What Biodegradable Nappies in Australia are the Best?

When you are expecting your first baby, there are so many choices to make, and it can be overwhelming. One of the many choices to make are which nappies to use, and if you are looking for the best biodegradable nappies in Australia, you might feel a little lost in the abundance of brands that advertise their nappies as ‘eco friendly?

How do you know which nappies are eco-friendly and most biodegradable means they are the best for the enviroment?

How do you choose a nappy you can trust to be better for the environment yet be the best disposable and align with your family lifestyle?

We got you, and today we like to clarify biodegradable nappies in Australia and how you can easily select excellent disposables when looking for the best biodegradable nappies in Australia.

First things first, what are biodegradable nappies?

What biodegradable disposable nappies in Australia are the Best?

The easiest way to find the best eco nappies in Australia or anywhere else is to check for high accredited eco-labels such as the EU eco-label or Nordic swan used by brands like Bambo Nature, Moltex or Muumi. Yet, there are other brands in Australia like Ecorignals that has high sustainable goals such as complete plastic-free nappies by 2025, yet they are not certified with any eco-labels at this stage.

What are Biodegradable nappies?

While biodegradable nappies have a higher natural ingredients content than conventional disposable nappies, not all nappies advertised as ‘eco friendly’ are necessarily made from a high percentage of natural biodegradable ingredients.

While some ‘eco’ nappies are clear about the percentage of biodegradable ingredients, other eco nappies are not and make vague claims to be greener and better for the environment.

Are there any 100% biodegradable nappies in Australia?

However, you may have seen this question answered with NO previously, which is not entirely true. In Australia, there is ONE nappy on the market that is 100% biodegradable and, as a matter, certified with compost Australia. Hence you do have to use a washable cover with these compostable disposables, and they are not your cheapest option, but if they align with your lifestyle, they are worth checking out and available.

In all other cases, eco nappies are not 100% biodegradable in Australia; however, many are getting pretty close to improving the percentage of biodegradable ingredients in their nappies, and one of Australia’s eco brand goals is a 100% plastic-free nappy in 2025.

Which nappy is most biodegradable?

What Biodegradable Nappies in Australia are the Best?-Toddler walking in a nappy on the beach.
Toddler walking in a nappy on the beach.

The most biodegradable nappy has to be the Australian nappy brand Ecoriginals proudly made from a whopping 90% biodegradable ingredients, both exciting and impressive achievements. In addition, it is also Ecoriginals that has the goal to be 100% plastic-free in 2025.

The only potential downside is the brand is not certified with an ecolabel at this stage. Yet, the company is very transparent about its sustainable claims and passionate about its sustainable nappies that can break down in 4 months.

However, Ecorignals may be the most biodegradable nappy in Australia and does an excellent job; it is not automatically the best choice for the environment.


Let’s chat on this next while we explain which nappy is best for the enviroment.

Which nappies are Best for the enviroment?

Selecting a nappy that is best for the environment isn’t necessarily the most biodegradable, as disposing of the nappy is only one factor of the product life cycle.

Of course, it could be the best choice, but it is hard to determine without an eco-label certification with stringent guidelines for the product to meet.

Some great brands to consider as the most eco-friendly disposable nappies for the environment include brands like Bambo Nature, Moltex and Muumi for a compatible nappie in Australia you could consider checking out Eenee as well.

All three brands are certified with high accredited eco-labels like the EU eco-label or the highly respected eco-label Nordic Swan.

Or additionally, you could consider Eenee which is the only certified compostable nappies in Australia, hence limited compost options can make it a challenge to find appropriate disposal of locations.

What are the Cheapest Eco nappies in Australia?

What is the most biodegradable nappy in Australia?-Two piles of coins and a glass filled up with coins.
What is the most biodegradable nappy in Australia?-Two piles of coins and a glass filled up with coins.

However, eco nappies put less strain on the environment and minimise the exposure of unnatural matter against your bub’s skin; these more eco-friendly alternatives are not always coming for cheap.

When you have decided which brand aligns best with your family and work for your little person, it can be worth learning how you can save some $$ by checking your options with the brand to sign up for a subscription or with some brands; it can be worth purchasing them nappies in bulk.

Final thoughts on the best biodegradable nappies in Australia?

When looking for the most biodegradable nappy, Ecoriginals is a great brand to consider with 90% of biodegradable ingredients. Hence, keep in mind that biodegradable content is not the only thing that matters when accessing an eco-friendly nappy.

A few other great brands may not specify the exact amount of biodegradable ingredients in their nappies. Yet, they are certified with highly accredited eco-labels which give you a lot more information than only the biodegradable content of the product.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this here. Honestly, this is like the very best out there for anyone to make use of. You know the fact that this is respecting the ecosystem and keeping us all in safe hands even makes it better I like your review of this newborn eco nappy and thank you so much for sharing it here

    • Hi Darmi, thanks a lot for your comment, we appreciate you are stopping by. The continuous increase in popularity of following a sustainable lifestyle is a trend we seeing for quite some time now and more and more parents try to make more sustainable choices. We have started to use reusable nappies approx 9 months ago, and we love it. Just for night time and going out, we tend to use disposable options.

      For any new parents interested in using disposable eco nappies, the trial package is definitely a no brainer to find the perfect fit for your little person before investing buying in bulk. It is great to know you are going to purchase something you actually love.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hello Jude, 

    Making use of things that are eco friendly would mean a lot to the world in general as you tend to avoid littering the place with something like a diaper. Making use of these biodegradable diapers is a very good idea, and I like the da that it can be shipped to various places which makes room for a wider range of usage. Great products 


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