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Is it a boy or a girl? I think many parents have heard this question while out with their baby. The gender can be tricky to guess with young babies. Even though you dress a girl in pink or a boy in blue, it seems hard for a lot of people to recognize the gender in babies. Most babies’ have very fine and soft hair, other babies are bald, which makes it tricky to put clips in babies’ hair. In this article we have a look at baby-fine hairstyle, is a little or a lot of hair in babies all normal? And what baby hair Accessories For Fine Hair are good to use?

Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Girl-With-Flower-Headband
Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Girl-With-Flower-Headband

As a mother of 2 girls, I am always keen to dress my baby with some sort of accessories in their hair, and avoid the common is it a boy or girl question.

Did you know that other than genetic reasons, some babies can have more hair due to higher levels of hormones they have been exposed to in the womb?

Babies who have been exposed to higher levels of a hormone in the womb can be born with more hair for that reason.

After the baby is born those hormone levels will drop and result very likely in loosing those beautiful hair strands.

Babies hair when newly born

After 40 weeks of waiting, of course, we feel excited to meet our baby.

The moment a new baby is born there is always that excitement. Of course, gender reveal is generally the main exciting element. But also we get very curious towards the end of the pregnancy, ‘What our baby looks like’? Will it have any hair’?

Some babies’ are born bald and stay bald for a long period, and this is perfectly normal. Other babies are born with mounds of hair and can wear piggy tails within a few months.

Babies with a lot of hair tend to look a lot older. Parents often worry about babies hair, but there is a wide range of what is normal. That your baby stays bald for longer than a year does not mean that the baby will not have long beautiful hair in a few years time.

Did you know that babies often start losing their hair in the second month of life. When babies hair starts growing back again, often the colour and texture would be different from their first newborn hair. Generally, hair starts growing back anywhere from 3 to 7 months of age.

Baby headbands, use them safely

Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Baby girl with big headband sitting in grass
Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Baby girl with big headband sitting in the grass with teddy bear

While my baby girls hair was not long enough to do anything with yet, I often used headbands to match her outfit.

I have different colours to meet different outfits. They look so cute! Really, they are for sale everywhere now and not hard to find. Some babies don’t like to wear them and pull them off.

If you choose to buy headbands for your baby make sure they are the right size, so it is comfortable to wear for baby.

If they are to tight a fit baby may get a headache from them.


Always remove the headband when the baby goes to sleep as it could potentially be a hazard if headband drops down on babies face and can limit babies’ breathing.

Anti-slip hair clips

Where we start with 2 hair clips of each, soon there will be only one. Story of my life! Clips work the same as socks in the washing machine, either the washing machine eats them or there is another secret to disappearing socks.

Clips in baby hair can be tricky as often baby hair is very soft and fine, or the baby may not have much hair at all. There are special baby clips for sale made for the babies to stay in place with just a few strands of hair.

In my hometown, there are not that many shops and not all that much choice. Often I enjoy finding my girl unique items online. Recently I found an Australian online business I absolutely love,’ called butterfly garden for kids’. All their accessories are beautiful and handmade.

I ordered some cute baby clips and bows for my baby from this site, I just couldn’t resist. The company’s pricing is very fair, especially considered that all their products are handmade.

I also thought the shipping cost was reasonably priced. Sometimes I find it off-putting ordering items online considering the shipping expense.

If you like to check out this awesome site with handmade cute little clips and bows, click here

Baby hat, keep baby cozy

Another nice accessory for a baby could be a baby hat. While a sun hat is a more used item in the tropics and hot climates, in colder climates a hat is a good item to use.

Depending on the climate you are living in a hat can be used with a (newly born) baby to keep baby warm and cozy. Babie can have a hard time regulating their temperature whilst little, wearing a hat can help with this.

Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Toddler with cute hat on
Baby hair accessories for fine hair-Toddler with a cute hat on

Always keep in mind though a baby can easily overheat too. There are super cute hats out there, I wish I could use them but in our climate, I have to stick to sun hats.

Other than keeping baby warm a hat can function to give more clarity of babies gender as well.

Baby accessories for boys.

When does babies hair get thicker

Shedding babies first hair should stop after a maximum of 6 months. Babies hair generally starts growing back between the 3rd and 7th month of age. It is not until the age of 2 that hair becomes thicker, however, the texture and colour can change several times in the first few months and years of their lives.

Maybe you have heard of shaving babies head? Some people believe that shaving off babies hair helps to grow it back thicker. However, this is not true.

The end of the hair strand is thinner than the middle of the hair. If you cut the hair strand the end is truncated, therefore it may temporarily look thicker and darker, but it doesn’t change the thickness of the whole hair strand.

