking down patterns of these repetitive cycles, the opportunity to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events became a reality—this is the first beginning of the well-know calendar.

Was there always a cake with birthday celebrations?

Babies first birthday clothing-Baby eating cake.
Babies first birthday clothing-Baby eating cake.

Generally speaking, cakes are most definitely an unmissable part of today’s birthday celebration, especially for children’s celebrations, the cake is a crucial element to make the party memorable.

It is believed the record of the first birthday cake was held in Germany. Firstly the cake would be more like a bread cake, later in time the cake is made sweeter. Every year the child lived, a candle was placed on the cake, and one for the year to come.

In history, the cake was more accessible for the rich, as sugar was a
luxury product. When sugar became more accessible, the cake was more commonly used in celebrations of a regular household.

The Greeks get credit for birthday candles as a tribute to Lunar goddess, Artemis. The Greek created a moon-shaped cake with candles.

The cake with the candles Symbolising the glowing of the moon. Gods are playing a big part in Greek culture. The candles also symbolise sending a message of prayer and blowing out the cake’s candles express shipping your wish to the gods.

How did we celebrate Children birthday’s in the past?

Babies' first birthday clothing-Baby enjoying birthday cake.
Babies’ first birthday clothing-Baby enjoying birthday cake.

Since the 12th century, celebrating kids’ birthday parties has been acknowledged, but birthdays used to be for the noble people only in the old days. The crown worn with birthday costumes today may still result from the history where only worthy people were celebrating their birthdays.

Trends often pop in and out of fashion, usually when the trend comes back, it is slightly different than the previous trend.

Nowadays people tend to spend a lot of money on children birthdays, especially for babies first birthday. It is milestone parents often want to celebrate in abundance, and quite a few dollars are happily spent.

Often there are special theme cakes made by professional bakers or parents bake cakes for the celebration at home. The other thing quite popular today as of today is a unique smash cake. A trend we see commonly now is a photo session done from baby enjoying the smash cake while the baby is wearing a special cake smash outfit.

Babies' first birthday clothing-Cute baby sitting on the table on his first birthday.
Babies’ first birthday clothing-Cute baby sitting on the table on his first birthday.

There are many special birthday outfits for babies and children available nowadays, and there are special babies’ first birthday clothing to make the day extra special. However there often is more choice for girls, for smash cake outfits there are more cute options available for boys.

How do you celebrate your babies first birthday?

There are many ways to celebrate the day your baby was born. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a big party; big celebrations are not for everyone.

Babies first birthday clothing-Baby girl wearing special first birthday outfit and headband
Babies first birthday clothing-Baby girl wearing special first birthday outfit and headband

A small family party can be a perfect way to celebrate the milestone of your baby turning one. There is a lot to say for a small party actually such as lower cost for the party.

Celebrating your babies birthday with a small bunch of people can sometimes be a bit more personal as well, and if you are in luck, you may get some homemade cake as well. Another benefit of a smaller party is quality time with some of your guest; you actually have time to talk to some people. Smaller parties are less overwhelming for the baby as well.

The culture and country you live in will likely influence the kind of celebration you choose as well. I originally lived in Holland, where a party will be held at home with your family.

Here in Australia, it is common to have a pinata with your kids birthday party, a party activity game for the kids where the children receive lollies during the came, it was de highlight for may children visiting the party.

How did you celebrate your babies first birthday?

Birthday celebrations around the world.

Babies' first birthday clothing-Cute baby sitting on the table on his first birthday-Baby on his firstbirthday sitting on the snack table.
Babies’ first birthday clothing-Cute baby sitting on the table on his first birthday-Baby on his firs birthday sitting on the snack table

So we have seen a significant change in celebrating birthdays, lucky enough many of us have the opportunity to celebrate our babies birthday in the way we enjoy doing so. Depending on where we live in the world, what culture and family we grow up in, we will all have different memories and experiences on celebrating a birthday.

Did you have a birthday cake, visitors, balloons and presents on your birthday while growing up? Do you celebrate the birthday of your children in the same way or different? I would love to hear how you celebrate a birthday. Please leave your comments below or use the contact form in the main menu. to share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for this and stay strong.


