Best Infant Sunglasses-How to protect for UV radiation

The Best infant Sunglasses

Best Infant Sunglasses-Baby with sunglasses swimming in a donut.
Best Infant Sunglasses-Baby with sunglasses swimming in a doughnut.


Do you ask yourself those questions as well from time to time? I do! Does my baby need sunglasses? And if yes, when shall we use them? And what are the best infant sunglasses to protect the baby’s eyes?

As we know, babies are very delicate in many aspects. Other than the baby’s sensitive skin, the baby’s eyes are frequently exposed to sunlight. Does it make sense to put suncream on and protect our skin but skip protecting our eyes?

As I live in Tropical North Queensland with my family, the sun is much appreciated, but something to be very wary of. And not only countries close to the horizon be aware of harmful UV rays, but it also affects us worldwide to a certain extent.

Please read along to learn how to effectively protect our baby’s eyes while growing up in the sunshine.


Why are sunglasses for babies so important?

You may have asked yourself this question, does my baby need sunglasses? The answer is yes, and the earlier, the better. However, sunshine has lots of positive benefits; the cumulative exposure of the sun to our eyes can result in long term damage to the eyes.

The principle of protecting the eyes is similar to protecting the skin. Babies’ skin absorbs substances more profound in baby’s skin than adult skin; therefore, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for babies under 12 months. With the eyes, more solar radiation can get through babies’ lenses compared to an adult eye and reach the retina.

As regular exposure to UV is linked to long-term eye damage, Starting the use of sunglasses to block harmful UV is an excellent idea to help minimise the risk of long term damage to the eyes.

What features are essential when choosing sunglasses?


Best Infant sunglasses-Baby in pink tutu holding her sunglasses
Best Infant sunglasses-Baby in pink tutu holding her sunglasses

When you start looking for infant sunglasses, it is good to make sure that some safety features are covered. You may have found super cute bargain sunnies; however, sometimes quality is compensated in the cheaper versions.

Cheaper sunglasses may claim the term ‘sunblock’. Just make sure the glasses have complete UV protection for babies’ eyes. Sometimes the more affordable glasses are compensated in quality.

Look for lightweight polycarbonate lenses for babies’ comfort and excellent resistance to the glasses. A strap may be perfect for wrapping around the sunglasses as babies like to pull things off their faces. The strap makes sure as well that the whole eyes are covered.

Make sure that the glasses cover the complete eye. A flexible frame is a good idea, too, as babies won’t be careful with their belongings just yet. Loose material will be more comfortable on babies’ delicate skin as well. Look for UV 400 lenses and 100% UV protection for optimal protection.

When should my baby wear sunglasses?

The earlier babies start wearing sunglasses, the better to protect them from long term damage to their eyes. Even if the baby is outside but in the shade, UV rates can still reach the baby as it reflects all objects around us. When out for a significant time, it is recommended to let the baby wear sunglasses to reduce the long term risk of sun damage on the eyes, especially in direct sunlight.

A wide-brimmed hat would be a perfect complimentary accessory to wear with babies’ sunnies and an excellent natural suncream to protect uncovered parts of babies’ skin.

In Australia, it is recommended to wear sunglasses when the UV level is three or above. Higher UV levels are common in summertime throughout the whole of Australia for

How much do I pay for good quality sunglasses for babies?

Of course, the price can vary quite a bit. However, I love to score an excellent bargain myself; be aware that the

Best infant sunglasses -Baby walking on the beach wearing Cancer council sunglasses
Best infant sunglasses -Baby walking on the beach wearing Cancer council sunglasses.’

Cheaper offers still give you the quality you are after. For example, you can buy sunglasses with an excellent safety level for approximately $20- AUD.

As I mentioned before, you may find some cheaper offers, and you may find a more expensive proposition; make sure the sunglasses are comfortable for the baby to wear, cover the full eyes, and block 100 per cent UV.

I suppose we all have our budget to find the right product. Firstly it has to be safe, but secondly, it would be great if it was cute.

What to remember when purchasing baby sunglasses?

Investing in quality sunglasses for your baby or child is an excellent long term investment for their young eyes to minimise long term damage to the eyes. The earlier we start protecting the eyes, the better. For adequate protection, wrap-around sunglasses are recommended—this cover protection for either direct or indirect UV rays.

Sunglasses don’t give protection when you would look straight into the sun. So make sure the sunglasses are a close fit and have a good covering. Aim for Full UV protection when you can.

When you start your infant or child wearing sunglasses, it is recommended to buy one that meets the Australian and NewNew Zealandandards, rather than sunglasses labelled as a toy or fashion item. Please find the following overview to learn about eye protection category’s by the Australian and New Zealand standards.


Best infant sunglasses-Categories of sunglasses and fashion spectacles according to the Australian/New Zealand Standard
Best infant sunglasses-Categories of sunglasses and fashion spectacles according to the Australian/New Zealand Standard from the Cancer Council website

Review Cancer Council sunglasses for infants

I hope this article gave you more clarification on where to look when selecting the best infant sunglasses.

If you have any questions or experience regarding infant or children sunglasses, please comment below; I appreciate your input. Thank you for reading.



8 thoughts on “Best Infant Sunglasses-How to protect for UV radiation”

  1. Oh, goodness! I was completely committed when I saw the second picture and read the third paragraph! Often times, we forget about the eyes of our little ones, and the damage that the UV rays from the sun can cause to their corneas. The shades with the various levels of UV protection are an excellent idea! Is there any way you would consider adding elastics and adjustable bands to hold them on? My little one would pull them off! 

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. There are special elastic bands to put on children sunglasses to avoid pulling off. Having sunglasses with elastic bands is the safest way to protect your baby from UV as well. This way UV is not able to come in your eye through the side as indirect UV still damaged, unfortunately.

      Best wishes. Jude

  2. I never thought sunglasses for kids were this important until now after I just finished reading this post. I did think that they were used only for the purpose of fashion even for kids but in actuality they were more important than that. I do wear glasses to protect my eyes from sunlight but have not really thought to do the same for the kids. Really glad I came across this really important information.

    • Hi Manuel, I think many people do just use sunglasses as a fashion item to be fair, and I have to admit, it is super cute. But for proper protection, we may have to go for the less Trendy looking options though. I am happy the article was helpful for you. Best wishes Jude

  3. Hello, I must say a big thanks to you for sharing this article. Sunglasses are indeed very important for babies and even adults. It’s been observed that children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than that of adults, so it’s advisable they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from exposure to the sun. We basically started using sunglasses for my younger sibling when he was six months old. Thanks for the features given to consider when selecting the best sunglasses for infant babies. 

    • Hi Sheddy, thank you for your response to my post best infant sunglasses. I am happy the article was helpful for you. It is a great idea to protect your little sibling’s eyes. As you said, it makes sense to especially protect their little eyes.

      Children eyes are not fully developed and therefore extra vulnerable for sun damage and potentially long term issues.  Luckily there are many good quality sunglasses on the markets for our children and babies to protect those little eyes properly. Best wishes. Jude

  4. Very good article. With eleven grandchildren we have been through all of these needs for the infants many times. Your post is great. Thank you for making people aware of this specific need for their babies they might not have thought about. CQ

    • Hi Chris, thanks a lot for your kind comment, I appreciate it. Yes, hopefully, the importance of eye protection will reach the public so people can make informed decisions on how they can protect babies and children’s’ eyes best. Saying that I know out of the experience it is definitely not always an easy task to keep sunglasses on your children but the right glasses and practice will most likely contribute to success.
      Best wishes to you and your family. Jude


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