Best Sustainable Infant Baby Clothes-{Baby clothes that put your baby first}

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Best sustainable infant baby clothes- High quality soft jersey playsuit
Best sustainable infant baby clothes- High quality soft jersey playsuit.

It is quite exciting to see more brands responding to the increasing trend of sustainable live trends. Many (new) parents value sustainability and are trying to make sustainable choices for their family. One of the choices in line of those choices are sustainable infant baby clothes.

The way our society is (over)consuming and the current environmental concerns have come to the attention of many families across the globe.

The way we think and consume needs change to gain improvement in the ongoing concerns of our world and the future of our children.

Yes, we need more sustainability, and the good news is that many businesses have started passionately to make innovative models to consume less.

Concerns about the fast fashion industry

The fast fashion industry is one of the examples, where high consumption gets’ encouraged. Clothing items are overall made from lower quality fabrics and not made to last.

The fast fashion industry often makes clothing from lower-quality fabrics and wants you back in the shop to buy new fashion items within a short period of time. This shopping and consuming style is a big concern for the world we are living in.

Making garments uses a lot of resources and is a strain to our environment, buying higher quality clothing what will last would is an environmentally friendlier choice.

Benefits of sustainable infant baby clothes

Looking for more sustainable infant baby clothes is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. Premium baby clothes made to last and to keep out of the landfill for a longer period of time.

Best sustainable infant baby clothes- Yellow skip hop romper
Best sustainable infant baby clothes- Yellow skip hop romper

Sustainable garments are made out of high-quality fabrics and designed to last wash after wash. 

High-quality baby clothes can last for second and third siblings or alternatively being forwards to an infant as a preloved item.

Buying high quality baby clothes is a great way to consume less and making a more sustainable choice for your family.

The priority of selling clothes in the fast fashion industry is to make a quick dollar, but unfortunately, the clothes are often not lasting.

Clothes have to be pretty and fashionable, but safety and comfort for your baby are sadly not the highest priority.

Why comfort for children is so Important?

‘Children most important job in childhood is to play, and your babies’ clothes should be safe and comfortable and designed to support your babies needs. The best infant baby clothes put your baby first, and the garments are designed to support and comfort your baby.’

Introduction of the brand Pk beans

For those parents who are in search of safe and comfortable baby clothes, you may like to check out this unique brand PK beans. Pk bean is a Canadian brand which designs sustainable infant and kids garments. For those who are in the lookout for high-quality baby clothes made with a purpose, you are probably going to love PK beans products and philosophy.

Recently PK Beans have launched a name change for their brand. The Previous name of the company was Peekaboo beans, but after 14 years of trading, they re-branded their Brand to PK Beans. The new Brand name allows PK Beans to broaden their products and sizes moving forwards.

Pk beans also have a vintage line where they sell premium baby and kids clothes which are gentle used pre-loved items. There is no doubt, PK beans is doings something unique and sustainable with there brand and perfectly in line with parents following a more sustainable lifestyle.

Philosophy of PK beans

What makes PK Beans so very special? Good question and I will try to fill you in here. I think PK beans must be one of the most inspiring clothing brands I have been ever come across with lately.

PK Beans stand out by designing out of the eyes of children. One of the most important jobs of our children is playing; it is how they learn, grow and develop. All clothes across the brand PK beans are designed thinking about your child needs. PK beans put your child first and design clothing meeting your babies and kids needs.

Clothes have to be safe and comfortable, kids don’t like itchy fabrics what distract them and make them feel uncomfortable, really who do like uncomfortable clothes, adults like comfy clothes too right?

Best sustainable infant baby clothes-Oeko Tex certified playsuit with pocket for special treasures
Best sustainable infant baby clothes-Oeko Tex certified playsuit with pocket for special treasures.

Kids clothes should be soft and comforting for there sensitive skin. Kids and babies’ don’t want to behold back and distracted by uncomfortable clothing; lets kids do what they do the best, PLAY!!!

