Best Bamboo Baby clothing online-{Eco-Friendly choice}

Best baby clothes online-
Baby laying down on a rug wearing an Oeko-Tex certified pink love heart outfit.
Best baby clothes online-
Baby laying down on a rug wearing an Oeko-Tex certified pink love heart outfit.

When searching baby clothes for your newborn, it can be quite overwhelming as choices are available in abundance. However, the question is how to find the perfect baby clothes for your newborn? It might be helpful to make a little checklist to find out what is really important to you in baby clothes. If you have clear in mind what is most important to you, it is easier to find the best bamboo baby clothing online meeting your expectations and live style. In this article, we focus on the best baby clothes online for parents and carers interested in following a more sustainable lifestyle.

What is important to you?

As our individual expectations and preferences are unique and will differ significantly, it makes sense that we won’t all agree with what the best baby clothes are. To find the best baby clothes online for your newborn, try to think about the specific features most important to you.

Some of the things to consider are the material used, the style, the quality and perhaps you have a budget calculated you want to stick too as well. Many parents are considering organic baby clothes for their newborn While some plan to dress their newborn in the trendy designer outfit and prioritise following the latest fashion styles; other parents are considering dressing their bub in organic baby clothes and priorities natural fabrics for their bubs garments. Other parents again value to dress their newborn in gender-neutral clothing, and others feel very passionate to have fun wearing matching outfits with their little people.

I think it is safe to say that there is a large audience where sustainability is high on their priority list when looking for baby clothes. Many people try to follow a more sustainable lifestyle nowadays were they prefer to make choices what put less strain on the environment.

Sustainable lifestyle trends

As said before, over the last year, sustainable lifestyle trends have become rather popular and very likely, this trend will keep increasing popularity in the future. Many families try to make more sustainable choices in their day to day living and try to make choices what will benefit the future children

Best baby clothes online-
Baby wearing cute Bamboo Oeko-Tex certified outfit with pink love hearts.
Best baby clothes online-
Babywearing cute Bamboo Oeko-Tex certified outfit with pink love hearts.

Sustainable fashion is made with a more eco-friendly approach which has many benefits for our babies’, families, workers and our enviroment as well.

There are several fabrics you could choose to make a more sustainable choice, some fabrics you could consider are Organic cotton, hemp or Bamboo. Hemp gets sometimes used in combination with other fabrics, and I mainly have come across with hemp in reusable nappies and not as much in baby clothes just yet.

When you consider cotton for your baby clothes and make a more sustainable choice, consider organic cotton grown without toxic chemicals.

To ensure the organic cotton is free of harmful substances indeed look for garments that are G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. Quality organic cotton has not only benefits for the environment but is buttery soft and much more durable than regular cotton as well

Lastly, Bamboo is a great option when you are looking for luxurious and sustainable baby clothes. However, again, even though bamboo is natural, it doesn’t automatically mean it is free from harmful chemicals.

Sustainable bamboo baby clothes

Growing of the Bamboo:

Best baby clothes Online-Bamboo forest.
Best baby clothes Online-Bamboo forest.

Bamboo is unique and naturally antibacterial and doesn’t need toxic chemicals to keep the pest away. The antibacterial properties will be still active when turned into baby clothes and will help fighting bad germs away. Bamboo grows super quickly and doesn’t need much water to grow what makes this plant great as a sustainable option.

However, bamboo doesn’t need toxic pesticides to grow big and strong; still, toxic chemicals are sometimes used during the manufacturing of baby clothes. Some techniques to break down the bamboo use toxic chemicals to turn the plant into the fabric.

Luckily this is not always the case but be aware that baby clothes made from Bamboo, doesn’t automatically mean the garments are free from harmful chemicals. How can you be sure what you buy and the bamboo clothes are free from harmful chemicals indeed?

How to avoid chemicals in baby clothes?

Avoiding chemicals-Unfortunately chemicals are used in high amounts and in many products we daily use. Sometimes we may not even realize, but chemicals are everywhere, and they can be a real health hazard for our babies’ and us’,. It also is a significant concern for workers and our environment as well.

When you are interested in purchasing sustainable baby clothes for your infant, and you want to be sure the garments are free from harmful chemicals, look for a brand who have their garments tested to be free of harmful substances.

After all, anyone can say their products are sustainable, but it doesn’t automatically mean products are free from harmful substances. So you may wonder, who test baby clothes to ensure that they are safe and free of harmful chemicals? And how hard is it to find baby clothes with an Oeko-Tex certification? We got you covered, let’s have a look.

What is Oeko-Tex 100 in baby clothes?

Brands who use Oeko-Tex 100 to test their garments to be free of harmful substances are doing an awesome job. They give their customers a great impression of the care they take to offer you safe products. Oeko-Tex 100 is a well-known certification that test products with fabric what may contain substances harmful to humans.

As babies skin is so susceptible and absorbent, it is such a significant benefit if a baby brand does test their products to be free of harmful substances and use a recognised standard like Oeko-Tex 100. Real peace of mind indeed.

Where to look for in bamboo baby clothes?

Bamboo baby clothes are great for many reasons, but make sure you buy Bamboo baby clothes with a certification like Oeko-Tex 100. The certification will ensure you the baby clothes are as natural as you would expect from bamboo baby clothes and free from harmful substances for humans.

