Baby Accessories For Boys-Boys Enjoy Dressing Up Too!

A while ago, I was chatting with another mum who has a baby boy the same age as my youngest baby daughter. She asked me, ‘do you think there would be nice baby accessories for boys like you have for girls’? I was not quite sure at the time, but after starting this website, and researching different topics, I found a very cool hair accessory for boys.

Sometimes the boys might be a bit forgotten compared to the girls who are very well with their accessories. Therefore we honour and focus on the boys in this article, and give you some inspiration for boys’ options.

Why is all the focus always on girls?

Really, why is it that the focus always is on the girls? Why is it still the girls with the pretty bows, clips and hairbands to make themselves appealing? Boys want to be cute and fashionable too, right? And indeed, boys like to dress up also. Maybe a bit cooler, probably not with a bow, but indeed they like some accessories and nice outfits too.

I was not fully aware just yet, but I recently found out that there are most definitely accessory for boys too, and there are pretty cool ones. I almost wish I had a boy to try them out, but I only have girls, so I have never been searching for boys accessories

I have to say, I have never seen to many baby boys with hair accessories though. Either they are not famous, or people are not aware of their existence. Let’s have a look at what is out there.

Baby boy hats and beanies

Baby accessories for boys-Baby boy holding white blue striped hat
Baby accessories for boys-Baby boy holding a white blue striped hat before his eyes.

Baby hats and beanies must be the most common boys accessory. HCapscan be either used for fashion or comfort purpose. Cute baby hats and beanies are more commonly used in colder climates to keep our little ones warm, while in the more generous and more tropical climates we can’t do without the sun safe hats instead.

Previously I have written an article about sun hats, If you are interested in reading more about what to look out for with sun-safe hats, and options available you are welcome to check it out here

Hairbands and clips

In teenagers and adult men, I have seen the use of hairbands often,  either used as a functional or fashionable accessory. Hair accessories are used functionally in individual sports by example, to keep hair out of the face and potentially also to use as a sweatband. But even they are used as fashionable accessories. We have seen hair trends in both teenagers and adult men.

Why do I never see a baby boy with cool hair accessories? Have you seen a  baby or toddler boy with hair or other accessories?

There are charming ones available, and if I had a boy, I would get some of these hairbands to give him a cool look. So cute! They have clips for boys too. However, I personally don’t love them so much as the hairbands; some others might do. I have seen a couple of really cute hairbands for boys on the following site, or if you are interested in checking out the boy clips, they are available here too.

 Sunglasses for boys

Baby hair accessories for boys-Little boy holding dark sanglasses on his nose
Baby hair accessories for boys-Little boy standing outside holding dark sunglasses on his nose for boys

Sunglasses can be a calm and fashionable accessory for boys as well, at the same time, it is a great item to wear for sun-safety as well; the dual purpose is always great. Our little people spend a lot of time outside, and their eyes are not fully developed yet. The UV rays can be damaging for their little eyes. We worry about sunscreen, hats and long sleeve to protect for the sun, but for some reason, we often don’twatcht one of the most critical body parts, our eyes.

UV rates can bring permanent damage to our eyes. Therefore if we choose to buy our little people sunglasses, ensure that they have adequate UV protection and offer sun glare reduction for your child’s vision. Consider a polarised option if you spend much time by the water.

If your children are anything like mine, every item they wear has to be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, they won’t put it on. Therefore make sure the sunglasses are comfortable, so your child wears them.

Another thing to keep in mind is the material the sunglasses are made from. Other than that, sunglasses have to be comfortable; it is also essential that the sunnies are unbreakable kids can be pretty rough with their stuff. So the glasses have to be resistant for this. There are many sites with unbreakable sunglasses for babies and toddlers. Some give a years warranty as well.

I think sun-safe sunnies are an excellent accessory for kids and I am going to order my girls some new sunnies soon. I definitely will go for the ones with a strap on for the baby version. And for my eldest one, (4.5 years old), I have to get her involved as she has a strong feeling about her outfits to have a say in her new sunnies. Also, it has to be comfortable to wear as she is quite sensitive to the things she wears on her body. Everything that is itching or irritating is taken off sooner, rather than later.


Let’s be fashionable boys, and have some fun!!!

Baby boy accessories-Young boy wearing accessories having a good time.
Baby boy accessories-Young boy wearing accessories having a good time.

So there you go, most definitely there are boys accessories. Maybe not as many options as for girls, but they are most definitely there. I am keen to order some trendy headbands for my cousins now I know of their existence, and I may get some sun-safe sunnies for them. Am I considering to purchase sunnies?


Check which safety level you like to buy. If you buy sunglasses for your baby, remind there are straps to buy so baby won’t pull them off. Make sure you go for comfort as well for successful use.

If you plan to spend much time on the waterside, consider sunglasses, with polarised options, this helps reduce the sun glaring for your babies or children’s eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it equally informed and inspired you about boys accessories.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you visiting my site.