PK beans design all their clothing with the principal that kids most important job is playing, and everything about their clothing contributes to not disturb this process. The fine threads used to make the clothing will feel nice on their body. Also, there are many thoughtful details in the clothing which support independence and minimize discomfort.

PK beans clothing is designed through the eyes of kids, very essential but definitely not something every brand values high enough. Pk beans infant kids and infant clothes are designed to play, develop and thrive and to be comfortable and happy.

All PK beans clothes are made out of a high thread count to ensure the clothing stay beautiful after many washes and to last for a long time.

If you have a close look at the clothing of PK beans you can notice that all the details of the clothing are chosen to make children feel comfortable, independent and provide entertainment as well. Special details utilized in their clothing include:

  1. Easy zippers,
  2. no buttons,
  3. easy neckline for changing clothing,
  4. use of drawstrings for tiny hips and ideal for potty training
  5. Chin guard to avoid pinching child skin
  6. Flatlock stitching for more comfort
  7. Higher thread count for more comfort
  8. Flat elastic waistband for more comfort and no twisting
  9. Twill tape hem for to stabilize the clothing
  10. Mix and match-colour blocking for endless combinations

Note-PK Beans products are only shipped to US and Canada, Hawaii and Alaska are not included free shipping. Currently, they don’t ship overseas, unfortunately.

Quality PK Beans

Other than comfort, PK beans prioritize sustainability as well, and you will see this coming back in all their products such as sustainable infant baby clothes and sustainable children clothes all made from high-quality fabrics.

All PK Beans clothes are made out of a high thread count fabrics, so the garments will stay beautiful after endless hours and days of playing.

PK beans clothing is made to last, and they aim to avoid their clothing ending up in the landfill for as long as possible. PK Beans may not be the cheapest clothing you can buy, but you get true value for money by receiving a high-quality product that can last to use for several kids, this may work out cheaper in the long run when reusing items. 

Values of PK Beans

Many clothing brands are focused to design fast fashion with a goal to manufacture clothing for as cheap as possible and to create profit as much and quick as possible. PK beans approach is completely different. They support manufacturing clothing in an ethically way and make sure that workers get paid a decent wage.

PK beans design their clothing with the philosophy that children play all day. Their priority is that clothes have to be comfortable. The designs of their clothing support and inspire independence for your child. Their products are of high quality and manufactured as a long-lasting quality product.

Best sustainable infant baby clothes-Purple playsuit certified with Oeko-Tex 100 label
Best sustainable infant baby clothes-Purple playsuit certified with Oeko-Tex 100 label.

Another important aspect is that the clothing is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Therefore all clothing is tested by a third party called OEKO-TEX, who ensures that the clothing is free from chemicals. Pk beans use OEKO-TEX to ensure no harmful chemicals are in their garments, but other brands may choose to certify their garments with other standards.

Very much like OEKO-TEX is service you can use to ensure garments are free from harmful chemicals, in the cotton industry, the leading standard is G.O.T.S (Global standard Textile Standards). When your brand is certified with G.O.T.S, your products will have to meet high social and ethical standards.

Certifying for G.O.T.S is a huge deal as a certified organic brand is a recognition for consumers that the products are free from any harmful substances. It just gives such peace of mind to know your children’s garments are free of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of sustainable infant baby clothing?

For those parents who type sustainable baby clothes into a google search, PK beans is definitely a unique brand to check out. You would love what they do all across there brand, but check out their vintage range as well where they have pre-loved items for sale.

Understandable the pre-love vintage range availability will vary all the time regarding what sizes of babies and kids clothing are available.

If you are looking for high-quality infant’ and kids clothes, manufactured ethically and free from harmful chemicals, PK bean is a brand meet all your requirements. The philosophy and values across their brand are rather inspiring if you are lucky enough to live in the area to have excess to there sustainable infant baby you are a lucky person.

