Best Organic Baby Toys-{are my babies’ toys safe}?

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Today we like to introduce you to the best organic baby toys.

Why are they the best?

Because they are cute, save for your baby and sustainable ad ethically made as well. You may or may not be familiar with natural baby toys and products and their benefits for your little people and you.

It is a great feeling to buy toys for your baby and can have peace of mind that they are actually saved and free of any toxins. We all know that babies like to chew on all objects they come in contact with and the truth is that baby toys are not automatically save.

Benefits of organic baby toys…

I learn about the truth of many products on the market, how more respect, love and passion I feel for Natural products. Harsh chemicals are not suitable for anyone, but especially for babies’ it is essential to minimise exposure to chemicals.

Choosing for organic baby toys will give you massive benefits minimising exposure of chemicals for your baby. It is a reassuring thought to know you don’t have to worry when your baby put toys in their mouth for potential dangers.

I love organic products, but I don’t have only natural toys in my house, so I like to know what regular toys’ concerns are? Are they that bad? Are they tested for safety? Let’s have a look in this article what the standards are.

What are organic baby toys?

We live in a time that the awareness of our environment has grown a lot. Knowing where your product comes from is ensuring thought necessary for more people these days. Unortuanally, not all products are made in the most ethical way or with the most natural products.

Organic products are grown or manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals in the most natural way.

Best Organic baby toys-baby teething ears lamas
Best Organic baby toys-baby teething ears lamas

‘When you like to know how your babies’ toys are made, you may like to read further’.

Please find here the best organic baby toys with organic cotton yarn and G.O.T.S. certified.

The wooden toys shown in the image are made from untreated hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax.

The people who made the toys are paid a fair wage and worked in India and Peru’s healthy work environment.

Choosing Organic toys for your baby or as a gift for a loved one who is expecting is a fulfilling choice. It very satisfying feeling to know you buy something very unique, ethical and safe.

Have you seen the abbreviation G.O.T.S. before? Please understand the full meaning in the snippet below. Finding this text on your product, you can be sure the product you buy is certified organic cotton.

The Standards of regular toy testing in the U.S…

Let’s have a look at regular toys now. As we know, babies’ put everything in their mouth, and it is the way they learn and develop. But for this reason, extra important to give baby-safe toys.

One would hope that everything sold in the shops is tested and safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, or not thorough enough anyway.

In the U.S, toy safety standards are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

The CPSC enforces basic rules safety guidelines for toys with small parts that children could swallow or sharp points or edges on toys or lead paint. However, there are more materials to worry about, such as Formaldehyde, Flame Retardant Chemicals, lead, P.V.C. and Phthalates and Bisphenols (B.P.A.

In 2008 the U.S. enforced new rules to improve the current safety standards on products sold in the U.S. The new law signed in 2008 by President George W Bush is the (C.P.S.I.A.)Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Unfortunately, there have been fatal accidents related to toys. In 2005 20 children under 15 years of age died in the U.S. with accidents associated with toys. An additional estimated 200- 300 kids in the U.S. experienced injuries related to toys and needed treatment in a hospital that year.

Even though it is excellent, the safety standards are improved, the question is of all areas of concern are covered through these changes.

‘It is essential to be critical as parents when purchasing toys and other products for your babies environment at the end of the day; nobody cares as much about your babies’ wellbeing as you’re Selecting toys which are certified organic with G.O.T.S will give you peace of mind toys are actually save.’

When purchasing Certified Organic Products, you buy products that are created without the use of harsh chemicals.

There are many reasons why choosing organic products to have benefits for you and your baby.

It is a reassuring thought to know you are giving your baby a safe toy made ethically. The toys made in the pictures:

  • are made from untreated Indian hardwood all products are G.O.T.S. certified 100% organic cotton
  • is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes & wax
  • are ethically made in Peru & India
Best Organic baby Toys-Hand knitted organic horse

All knitted products are hand made as well. You can be sure to have the best quality and the highest safety products for your baby.  No P.V.C., Magnet or lead concerns what so ever in these beautiful toys.

Even though there are standards and improvement of the rules for regular toys to comply with, it is evident that the action taken to ensure toys are safe is relatively minimal. Your own experience and judgement are critical to ensure the toys for your baby are safe.

Manufacturers have to comply with the standards, but not all area’s of concern may be covered.