How many hairs follicles your babies has, and where they are located, is genetically decided. After your baby is born there are no more follicles made, only the thickness and texture of babies hair will change.

So enjoy your babies hair while it is fine and how it is, it will change all the time, just enjoy it the way it is and get some cute hair accessory for fine baby hair.

Please comment below with feedback or cute photos of your babies hair or baby hair accessories that you like!

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  1. Hi Jude! You have an interesting article. I have gain more knowledge about baby’s hair. I have always wondering does shaving off babies hair helps grow it back thicker. Now I have the answer here…:-)

    I have always seeing those babies with the hair band really look cute. I believe the texture and material of the hair band also important right? So that the babies won’t feel uncomfortable as babies skin are soft and sensitive.

    • Hi Janet, yes most definitely I would carefully choose the materials for the head and. As you mentioned baby skin is so very sensitive. I like very soft materials and always make sure the headband doesn’t leave any pressure marks. Thank you for stopping g by, I appreciate your input. Jude

  2. Hi Jude,

    You gave me heart-warming feelings as I’m reading your post, the images are so lovely and cute.
    I agree with you 100% that it’s hard to guess the gender of young babies. I know that too because I was there. My two girls have tiny soft hair, and people around mistaken them with a boy. So I tried to let them wear flowery headbands, feminine hats, and colourful dresses.

    Thank you so much for this inspiring post and best regards.

    • Hi Lynn, thank you for stopping by. I think we all get there indeed. I always left with a headband on my baby but the first day I left without somebody straight away said: ah, what a cute little boy’. So the headband went on the straight way haha. Jude

    • Hi Jude,

      I had the same issue with my daughter. She had very fine hair, and would sometimes be mistaken for a boy. I really enjoyed this article and found it very informative.

      Thank you for writing it.


      • Thank you for stopping by Michael and responding to my article. Yes, I think there are only very few babies who are very obvious in gender while in the small baby stage. And most of our babies having the very fine hair. I know some with a head full of hair but I reckon this rather rare. They all get there eventually, meanwhile, we can always reach out to these cute accessories. Jude

  3. Thank you so much, Jude! What a wonderful idea to avoid the gender question by using accessories. I love those hair bands and can totally relate to the hair clip phenomenon, you have two and if you are lucky, tomorrow at least one will still be there….same as socks. You made me laugh!! It is so true.
    I had no idea there were special baby clips for the thin baby hair. Now I have a fantastic gift idea for my friends newborn.
    At this moment it is more the cute baby hat season and I will go with that, but for spring and summer, this is awesome!
    Would you have any cute ideas for boys as well? Is there something like baby-gel? Harmless, of course.
    Thanks for this wonderful article. I will come back!

    • Hi Janie, thank you so much for your reply. And a good question regarding boys accessories. I will pop a link in for you with very cute boy accessories and I actually may add them in the post. Thank you for including boys as well, I appreciate it. I am happy you enjoyed my article and I hope you can find something cute in the boy section for hair accessories. Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/au/market/boy_hair_accessories

  4. I learned sooo much from you! Im a father to 2 boys no girls yet! One of these days im hoping for one. I need me a daddy’s girl.

    Its nice to learn about these things for that day. I didnt know head bands came in different sizes. Thought all baby headbands would be for for…well all baby girls.

    Thank you for teaching me something i can use in the future!

  5. I learned something new! As a father to 2 young boys I haven’t really thought of hair accessories, but one day I hope to have a baby girl. I need me a daddy’s girl. I didn’t know headbands for babies were sized differently. I thought all baby headbands were for…well al baby girls.

    Thank you for teaching me something I can use when I one day get my own sweet daughter!

    • Thanks a lot for your reply Denton. I have great news for you though as I recently found out there are very cool hair accessories for baby boys too. Soon I will be writing an article about this. Thank a lot for stopping by, Jude

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing with us these amazing hairstyles accessories. I want to tell you that when my wife has given birth, we didn’t want to know if he was a boy or a girl. My wife is crazy about these accessories and takes great care of her hair and the baby. I could not imagine until now why it is so important and because of this article, I learned a lot. Babies look great with these accessories, and their soft, beautiful smelling hair gives you a sense of purity. Thanks again for this post. 

    If you don’t mind, I want to share it on my social media account. Good luck! 

    • Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate it a lot. Like you, we had a gender surprise too, I think it is the best surprise in the world. I totally understand your wife, it is much fun to dress our little people. Soon I will be writing an article about baby boy accessories as recently I learned that there are many great cool options for boys too. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my website on social media is greatly appreciated. Jude

  7. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article. Your article is really very interesting and I have learned a lot about kids hair through your article. I found out that your hair does not thicken as a result of repeated hair cutting. The kids have a really cool hairband that looks really nice. I think these hairbands are really cute. Children should not feel uncomfortable because their skin is soft and sensitive. The pictures are really nice. I have a  baby and her hair is very thin and through your article, I found that there are many bands for thin hair that I will definitely buy for my daughter and share my new experience with you soon. 