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  1. Hello there, thanks for writing this awesome article on baby first birthday party and clothing that would fit…my baby girl would be having her first birthday party soon I have been thinking of possible clothes that she would wear and also cakes and I have been looking for tips as this is my first child  I don’t have any experience throwing a party for a baby……thanks once more I think I have a head start 

    • Hi David, I am so happy my article inspired you to get some ideas for your own baby girls birthday. The very first baby is so exciting. My baby girl will be turning one in May and I just can’t believe it. I am going to bake my girl a little smash cake, I did this for my first daughter a well and I like to give her a similar setting. I wish you much joy with the preparations for organizing this special day. Best wishes to you and your family. Jude

  2. Hey there,

    My niece is turning 1 next month; unfortunately, I have to miss her birthday party because I also living abroad (ex-pat in Germany)! I think the first birthday cake (cake smash) is my favourite tradition that I will have to miss (it’s so cute!) and who knew that the birthday cake for kids actually originated here in Germany! From what I have seen, kids birthdays here are pretty similar to that in the states, but there are definitely some small differences. 

    Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Anna, thanks a lot for your response to my article. I am sorry you have to miss your niece for her first birthday. It sounds very familiar for me, I miss all the birthdays from my cousin’s too. I always try to order them a prezzie online and get it delivered on the birthday to still have the feeling to be involved. It is definitely the hard part of living elsewhere without family. Interesting to hear that the German children parties are pretty similar than US ones I would expect them to be quite different indeed. Thank you for sharing your insight, I appreciate it. Jude

  3. Babies are really cute and i can remember on my daughters first birthday party how my wife and I was going around making prep for it. I have always looked forward to my kids celebrating their first birthday and it has always been quite fascinating. What clothes to wear is one thing that keeps parents busy with expectations of costuming the baby into their superhero character most times. My wife needs to see this post so we can plan for our daughters two years birthday.

    • Hi Benson, yes I agree, they are adorable. And the first year just flies by. My second baby us 9 months now and soon we will be celebrating her first birthday and I just can’t believe it. It is such a milestone that very first birthday, isn’t it. I hope your wife enjoys the article and is helpful and inspiring for your daughter second birthday party. Best wishes to you and your family. Jude

  4. Hi Jude

    I love all the pictures in this article of kids enjoying their first birthday. As my sister says about my niece – if she isn’t dirty she hasn’t had a good day!

    All the same with her first birthday next week we were looking for an outfit for her and this has given us some great ideas. I particularly loved the idea of a cake smash and your recommendation for the unicorn outfit is perfect since she loves her cuddly unicorn. I’m off to buy it now! 

    Thanks for all the great ideas


    • Hi David, thanks to a lot for your comment. Yes, I agree with your sister. I don’t mind the girls getting dirty too, they are busy little explorers. I am delighted the article is helpful for you and I am sure your niece will be delighted with her outfit, she is a lucky girl. Wishing you all a very special day celebrating this milestone. Best wishes. Jude

  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. I love the idea you give about children’s birthday clothes, and the clothes are so beautiful to look at. The first birthday is very fun for the kids and I want to get this dress up for my yonger sister’s first birthday and I love it. And this dress is very well-liked by me and all of my family members. I will be collecting this dress for my younger sister’s birthday and sharing new experiences with you.

    • Hi, thanks a lot for reading my article, I am delighted you enjoyed reading it and we could give you some inspiration on special clothing for babies first birthday. I hope your sister will have a very special day, she is a very lucky girl you get her such a nice outfit. Best wishes to you and your family. Jude


  6. Thank you very much for sharing this article with us. Baby’s birthday is most important to us. We want to make this day special by any cost. New dresses, cake, party, everything you Shared in this article is more helpful to all parents. We have learned more about how to make the baby’s birthday more special. 

    Thanks Again for sharing this informative article…                      

    • Hi Abir, I am delighted you enjoyed my article, babies first birthday is so very special indeed. Thanks for stopping by and let’s keep celebrating the special milestones of our little people. Isn’t great to make beautiful memories together? Jude

  7. Hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this also create a write up on an article like this. I really enjoyed reading your article and the clothing displayed are so beautiful. The babies are so cute too. I think i can find some special birthday clothing one for my girl now. 

    • Hi Benny, thank you for your message. I am happy you enjoyed the article. Babies are definitely very cute, it is just such a short time they are so little, we better make it very special. Jude


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