The significant concerns where is focused on with these checks are :

  • Choking on small parts for children up to 36 months.
  • Safety of magnets in children toys,
  •  floatation toy warning and projectile toys and lead in paint, but however they are the main focus, there is more to worry about such as materials like Formaldehyde, flame retardant chemicals, lead, P.V.C., Phthalates and B.P.A. and B.P.S.

Being suspicious is advisable when you purchase regular toys. Being critical is key to ensure desired safety and quality is in place.

A safer option for toys, especially for babies who like to put things in their mouth, are organic baby toys. This way, you are ensured to offer your baby safe toys with no nasties.

Buying from small local companies where quality and safety is vital has excellent benefits for all parties. Often products in such companies are made ethically. The other bonus is that their quality standard is high, and they have unique products that make great gifts. Going back to basic and choose Organic is not a bad idea.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you give an overview of what you can expect when purchasing toys. If you have any feedback, I love to hear from you in the comments below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


12 thoughts on “Best Organic Baby Toys-{are my babies’ toys safe}?”

    • Hi Juma, thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it. I am happy this was helpful for you, I know it can be tricky to get hold of this kind of toys. Great idea to get organized for the summer months.

      There are some articles on my site as well with a guideline for safe sunglasses for kids and good sun hats which might be helpful for you. Good luck finding the right products and thanks for stopping by.

      Best wishes Jude

  1. Hi Jude, As an avid supporter of organic products and organic farming, this is awesome to see that organic toys are available. I had not yet come across the “safe” wooden toys, so it is great that it is included. I have been very aware of plastic and the harmful chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process, but of course, there are so many other products that babies chew on. 

    I will be bookmarking this post. Thank you. 

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, it is great to see the Brand Finn + Emna doing such a great job with their products. I know, it is really hard to keep anything out of babies’ mouth really, I go through this with my youngest daughter who just turned one. However, I live to do as much as I can to provide a safe as possible environment for her.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.


  2. Organic toys for the babies, what a brilliant concept. Many of the plastic toys are extremely harmful to the kids because they are loaded with chemicals. And if there are organic toys to replace them, what better than that? I had no idea that there are organic toys available and honestly, I am really very impressed. 

    This article has given me a very important piece of information and for this, I am so grateful to Jude for writing it. There is loads of information given in this article on organic toys, which is great. I have learned so much about them just by reading this article. Organic toys would make a lovely gift for kids too. Just one question, are there any sellers in Asia?

    • Hi Samantha, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, it is definitely advisable to check out mash produced toys and make judgments to your own research. Definitely read labels.

      Organic toys are a safe alternative choice and I am sure there will be organic toys available in Asia. May I ask where in Asia you are and I will try to find out for you.

      Best wishes Jude

  3. Hello Jude, thank you for this very detailed and informative post. I have stopped buying toys for my children since the last experience I had when my son. 

    The paint came off one of his toys and we were very worried about the amount of paint he would have ingested.  

    We decided to visit the hospital as we were very worried about the chemicals. The trip to the hospital cost us a fair amount of money too. I wouldn’t take a chance to repeat this incident ever again,  that’s why I stopped buying toys altogether.

     It’s so good to know that their organic baby toys, that are safe and won’t cause harm to my baby, I think I’ll try it out.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. Wow, I can imagine that would have been a big scare. I can understand you feel hesitate to give you son toys now but you can be ensured the natural organic toys are a perfectly safe option. I hope your son is ok and soon will have some new toys to play with.

      Kinds regard Jude

  4. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing content here with us. I must say I really find this review enticing as it contains information’s about these organic toys I never knew about until now. I think I will be getting these for my kids and thanks to you I know just where to find these now. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi, I am happy this information was helpful for you. I think organic toys will gradually become more popular. More people become aware of our environment and the issues of the safety of many products on the market. Organic is a safe and sustainable choice.

      Best wishes Jude


  5. Hey, a nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Ever since my wife gave birth to our first child, I haven’t purchased any toy for him, because I feel that the chemicals used in the production process can have a harmful effect on him. I am delighted to have stumbled into a concise article about organic toys. I am convinced that organic toys will be a perfect choice for me to buy since it is made from natural produce

    • Hi, thanks for your response. yes, it is quite scary to find out what harmful materials are in many toys. Either good research and label reading are advisable or switching to Organic toys are giving peace of mind. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your find some nice safe toy for your child to play with 🙂

      Best wishes,



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