    • Hi Shanta, thank you so much for your lovely reply. Feel free to share some pictures from your baby if you wish with her new hair accessories. And you are right, it is very important the headbands are made from a soft material so it doesn’t irritate babies sensitive skin. Looking forward to hearing about your new baby hair experiences. Jude

  8. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about the baby’s hair.  I found your article to be very valuable information and I agree with you that it is a bit difficult to determine the gender of young children. I have a daughter, and seeing her does not mean that she is a boy or a girl, her hair is misunderstood by many who call her a boy. I will share your article with my friends so that my friends can benefit from reading right away. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you again for giving such a beautiful post.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you for sharing my website as well. It can be hard to know what gender a baby is, especially when the parent doesn’t dress the baby in an obvious outfit to define the gender. I am happy you enjoyed my article and thank you for stopping by on my website. Best wishes. Jude

  9. I love it when a baby is putting on beautiful hairstyle and accessories. Thank you for sharing these accessories. You know, I was wondering why a baby has plenty of beautiful hair end up losing them after some time. Now I now completely that it’s as a result of the hormones that they’re no longer exposed after birth. You really cleared so many questions I’d have asked regarding baby’s hair.

    These accessories are really beautiful and lovely. I love the three of ’em.

    • Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your comment. I am happy the article was informative and it gave you some clarity about why often babies loose hair after birth. And I agree so many beautiful hair accessories. Soon I am writing an article about baby boy accessories, there are very cool ones for them too. Jude

  10. The article you’ve written is useful and informative. Now I understand how it takes for baby’s hair to grow and when it would start growing. Before I read your article, I really thought that shaving babies’ heads could get thicker hair when it grows back. In fact, shaving off babies’ hair doesn’t affect the thickness of the whole hair strand. The headbands, hair clips and hats are totally matched with the babies’ fine hair. These cute accessories can apply to little babies’ hair to create different kinds of hairstyles. Thank you for the great article. 

    • Dear Miki, thank you for your lovely reply. I think many people hold the belief that shaving babies had improved the hair thickness. And we can understand why as after cutting haar the strand looks temporarily thicker.
      I am happy this post was informative for you, I appreciate your response. Jude

  11. Hi Jude, Thank you for this well researched and informative post. My baby boy had virtually no hair for his 1st year and my baby girl had a full head of ‘crazy’ hair. I love your suggestions for hats, hair clips and hair bands, which I will check out. It is so interesting to be given the full facts and great that this article is embracing all kinds of hair in children and giving wonderful suggestions on how to handle it.

  12. My whole family was born with tons of hair and my kids are born with very little. I always thoughts it was because my kids are blonde whereas, I and my siblings are all dark. It must be more than just hormones affecting it.

    Since my kids have so little hair when born, it’s all too common that people have mistaken them for boys:|

    That shop with the little clips and bows is adorable! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hi Hollie, thank you so much for your response and sharing your experience.The hairstyle babies are born with can be affected by mums hormones, this doesn’t have to be the case necessarily.

      When mum has high levels of hormones this potentially will go through the womb what can affect the hair growth.
      After the baby is born the hormone levels drop what can course hair loss for baby. Of course, gens will play a roll in babies hairstyle, however, there will be more elements playing a role in the process.
      Also, during labour, baby starts producing hormones who are preparing the baby to live outside the womb. The body starts concentrating on vital parts in the body to function optimally and the body will start concentrating less on aspects such as hair growth, as this is less essential.

      It is interesting that your little ones had only a little bit of hair while members of your family had a lot of hair as a baby. Could it be possible that this gen comes from your husband’s side at all? Maybe he or his family members only had a little hair as a baby?

      Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks a lot for stopping by.


  13. Hey Jude,
    What an interesting article! believe it or not, all of my three babies were born with absolute fantastic black hair that would stand up like a rocker`s! And it does not fall out it just grows longer. My second daughter has so fine hair, every clip just would fall out so I am stunned there are anti-slip hair clips! And I was told so many times to cut her hair to make it thicker, so I am more than happy that now I have the correct answer to that one, too. Thanks!

    • Hi Daniela, thank you for reading my articles about babies fine haar styles. So cool to read all your 3 babies had long back hair and they we’re lucky babies to not use their beautiful strands.
      I was excited t find out about these handmade ante slip clips and ordered some for my bayby girl. I can’t wait to try them out. Thank Daniela for stopping by. Jude


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