Best Baby Sun Hat?-How to Pick a Sun Smart Hat

However, the sun is a well-known concern in Australia, many other places in the world are starting to share concerns about UV rates too. Luckily there are many products out there to protect our families from the harmful UV rays. One product that can’t be missed in the wardrobe is a cute but useful baby sun hat to keep our little ones safe and happy.

Where we live, there is a rule that most daycare’s and schools follow: ‘No hat, no Play’! We live in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, also known as the sunshine state. It is beautiful to live in a tropical climate, but the sun is a there to watch out for.

I know from experience it is the worst feeling when they got sunburned! We do everything as a parent to avoid this happening wherever possible.

Starting good habits at a young age is such a great advantage as they will be used to wearing a hat growing up.

Best baby sun hat-Mother with baby standing in the sunlight
Best baby sun hat-Mother with a baby standing in the sunlight

I want to write this article about sun hats as it is such a relevant topic today.

Keep our babies sun safe

Babies’ skin is very delicate, and we should try to be in the shade as much as we can.

Ideally avoid direct sunlight on babies’ skin for the first 12 months, (I know this is easier said than done though)!

It is recommended to avoid using suncream on babies’ for the first six months as their skin is so sensitive and absorbent.

Babies’ skin is a lot thinner, especially on the head, neck and ears, making them more vulnerable to sun damage.

When choosing an everyday baby sun hat, it is essential to keep in mind the following to stay sun smart.

  • Make sure that the hat is comfortable to wear.
  • Babies hat has to be breathable enough to stay calm.
  • Make sure the hat has a practical design with a wide brim, a bucket or legionnaire.
  • Check the material; some hats are made from a lower UPF+such as UPF+15 what still gives adequate protection while there are options and UPF+ 50 offering excellent protection. Ideally, it would help if you always aimed for a minimum of UPF+30
  • Roll model around your children by wearing your hat.
  • A right choice for a baby would be a soft legionnaire hat, ideally with options where you can tie it at the crown and tie it under the neck. If your babies sun hat has a long strap or toggle, place the strap at the back of the neck and cut it to size. Make sure babies have a safety snap, and the belt can’t become a choking hazard.
  • For Infants 0 – 1 year the sizing and directions for sun-safe hats the following guidelines, 41-43 cm headwear size, broad-brimmed or bucket brimmed keep a minimum of 5 centimetres for the brim width.

Bucket heads

Best baby sun hat-Baby-With-Bucket-hat
Best baby sun hat-Baby-With-Bucket-hat

You recognise a bucket hat by its downward-sloping brim. Mainly cotton fabrics get used for the bucket hat such as denin which is a sturdy cotton. Otherwise, tweed gets used often, a roughly woven heavy wool

The wide brim should be wide enough to provide shade for babies’ face. Some hats are coming with UPF+material, try to find a hat with a minimum of upf+30.

The angle brim should provide sufficient shade for the ears and neck and face.

Make sure the material is soft enough to be comfortable for baby at the back when sitting down.

Legionnaire hat

Best baby sun hat-Legionnaire-Sun-Hat
Best baby sun hat-Toddler with Legionnaire-Sun-Hat

The legionnaire hat is an excellent sun-safe option. The flap at the back protects the neck. The ears should fall under the flap as well. The side flap provides sufficient shade for babies’ collarbone and shoulders. The front brim should offer enough shade for babies’ face.

Ensure that the material is soft enough, so it is comfortable at the back for baby when baby sits down.

Swim hats

Swim hats are made from quick-drying material, and if you have a better quality variation, they often are chlor, ide resistant. Hence, the material colours stay nice even after swimming in chlorinated water. Usually, the higher quality hats are salt resistant as well.  The better quality swim hats are UPF+ rated, for better protection aim for UPF +5

Broad-brimmed hat.

The brims of the hat should offer sun protection to the face, ears and neck.

As earlier mentioned, the brim should be a minimum of 5 centimetres for infants 0-1 and up until 8. Over the age of 8, there is a recommendation of a 6-centimetre brim.

While the brim of the bucket head is more of a downward drop, the broad-brimmed hat is more horizontally.