14 thoughts on “Baby Accessories For Boys-Boys Enjoy Dressing Up Too!”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Like you, I too only have girls but have always desired a little boy as a new addition to our family. Are you and your husband considering trying for a boy?

    I’ve always been a huge hat fan, and love how you touched on incorporating them into a little boys wardrobe. Never thought about using hairbands for sports, but will definitely recommend it, and consider it for my girls to absorb sweat while they play their favourite sports. Sunglasses are a must with summer coming up. We currently live near the beach in Florida, so sunglasses are most definitely required to help protect our eyes from the strong Florida rays. 

    Loved your ideas and inspiration! Thank you again for sharing!

    • Hi Brandy, thanks for your reply. No, however, I would love more children, I think it will be just the girls for us. What about you, do you consider to try for another baby?  Like for you, we have a very strong sun here in Queensland too. We have to be so careful, especially with the baby and children’s skin. What kind of sunnies do you use for the girls? Thanks for stopping by and reading my article, I appreciate it. Cheers Jude

  2. Wow really love boys fashion that makes them look like cut little men. I love the designs on these pictures. Maybe I can get similar stuff or finer ones for my nephews and when I start having kids. Most of the time our emphasis is on beautiful things for beautiful little girls and it’s their stuff that is all over the place. Reading from such articles giving suggestions and tips is amazing, it’s open my eyes to a wonderful new world of boys fashion. Thanks, guys. 

    • Thanks a lot for your response to my article. I am so happy you enjoyed reading it and gave you some inspiration. Boys definitely should be more included when it comes to accessories, and there are but maybe there is not as much awareness for this yet. Let’s see what happens in the future, maybe a new trend develop in 2020. Jude

  3. Hey Jude:)

    You’re my namesake!!

    I enjoyed reading your take on Baby Accessories for Boys-Boy Fashion.

    As a guy, id loves to say Thanks for finalising letting others know that boys like to play dress up too and the focus should not solely be on the girls even tho they are cuter.

    I love baby boy hats and beanies and got a couple of really beautiful ones for my nephews this past Christmas and they absolutely loved it.

    Thanks for sharing this! i loved it!

    • Hi Jude, that’s awesome. Jude is a good name! I am happy you enjoyed the article. How nice you got some nice hats and beanies for your cousins, they are lucky boys to have you! do your cousins like dressing up? Is is true that the boy loves dressing up too like girls do. Thank you for responding to my website. 

  4. Truly, I think the girls are adequately catered for in this department (and a whole lot others). Even when you finally find accessories for baby boys, they tend to be limited in their options but very well know that it’s different for baby girls. On that note, I think this certainly addresses a legitimate concern. These options look good, but I like the sunglasses better. Nice post 

    • Thanks for your reply, Leo. Fair enough, we all have very different tastes. I do like the beach style hairbands what gives a bit of a surf style look but the sunnies are definitely cool too and functional at the same time. Have a great day. Jude

  5. Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us.  I have a baby, and always buy some accessories for my son, Sometimes fashionable items but also as clothing. I purchased hats and sunglasses for my son, and he is very happy to receive and use them. I worry about the sun and use sunscreen, hats and long sleeves to protect them. This hat and sunglasses make my son look very fashionable, I really like it. 

    Lastly, I hope that everyone reading your article will find some wonderful accessories for their baby and they will share their new sentiment with you soon.

    • Hi Shanta, thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate your insight. Your son is lucky you buy all these nice items for you. Buying accessories for our babies is just so much fun, we better enjoy this precious time, before we know it, they are all grown up. Thanks a lot for stopping by.


  6. You mentioned sunglasses, at what age should a baby begin to wear sunglasses? How many different styles of sunglasses are they?? What types of hats to you recommend for babies and why? At what age should I start to put hats on my babies? When did baby accessories really start to get popular?

    • Hi, thank you for responding to my article about baby accessories for boys. For more information about baby hats I invite you to read an article I wrote previously, you can click here if you like to read this for some more information about sun hats.

      Baby sunglasses can be worn as soon as they fit. I would recommend buying one with a strap and other than be aware of safety level, be very aware of the comfort level as well.

      There are polarised options what can be a good choice if you spend time by the water for extra protection of the sun glaring in your babies eyes. You will notice there are unbreakable versions of sunglasses and some brands give out a year of warranty too.

      I hope this answers your question, thank you for responding to my post.

      Kind regards Jude

  7. Thank you so much, Jude, for sharing this beautiful article with us. I learned something new from this article. I can’t find much for my little boy’s fashion, while little girl accessories fascinate me. I liked reading your post that you thought about fashion accessories for boys. I would actually buy sunglasses, I think sunglasses would be comfortable and fashionable accessories for my little boy.

    Can I share this article through my social media? Hope your article helps other moms like me.

    • Hi Tasmia, thank you for your reply, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed reading my article. Yes, sunglasses are a great idea, just be aware that not all sunglasses are comfortable for little kids and if your kids are any like mine they won’t wear it in that case. Safety first of course, but comfort is very important to for successful wearing. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude


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