Best Eco Nappies?-{Review on Ecoriginals}

Best Eco nappies-Pack of newborn Ecoriginals
Best Eco nappies-Pack of newborn Ecoriginals

You may have arrived on this page because you are considering trialling eco nappies, and you are researching for the best Eco nappies?

Or you may have noticed we are reviewing disposable Ecoriganals and like to learn more about this brand?

If your answer is yes to one of those problems, this review is here to help with those questions and to provide adequate information to make the right nappy choice for you and your family.

What are eco nappies?

I am glad you ask as a lot is confusing around eco nappies. Often it is thought, that purchasing eco nappies, is automatically a more sustainable choice. But is it really?

However the percentage of chemicals used in Eco nappies is significantly lower than in regular disposable nappies, most eco nappies still have some chemicals in them required for adequate performance. Some Eco nappies try to use products like corn starch for absorbance purpuses, but a small amount of Sap (Super Absorbent Polymer), is still required for suffiencent absorbance properties of the nappy.

Let’s make the statement clear that eco nappies are not automatically compostable. You can recognise a compostable nappy with a certification logo.

Eco nappy brands are trying very hard to make more sustainable and natural nappies, which is great. Individual brands will differ in the progress of how sustainable their nappies are at this point; they will all aim for constant improvement to make the most sustainable product whit a great performance as well.

What is biodegradable?

Biodegradable simply means that the product will break down over time when exposed to microorganism and bacteria. When the circumstances are not met of the biodegradable item, it will take longer to break down. Before a product can be called biodegradable in Australia, the following details have to be met:

  • The item should not have a toxic effect on the garden compost results.
  • A minimal of 90 % of the material has to be broken down in 180 days.
  • Also, 90% of the item should des integrate into pieces less than 2 mm in compost in less than 12 weeks.
  • Plastic materials used should be made from at least 50% organic materials.
  • Heavy metals can only be present underneath the accepted levels.

To learn more about the differences of biodegradable and compostable items, you can check it out here.

Are there disposable compostable nappies in Australia?

To produce a compostable nappy in Australia, the Australian Standard 4736-2006 (certified for Industrial composting) have to be met, and to certify for home composting, Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 have to be met.

However, several brands have recyclable or compostable packaging for the nappies they sell; a certified compostable nappy is not available in Australia yet.

Details about Ecoriginals

Underneath an overview for you with all the feature’s of Ecoriginals nappies, for this overview, we use size 4 nappies.

Best eco nappies?-Pack of Toddler Ecoriginals.
Best eco nappies?-Pack of Toddler Ecoriginals.
  • Eco nappie-Ecoriginals
  • Size-4 (10-14 kilo)
  • Price per 20 nappies-$19,95 ($0.99 per nappy)
  • Bulk Price 120 nappies- $109.95 ($0.91 per nappy)
  • The packaging is home compostable (not the nappy)
  • The unique technology used with Plant cells
  • 12-hour protection for wetness
  • Ecoriginals are free from phthalates, bleach and fragrances

This nappy is made with a high percentage of plant-based materials and 90 per cent biodegradable. These eco nappies are made with a high percentage of plant-based ingredients and a small percentage of polyethylene to ensure the strength and flexibility of the nappy.

The plant cell technology ensures that the moist is wicked away from the top layer into the absorbent layer to ensure comfort and dry skin for your baby.

How about the performance of Ecoriginals?

As perhaps with most products, there are many reviews on the internet both positive, but quite a few negative as well. Recently Ecorignals are updated and the nappies suppose to have improved 40% in absorbency, however, I have been reading some people having issues with the absorbency and thought the previous Ecoriginals performed better.
It is understandable it is a constant challenge to weigh up performance and sustainability and the fine line to balance on. Creating a greener nappy is what we all want, but we need performance as well.

Best eco nappies?-Trial pack of various eco nappy brands.
Best Eco nappies?-Trial pack of various eco nappies.

Did you know you can order trial packs from most eco nappy brands for a small expense? You can either choose for 2 nappies of the brand you like to try, or you can order a trial pack including different brands which include 2 nappy per brand to try. The sending cost is included in the trialling price which makes it attractive to really give it a go.

When I would start my nappy journey all over, and I would have known about this combined trial pack, I would definitely have been interested to check it out as it is a great opportunity to check out which nappy is suitable for your baby and perform up to your expectations.

If you are keen to trial eco nappies, checking out the trial pack is definitely word considering. All babies have different sizes and shapes, and a nappy perfect for one baby might be the worst for the other bub. Also, one baby might be a heavier wetter than another which make a significant difference in nappy perfect for your baby. Trialling out different nappies will give you a good feel from the product and testing out the trial pack is an affordable way to take advantage of the opportunity.

A final thought on the best Eco nappies?

Previously we have trialled several eco nappies, including Noopii, Moltex, Bambo and Muumi Eco nappie. I have to say that I honestly was surprised by the quality of the Eco nappies. I have to admit that I did doubt about the performance of Eco nappies, and if it would meet my needs, but they definitely did and more than that too.

Best Eco nappies-Eco Luxe Noopii Nappies pack
Best Eco nappies-Eco Luxe Noopii Nappies pack

The thing I struggle with most with Eco nappies is the price, and I can say that Ecoriginals are definitely on the high-end price-wise compared to the others. So I am excited to find out how the performance may blow me away.

If you are interested to learn more about Noopii (my favourite), Moltex, Bambo and Muumi Eco nappies, and perhaps keen to trial some Eco nappy sets like I did with some nappies, you can learn more here. But even though you decide on eco nappies or not, I hope you find the perfect nappy for your bub.

Thank you for your time. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any feedback or comments, we love to hear from you.


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