The 5 Best Infant Baby Clothing Gift Sets of 2021-{Sustainable gifts for 2021}

Best infant baby clothes gift sets-Organic baby clothing giftset.
Best infant baby clothes gift sets-Organic baby clothing gift set.

Today we are excited to share the 5 best infant baby clothing gift sets of 2021 with you. These organic gift sets perfectly align with the ongoing sustainable lifestyle trends and includes buttery soft garments and ethically made unique toys.

There are various gift sets available, and you can feel ensured to have access to the best infant baby clothing gift sets available to spoil your loved one with some very unique gifts indeed.

‘Many families in today’s society follow a more sustainable lifestyle.’

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Selecting the best infant baby clothing gift sets

Nobody selects a gift to end up as clutter, and you may have been wondering what’s the best baby clothing fits set ar for a baby shower?

Not to worry, we are here to help, and we believe that understanding the significance of the ongoing trends on sustainability can help to select the best infant baby clothing gift sets for your loved ones. And let be honest, the whole reason for gifting is showing that you care and to show love with your carefully selected gift.

Before we share 5 of the best infant baby clothing gift sets with you, we like to share a little more about WHY organic garments are so popular to use amongst parents.

Why is organic infants clothing gift sets so popular?

Organic garments are more sustainably made than regular garments. The textile industry is a significant global polluter where many dangerous toxins are used during the growth of crops and manufacturing.

Many toxic pesticides are used during growing crops like cotton, and leftover chemicals run into the soil and pollute local waterways. Also, toxic dyes are common to dye mainstream clothing which is concerning for the environment.

Toxins used during the growing and manufacturing of garments are problematic for both enviroment and babies’ wearing the clothes. Especially babies and children are vulnerable to toxins as their little bodies cannot protect themselves adequately from harmful toxins, and babies’ skin is fragile and absorbent.

As more families and parents have become aware of toxins in mainstream garments, organic cotton has become quite popular. Organic cotton is grown without harmful substances and friendlier for the environment and is safer for babies.

Choosing infant baby clothes, look for certified organic garments as this gives you a guarantee garment are free of any toxins.

Please find our handpicked top 5 of the Best infant baby clothes gift sets of 2021 underneath.

#1. Infant baby clothing Gift sets ‘adored’.

Best infant baby clothing gift sets-Organic Jungle giftset.
  • $49,-
  • Available sizes:0-3m-3-6m 6-12m 12-18m
  • Include bodysuit, trousers and macrame toy
  • 100% organic
  • G.O.T.S certified organic
  • eco-friendly dyes
  • nickel and lead-free snaps
  • coconut inserts
  • size 0-3m has built-in mittens
  • ethically made in India

*The buttery soft garments and handmade organic macramé toy make this gift set super precious and unique!

#2-Best infant baby clothing gift sets ‘Jungle footie‘.

Best Infant baby clothing gits sets-Organic Giftset Jungle footie with hand knitted giraffe rattle.

This gift set come in brown paper packaging tied up with string’!

  • Gift set price: $59,-
  • Include 1 jungle footie and 1 hand knitted rattle toy
  • 4 sizes available, 0-3m 3-6m 6-9m 9-12m
  • 100% organic cotton
  • G.O.T.S. certified
  • Nickel and lead-free snaps
  • Coconut inserts
  • (size 0-3m has built-in mittens)
  • Toy rattle is hand-knitted and ethically made in Peru
  • non-toxic
  • eco-friendly dyes

#3- Infant baby clothing gift sets ‘I am new here.

Best Infant baby clothing gift sets-Organic baby clothes set 'I am new here'

The Macrame handmade toy is a unique finish to this luxiourious soft garment gift set

  • Price $49.-
  • Size available0 3m 3-6m
  • This set includes an organic bodysuit and trousers and an organic handmade macrame toy
  • 100% organic cotton
  • G.O.T.S. certified
  • Perfect Gender-neutral gift set
  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • nickel and lead-free snaps
  • Include coconut inserts
  • ( 0-3m has built-in mittens)
  • ethically made in India

#4. Infant clothing Grab bag {choose between Gender Neutral, boy or girl}

Best infant baby clothing gifts-Grab bag with Organic Gender Neutral baby clothes.

This grab bag is the biggest bargain of all gits sets at $100.- worth of gear for only $49.-

  • $ 49.
  • Available sizes 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 9 12m, 12-18, 18 24m (some sizes may be currently out of stock)
  • Perfect for those who like to be surprised
  • Perfect unique baby shower gift
  • 100% Organic
  • G.O.T.S certified organic
  • Ethically made
  • Great value for money
  • Every back has a unique mix of organic items.

Please note that these bargain grab bags can not be gift wrapped.

#5- Infant clothing Gift sets ‘I love mom’.

Best Infant baby clothing gift sets-Gift set 'I love Mum'.

‘Unique Affordable baby shower gift with an organic garment and wooden stroller toy’.

  • Price: $34.-
  • Include buttery soft bodysuit ‘I love mom’ and 1 wood stroller toy.
  • Size 0 -3m 3-6m 6-9m 9-12m
  • 100% organic cotton
  • G.O.T.S. certified
  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • nickel and lead-free snaps
  • Include coconut inserts
  • (size 0-3m has built-in mittens)
  • ethically made in India

Wrap up for the Best infant baby clothes gift sets

For a perfect baby shower gift, you are up for a win with these organic baby clothes’ gits sets. With the ongoing trends on sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles, many families try to follow a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle.

When parents have set up a ‘baby registry’ it is great to contribute towards these lists, if not, these gift sets align perfectly with sustainable lifestyles. All the products are ethically and sustainably made and are perfect for selling as gently used organic garments. (Finn + Emma don’t have sell back programs yet, but you can sell their high-quality garments at other places, though).

The gorgeous baby toys in the gift set ensure that the gift sets are truly unique and precious indeed.

Please leave us any comments below and share your thoughts on the best infant baby clothes gifts sets for 2021 with us.


Infant baby clothing gift sets




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  • 100% Organic
  • Ethically made
  • Sustainable gift


  • Only shipping to shipping to the contiguous U.S
  • Only limited sets available
  • Some sizes out of stock

4 thoughts on “The 5 Best Infant Baby Clothing Gift Sets of 2021-{Sustainable gifts for 2021}”

  1. What wonderful baby clothing sets! My daughter is about to be two years old, and when I look at these gorgeous newborn clothes, I wish I had another one.
    Thank you for presenting these gift sets that are very practical and cute. It is true that when we give a gift, we want it to be as practical as possible and useful. And of course, the clothes are made of materials that are friendly to newborns and young children’s skin.
    I wish you all the best.

    • Hi Nina, thanks for stopping by today. I know what you are saying. These clothes are just so cute! In case you might not need the baby clothing sets but still want some of these gorgeous baby clothes sets for your toddlers, this organic brand does some of their items in bigger sizes too. 

      Especially their Organic graphic t-shirt collection has quite a few choices in size 2, 3, 4 and 5. . If you are interested, you can check out their collections here.

      I hope this is helpful to you.


  2. Hi, As a parent of Twins your site would have been a godsend 14 years ago for us! Great article and I think more and more parents are looking for sustainably sourced products nowadays as everyone is a bit more aware of the harmful products used in some manufacturing processes. Thanks for the read

    • So true, Dan. The popularity to follow a more sustainable life style keep increasing. If parents have made a baby registry, a gift from their list would be a great choice to eliminate gifting double or unwanted gifts. 

      However, if you prefer to give a pressie outside the registry, or when no registry is shared at all, these unique clothing gift sets are an excellent guess to be in for a win.



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