To browse Oeko-Tex certified baby clothes and products, you can use the green button below. When you use the code JUSTCUTEBAMBOO when you check out, you will receive 25% off storewide on your bamboo baby products.

Best baby clothes online-Baby wearing cute outfit tested by Oeko-Tex 100
Best baby clothes online-Baby wearing cute outfit tested by Oeko-Tex 100.

‘Did you know that the unique antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant keep maintained when the baby clothes have been naturally manufactured?

Choosing High quality fabrics

High-quality Fabrics- In sustainable clothing, the fabric will be from a higher quality to last for a longer period of time compared to fast fashion items made from cheaper fabrics. As the products are more durable, the baby clothes have the ability to stay out of the landfill for an extended period of time.

You will simply feel the difference when touching high quality fabrics as they feel softer and more luxurious. Most fabrics from a good quality will stay better during washing and pill less as cheaper options.

Choosing high-quality baby clothes is significant more sustainable than choosing cheaper options which end up in landfill after a short period of time. Cheap garments are not made to last but to replace in a short period with another cheap option.

Selling high-quality garments as pre-loved items?

Pre-loved baby clothes- Baby clothes from a higher quality are more suitable as they are perfect for selling as preloved items. As babies are growing very rapidly, they only use their garments for a short period of time. High-quality baby clothing will stay pretty for more than one baby, and can easily be enjoyed by other babies after you finished using them for your bub. Selling and purchasing pre-loved premium baby clothes has actually become quite popular, and it makes perfect sense as it aligns in the popular sustainable live style trends.

Best baby clothes online-Newborn baby and toddler wearing matching bamboo outfit.
Best baby clothes online-Newborn baby and toddler wearing matching bamboo outfit.

If clothing items are used for a longer period to time and stay out of the landfill, we consume less and consuming less is the most sustainable choices we can make.

Unique designs with Matching options for siblings

Just a special mention as it is just so adorable. This cute bamboo baby clothes brands are certified by Oeko-Tex baby clothes and don’t have only baby sizes though.

The sizes of these premium garments are going up all the way to size 6, which give you great options to choose matching outfits with older siblings.

‘Bamboo has unique wicking properties what keeps heat and moisture away from the skin, so your babies skin stay dry and cool what minimizes the chance of irritation’.

Final thoughts on best bamboo baby clothes online?

Well, there you go. There are quite a few options to consider regarding dressing your bub for families following a sustainable lifestyle. When you can get your hands and hemp baby clothes, this is great. When you are pre-loved items would be something you are interested in, there are really great options. If you can get your hand on high quality used baby clothes, it is not only sustainable but more affordable as well and potentially the most sustainable choice it will result in consuming less

Alternatively, you could consider organic cotton that has use benefits compared to regular cotton for our babies and our environment. If you choose organic cotton, look for the G.O.T.S certification as this not only tells you the products are free from chemicals, but it tells you they are made ethically.

Best baby clothes online-Cute certified Oeko-tex  bamboo outfit

Lastly, Bamboo is a great choice when looking for the best baby clothes online. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice as long as tested by Oeko-Tex 100 to ensure an eco-friendly method is used to manufacture the plant into the fabric.

I think the bamboo fabric is especially ideal for sleeping as the bamboo material is super delicate and soft and will keep your baby comforted and cozy.

For all parents and carers interested in Oeko-Tex certified bamboo baby clothes, you can use the green button above and have a browse. When you use the code JUSTCUTEBAMBOO, you will receive a 25% discount store wide as well. (fill the code in by check out)

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  1. Season greetings to you. Thanks for sharing this article on the best baby clothing online that are eco-friendly. Being mindful of the ecosystem and what impact the products I buy have on the ecosystem is a habit I am learning to develop, so reading this article was very interesting for me. I hope for more of such from you.

    • HibNelson, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the information. It is interesting to learn more about sustainable live style choices, and it is a work in progress for all of us. Brands like these who are making a real effort to offer a sustainable quality product are giving us a great choice to buy cute baby clothes to suit a more sustainable lifestyle.

      Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.


  2. One of my main concerns has been avoiding chemicals in baby clothing. Once I discovered this, I sort of freaked out. But I now know there is a way around it because there are some brands that are really careful about this. Thank you for introducing me to the Oeko-tex 100 test. I will always check out for this standard.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment. I am happy to read the information on Oeko-tex 100 was helpful for you. Buying baby clothes certified with Oeko-tex is a great way to be ensured the baby clothes you purchase are free of harmful substances.

      More brands using standards now to ensure their audience the products they sell are safe of harmful substances. It will likely be much easier over the next few years to find baby clothes certified with standards like Oeko-tex, which is great news.

      Wishing you a great day Ann.


  3. This is perfect for the baby shower that I will be attending with one of my closest friends. She has her first kid, and I’m glad I’ve decided to stick around this site to learn more about what I could get her for her baby. It’s a girl, and I want to get her the most adorable and healthy, non-toxic clothes I can find. Thank you so much

    • Hi Misae, you are very welcome, and I am so happy our information was helpful for you. I am sure you will find the perfect outfit for the little girl, it will make the perfect gift indeed. 

      Such a great feeling to have such an adorable and unique gift what will comfortable and gentle on babies’ delicate skin. 

      Have a great day.



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