What are the Best Eco-friendly nappies in Australia? {4 innovative brands}

When searching for eco-friendly nappies for your newborn, it can be hard to decide which brands are genuinely eco-friendly.

The best eco-friendly nappies in Australia-Little boy wearing a nappy outside while holding a umbrella.
The best eco-friendly nappies in Australia-Little boy wearing a nappy outside while holding an umbrella.

Today we like to share some tools to help you recognise eco-friendly nappies more easily. We want to share four innovative eco-friendly nappy brands that have booked remarkable sustainable results with their products.

Before we share our top 4 eco-friendly nappy brands with you, we would like to check what to expect from eco-nappies briefly.

What are Eco-nappies?

Eco nappies are made with less plastic and fewer chemicals than conventional disposables and have become rather popular during the ongoing trends to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

To completely break down conventional nappies can take up hundreds of years. Choosing eco-friendly nappies can help put less strain on the environment through more ethical manufacturing and quicker breaking down the nappy.

How significant the benefits are of eco nappies compared to conventional nappies varies strongly.

While some eco brands are genuine and passionate about creating products that put less strain on the environment, greenwashing of products by talented marketers is something to be aware of when selecting eco-friendly products.

How to assess whether an eco-nappy is genuinely eco friendly?

What are the Best Eco Nappies?-Baying laying on belly leaning on right elbow.
What are the Best Eco Nappies?-Baying laying on belly leaning on right elbow.

There is no shortage of eco nappies still; how can you determine what eco nappy brand is genuinely making a difference?

Independent certifications-An easy way to learn HOW sustainable a product is can be looking for independent eco-label brands certified. One of the best-rated internationally sold eco-nappies certified with a high accredited eco label Nordic Swan is Bamboo nature.

However, an eco-label is an easy way to give you a lot of information about a product’s sustainable efforts; some eco-products are not certified and are still genuine in their sustainable efforts and are beneficial for the environment. Still, you may have to put a little more effort into researching the brand.

Researching eco brands-If a brand or product is new to you, it can be beneficial to check out their website and learn more about the sustainable claims they make first.

Finding transparent information-Transparent information is what you would like to see from eco brands. You will likely notice that genuinely sustainable brands are passionate about their products and transparent in communication. Without making a considerable effort, you probably find lots of information and detailed information about the sustainable efforts of eco brands.

Follow up with questions-If you have any questions about an eco-product you are interested in, ask the question to the brand in question, and you will learn soon more from the answers you receive…

When your answers are left unanswered or are answered without a clear explanation, it might be a good idea to search a little further to find your new favourite eco brand, as this is s good indicator of how genuine eco brands are.

For example, the brand Ecoriginals may not be certified, yet you will likely find any questions you may have about their products ard explained transparently and with passion. You can tell they are genuine and passionate about what they do.

‘Did you know that Ecoriginalsgoals is to have 100% plastic-free nappies by 2025?

Please find below the 4 top leading eco nappy brands worth considering in Australia for 2021…

#1 Bamboo Nature…-(Certified with eco-label Nordic Swan)

Bamboo Nature-Yes, Bamboo Nature is one of the top leading eco nappy brands available and certified with the high accredited Nordic Swan label, but not affordable or accessible for everyone.

Bamboo nature allows you to reduce your eco-footprint with their actions and manufactured their nappies in a facility where 95% of production waste is recycled, allowing you to reduce your eco-footprint using their nappies.

However, Bamboo nature is manufactured in Denmark; they are internationally available and popular in Australia.

#2 Eco by Naty-(First nappy with OK biobased certification)

Eco by Naty is another eco nappy born over 25 years ago in Sweden and worth considering if you are looking for a genuine eco-friendly nappy choice.

This experienced nappy brand started its sustainable journey over 25 years ago and is now one of the leading innovative eco-nappy brands worldwide. Eco by Naty is the first nappy brand that has to receive an Ok biobased certificate.

#3 …Ecoriginals(90% biodegradable)

Best Eco friendly nappies? Baby wearing eco nappy 'Ecoriginal'.
Best Eco-friendly nappies? Babywearing eco nappy ‘Ecoriginals’.

Ecoriginals-Another brand that is worth considering, in our opinion, is Ecoriginals. However, Ecorignials are not certified with an independent eco-label; they provide adequate communication with their audience and provide clear details about their sustainable efforts.

The newest Ecoriginals are made from an impressive 90% plant-based materials and have the potential to break down within four months on a landfill site if disposed of correctly.

#4 Eenee…(The only compostable nappy (in Australia)

Eenee compostable nappies-Eenee is an Australian nappy brand unique as this is the only eco nappy certified with compost Australia.

Eenee is likely the most sustainable choice; still, the downside is the challenge of excessing commercial composting depots to dispose of your used nappies at commercial composters.

Still, these nappies are perfect choices for people with the budget to support a little family doing great work trying to change the world step by step…

What an improvement from conventional nappies, which can take up to hundreds of years to break down, right?

So, What is the Best Eco nappy?

We hope you have found our guide to 4 of the best eco nappies in Australia helpful, and it helps you narrow down your choices.

What is the best Eco nappy/-Baby laying on tummy while daddy is looking at baby.
Baby laying on the tummy while daddy is looking at baby?

There are various genuinely good eco brands globally available, and you may need to trial a few to learn which nappy makes a good fit for your family and meet your lifestyle goals.

Of course, we like eco nappies to be as sustainable as possible and ideally meet your lifestyle goals. Still, it has to fit your budget and perform for your baby too.

Which eco-friendly nappies have you trialled thus far?


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