Best Eco-friendly nappies?-{Consider a sample box to find the best}

Best Eco friendly nappies? Baby wearing eco nappy 'Ecoriginal'.
Best Eco friendly nappies? Baby wearing eco nappy ‘Ecoriginal’.

As you probably have discovered, there is no shortage of eco nappies available when browsing the net. You pretty much bump into one commercial after the other with brands trying to sell their ‘ eco-friendly’ nappies. But how do you find the best Eco-friendly nappies which are genuinely sustainable and still perform too?

This is a valid question, and we hope we can shine some light on this matter and help you find the best nappy to suit your lifestyle and baby.

But first thing first, what are Eco-friendly nappies, and how can they be more friendly for our environment?

What is an Eco-nappy

Eco nappies are made with less plastic and fewer chemicals and have increased popularity during the ongoing trends to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Using less plastic is an excellent contribution to our planet as breaking down plastic nappies can take up hundreds of year.

As regular nappies are full of plastic and synthetic chemicals and eco nappies can be a more sustainable replacement.

What the best Eco-friendly nappies?

Good question, but unfortunately, the answer isn’t that straight forward, but we will give you some guidelines to determine the sustainable efforts more efficiently.

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of eco nappies still. How can you determine what eco nappy brand is genuine in their environmental efforts?

Each eco nappy brands can enormously differ in terms of sustainability

Brands like Ecoriginal make their disposable nappies with 90% of biodegradable materials, which will help the nappy break down quicker.

However, the right circumstances are required to realise this quicker breakdown for the eco nappy. 

Just keep in mind that per individual nappy brand, the sustainable value can differ significantly.

Supermarket nappy brand Rascal & Friends have just launched Rascal & Friends eco npappies, and this nappy is made with 55-60 per cent biodegradable materials.

In contrast, Ecoriginals newest nappy is made from 90% plant-based materials and claims to break down within four months on a landfill site which is quite an exciting developments indeed.

Non-natural materials in Eco nappies

SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is used in nappies to wick moisture away from the nappy service and lock the liquid in the absorbent layers of the nappy to keep your baby dry and comfy.

However, many eco nappies using fewer chemicals than regular disposable nappies and trying to use cornstarch for absorbency, most will still contain some percentage of SAP,(super absorbent Polymer), to ensure sufficient absorbance.

Are Eco nappies more sustainable as regular disposable’s?

How sustainablele eco nappies really are, is a

highly discussed topic indeed. It is excellent that Eco nappies use less plastic and chemicals; they are all remarkable contributions toward the health of our environments and increase sustainable value, but still, some people are sharing the opinion that an eco nappy is just an expensive nappy.

First of all, every effort to use less plastic is a great sustainable effort. Secondly, to decide what is more sustainable, you have to look at the whole lifecycle of a product and not only to the disposing.

What can help to make a genuine sustainable choice is looking for eco brands making sustainable effort across the whole life cycle of making their products.

An easy way to learn about the sustainable efforts of a brand, is looking for brands that are certified with an independent eco-label like Bamboo nature Muumi or Moltex.

Still there are other eco brands who are not certified with an eco label, but can still be genuine in their sustainable efforts.

Research is recommended though to learn about the eco friendly efforts of a brand. Also you like to look for brands with transparent communication like Ecorginal perfectly show case, and willingness to answer any questionsyou may have.

Quality of Eco-friendly nappies?

Best Eco friendly nappies-Eco Luxe Noopii Nappies pack
Best Eco friendly nappies-Eco Luxe Noopii Nappies pack

One of the main goals eco nappies’ all have is providing a more sustainable nappy with fewer chemicals used in the nappies.

‘The juggle between performance and sustainability is a never-ending challenge to perform at the best of our abilities’.

What happens with the nappies’ functionality if we reduce the plastic and chemicals in the nappies and replace it with more natural materials?

Will the absorption and functionality be still sufficient?

A mentioned before; eco nappies try to use natural replacements for absorbant purposes, but the nappies still need smaller or larger amounts of SAP (super absorbent polymer)to wick away any moisture from the nappy service.

Expenses of Eco nappies?

There are some eco-friendly nappies out there who are preform impressive and are incredibly luxurious. It is up to your budget of eco nappies’ are worthwhile for you, and the best choice to fit your budget and lifestyle.

If you are looking for a more natural disposable nappy and, have the budget to spend a little more, go for it. There are many eco nappies with excellent performance on the market with great sustainable efforts like Bamboo nature or Ecoriginals

If you like to go with eco-friendly nappies for your newborn, you can choose to buy them bulk-online, this can save you a few dollars as most brands will give you a discount if you buy in bulk what makes the Eco nappies more affordable.

Finding the best eco-friendly nappy with a sample box

The perfect nappy for one baby is not as great for the next little person as all babies are unique in shape and size. Some babies are also heavier wetters than others; perhaps other features are essential for your baby to keep them safe and comforted.

Best Eco friendly nappies-Eco nappies trial pack
Best Eco-friendly nappies?-Eco nappies trial pack.

A great way to learn more about eco nappies is through one of the available trial packs or an eco nappy sample box.

If you already have a brand in mind, you could order a trial pack for that particular brand {most brands will do trial packs} to see of the nappy make a great fit with your baby.

Alternately, if you are not set on one brand just yet, you can order a sample box with various brands to try out. This will give you a chance to get a good feel of the products before committing to a particular brand and perhaps buying in bulk for your newborn.

I hope this information was helpful for you and you will find the best eco-friendly nappies for your bub. If you have found the best eco-friendly nappy for you, we love to hear what the best eco friendly nappy is for you in the comments below.


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