Again aim for a material with a minimum of UPF +30 if you are looking for proper sun protection but ideally UPF+50.

The broad-brimmed hat is another great option for the baby.

Sunsafe is growing up.

There are several hats for different occasions, and of course, it is relevant where you are located in the world to take appropriate measures.

There are options like a baseball cap that may be suitable for some occasions like an event where a broad-brimmed had would be uncomfortable, but be aware only the face will be shaded while neck and ears are still exposed to the sun.

Best baby sun hat-Girl-With-Broad-Brimmed-Sun-Hat
Best baby sun hat-Girl-With-Broad-Brimmed-Sun-Hat

If you choose a material for babies’ sun hat, be aware that the UPF+ rating refers to not only the material but also the design from the cap.

Always use sun-safe water resistant suncream. Try to hang out in the shade as much as you can, especially around the midday hours.

Other measures that could benefit sun safety are the use of sunglasses to protect babies eyes. If you would like to read a little more in-depth on how to make smart sun choices, please click here

Finally, (this is a note to me), one of the best things we can do for our little ones is roll modelling good habits, they don’t do what we say, but they do what we do!

‘Monkey do, what monkey see’.

Furthermore, let’s enjoy our beautiful sun safely with our families and let’s buy heaps of lovely cute but sun-safe hats for our little people and ourselves.

Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it and please comment below or email any tips or feedback of your experiences enjoying our sunny outside lifestyle happily and safely.




8 thoughts on “Best Baby Sun Hat?-How to Pick a Sun Smart Hat”

  1. Thanks for this thorough look at baby sun hats and your review of the sun safe options that are available today in the market. This article hits close to home for me as someone who has been diagnosed with skin cancer. These days the sun is more intense than ever and protection of the skin needs to start early. The kids can easily get burned and outcomes not show up for many years.

    I have two young grandchildren who I am concerned about so most definitely the sun hats that protect the baby’s head and skin are something I want to make sure is in place now for the coming warm months. My daughters and I have been talking about what to get and your guidance to look at the materials of UPF over 30 has been noted. We will get the ones that offer the most protection for sure. Excellent article!

    • Thank you Dave for responding to my article. I am happy you enjoyed reading it and the information is useful for you to to. 

      I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis, you hear it way too often unfortunately.
      It is wonderful to hear you take such great care of your ggrandchildren 

      Thank you for stopping by on my website. Have a wonderful Sunday! 


  2. What a fantastic post.  This is so full of useful information.  Keeping our kids safe from the sun is so important especially at the beach.  Which hat do you feel is best for the beach?  Probably some type of wide-brim hat would be best. This post is a great place to start for information on kids hats.

    • Hi Jon, thanks a lot for your response. I think the broad-brimmed hat with a minimum of 5 centimetres brim would be a good choice, or otherwise, the legionnaire hat would great as well. For both options, I would aim to get UPF+50 rating and with other sun-safe measures taken as well. 

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, I truly appreciate it.


  3. Hey, Jude! I know how dangerous sun is for our baby, specially the first twelve months. I know it’s always better to protect them. I have purchased recently 2 broad-brimmed head hats in different colors and they are perfect for my baby. I match the  hats color with her outfit and they really make cool pics too. But protection always comes first!

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

      We are so lucky with the variety of sun hats available out there. Good on you for choosing broad-brimmed options, and you are right, arent those babies’ cute with their sun hat on! I am just about due to get a few new ones for my girls.

      Thanks again for your input, I appreciate your comment.


  4. Hi Jude. I am so glad that i found this article. I am going on a holiday with our extended family soon and I don’t think anyone has really given any thought to what a good sun hat is for a baby. I remember my own son, when he was young we used to think we were doing the right thing by giving him a baseball cap to wear. He ended up with sunburned ears! I will be sharing this article with my sister to make sure she gets a suitable hat for my young niece!

    • Hi Dave, I am so happy my article was helpful for you. It is interesting how awareness levels change on topics throughout the decades.
      I wish you a fabulous holiday with your extended family and I hope your sister can get hold of one of these sun smart hats for your little niece to wear.
      Cheers Jude


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