PK Beans prioritize your child’s comfort, health and development. Their clothing is designed to be comfortable and play free without distractions of clothing. The materials are safe and comfy for your little person, and unique details are utilized in the garments such as easy zippers and clothes without button. All these thoughtful details are utilized to support and inspire your little person and to be confident and independent during their play and development.

Children wearing comfy clothing can do what they should do,  play, play and play. It is the most important jobs for children, or as PK beans website states in one of there quotes, for children, play is the work of childhood. 

What is important to you when searching for sustainable infant baby clothes online? What are you looking for in baby clothing? What is your favourite sustainable clothing brand?

Please comment below with any feedback, question or suggestions,  we appreciate your input.

Thanks for reading sustainable infant baby clothes and we hope you find the perfect sustainable baby clothes for your little person.


10 thoughts on “Best Sustainable Infant Baby Clothes-{Baby clothes that put your baby first}”

  1. When it comes to kids clothing, we always run for comfort and flexibility. My siblings like to roam about a lot and are very playful. 

    Sometimes they can be too naughty and try to play with toys that may not be well aligned with the clothes that I might have selected for them. It is good to know of a brand that can accommodate these little ones so well. Thank you for the review in as much as baby wear is concerned I think you did great justice.

    is this brand only for baby clothing only? Or they also make other quality clothing for those of age. 

    • Hi Gyvinek, thanks a lot for your comment on my review of the online brand PK beans. Thank you for your kind words, I think the brand most definitely deserves justice with what they do, I just love their philosophy. The brand accommodates other than baby clothing, girls and boys garments up till size 10.

      Let me know if you have any more questions, I am happy to answer them for you.

      Have a great day!


  2. Hello Jude, awesome post there, I really like the fact that you were so detailed in describing the brand and what they stand for and that me gluer to this review, I would have loved to some of these for my kids but so unfortunate you don’t ship abroad, however, my aunt lives in the United States and she has children, I’m sharing this with her, she might need it. 

    thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, hopefully, it would definitely be great if they would do internationally shipping in the future so more people can enjoy their beautiful designs. I hope this can be helpful for your Aunt her children in the US. I am happy you enjoyed the review. Have a great day and best wishes. Jude

  3. Hey nice review you have there about PK Bean’s brand. I have heard so much about the PK’s product from a friend. Is so fortunate I stumbled on this review today, having going through your entire review, PK’s products is indeed worth buying as they focus on customers satisfaction and quality. I think this should be my baby’s brand henceforth.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, high quality is definitely one of the main focus points of PK Beans. The other thing must be how the designs respect and prioritize children comfort, their philosophy just make perfect sense to me. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciated it. Best wishes Jude

  4. PK beans seems a great brand for children’s clothes, I’m surprised I’ve never heard about them. Reading your review, I really like their philosophy and the quote they have on their website is awesome! Actually, children are our teachers.
    It’s a shame they don’t ship overseas.
    Thank you for this review Jude.

    • Thanks for your kind comment Lenka, I appreciate it. Yes, it is a shame PK Beans don’t ship overseas so more people have the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful clothing. Hopefully, sometime in the future, they will. And Yes I agree with that children can be our teachers in many aspects. Our children are a great mirror to learn from. Best wishes to you and thanks for stopping by. Jude

  5. I think that one should go for quality and not for cheap that won’t last long no matter how good they look. As a parent what we want is comfort for our children ensuring that they are also safe from injury. Sure we also want a good price or bargain that will help those dollars to go a long way. Children are so active which means that the clothes that are purchased should be strong. This is the first time that I have heard of this product or brand and what you have said about this brand seems to make a good purchase because you will be getting quality for your money.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, most definitely you get something great for your money. And very true, comfort for our kids is so very important. Strong quality clothes go a long way and younger siblings may have a chance to enjoy them as well when they grow into them. 

      Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

      Best wishes.



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