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Boutique baby clothes stand out from the crowd for various reasons, and fabrics are carefully chosen to create high-quality garments. One of the plants used to make luxurious boutique baby clothes is Pima cotton.

In this article, we like to shine some light on the differences cotton used to make baby clothes explain significant benefits of purchasing high-end boutique baby clothes made from luxurious fabrics like Pima cotton.

Cotton is used often to make baby clothes from as

The properties of cotton are very suitable. However, don’t presume that cotton is just cotton because that is far from the truth.

Which cotton is used to make cheaper baby clothes, and what variety is suitable to manufacture high-end durable boutique baby clothes?

Good question, and the differences are significant.

While Upland cotton is used to make cheaper cotton clothing, there are high-quality baby brands that use Pima cotton to make garments, which results in the softest baby clothes you could wish for your babies sensitive skin.

Not only is Top-end cotton much softer than regular cotton, but it is also much more durable than standard cotton as well.

Why is high-quality cotton is a great choice?

Cormursilised cotton gets mostly machine picked. Unfortunately, during harvesting, the fibres get damaged and give it a yellow hue—the damaged cotton results in a scratchy fabric and a low-end product. Handpicked cotton ensures the thread stays pure and will result in softer and more durable cotton.

Different varieties of cotton also have other properties. High-quality cotton such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton has long fibres what result in more durable products.

Which cottons are the best cotton in the world?

Cotton is not just cotton. There are significant differences in characters and quality, which you may have experienced

Boutique baby clothes-Cotton stem with white cotton balls
Boutique baby clothes-Cotton stem with white cotton balls

when sleeping under a pure Egyptian cotton sheet. Not only the long staples are crucial to ensure luxurious and super comfy baby clothes for your little one, but the environment and climate the cotton grow will also influence how the plant thrives and the abilities to produce high-quality cotton. The following cotton is considered the best worldwide and is all (LSC) long-staple cotton suitable to make high-quality, durable products.

  • Sea island cotton claims to be the finest and most expensive cotton in the world. It is sporadic as only 0.0004% of cotton supply is coming from Sea island, so you can only imagine this cotton is a ted expensive. The science name for Sea island cotton is Gossypium barbadense. The cotton plant has extreme long fibres, making this variety of cotton perfect to create high-quality products. Fibres are longer than 34 Millimetres.
  • Egyptian cotton-Most search result will give you the results that Egyptian cotton is the best cotton industry. Egyptian cotton is Long-staple cotton too. The staples are between 38 and 44 Milimeteres long and suppose to have slightly longer fibres than the other two. The Egyptian cotton also comes from the Gossypium Barbadense species. The cotton grows in Egypt along the Nile River, where the climate is hot and dry, which are optimal environmental conditions to grow cotton. The cotton’s growing environment is crucial, and the cotton thrives in the perfect growing conditions that result in super soft and durable cotton. (Please note that not all cotton labelled Egyptian cotton is high-quality long-staple cotton, so please research the quality to ensure the quality you are purchasing)
  • Pima cotton Pima was a generic name used for long-staple cotton and originally called American Egyptian cotton but was renamed to honour the Pima Indians growing cotton. Pima cotton is long-staple cotton and also comes from the Gossypium Barbadense species like the other two. Prima cotton’s staples are above 35 Millimeters, while the most commonly used cotton is around 25 millimetres. The fibres of the Egyptian cotton suppose to be slightly longer. Like the other cotton, Pima cotton is top-end cotton with excellent characters as it is wrinkle-free and doesn’t fade or pill. Pima cotton is ideal for dyeing in the brightest colours as it is exceptionally absorbent.


‘Did you know that Pima Cotton is Hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin?’


Other benefits of using top-end cotton

Boutique baby clothes-Baby in a white dress on the beach
Boutique baby clothes-Baby in a white dress on the beach

So what are other benefits of choosing baby clothes made from top-end cotton such as Pima? Well, I am glad you ask, and I love to fill you in here. Baby clothes made from a high quality are much more durable than garments made from the compulsives cotton upland.

‘Fast fashion’ items are not made to last but more designed as ‘disposable clothes’. The goal is to get you back in the shop as fast as possible to purchase the latest fashion for a few bucks again. Buying premium baby clothes will last for a sibling as the garments are durable.

What if a sibling will not use them?


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Used baby clothes trends

Babies only have their baby clothes a handful of times as they increase, especially in the first few months. When you don’t have siblings to past the used high-quality baby clothes onto, you have ample opportunities to sell your preloved baby items online these days. Purchasing and selling second-hand baby clothes is quite a popular trend now.

There a quite a few innovative businesses now selling high-quality preloved clothing bundles, and if you wish, you can sell it back after you have finished using it.  You can even choose to rent high-quality baby clothes per month if you like. Also, there are businesses where you can sell your boutique baby clothes too, as long as it is in ‘as good as new condition’. There are plenty of Facebook groups also where used boutique baby clothes get sold.

Final thoughts about luxurious cotton boutique baby clothes?

Boutique baby clothes may be a bit more pricey than regular baby clothes, but there are many benefits to choosing high-quality baby clothes in the long run. Do you like me to remind you about the benefits of top-end super-soft cotton boutique baby clothes such as Pima cotton baby clothes? Ok, no problem, let me put the services in a little overview for you.

  • Super soft for babies’
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Super durable
  • Don’t wrinkle
  • Don’t pill
  • Don’t fade
  • Dye into perfect bright colours
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Suitable to pass on to siblings
  • Suitable to sell as a preloved item after use.

Boutique baby clothes made from Pima cotton will provide your baby with super comfortable garments made to last. Top-quality products like these are perfect to use for siblings or to use as a preloved item. Pima cotton baby clothes are luxurious to touch and makes an ideal match for babies’ sensitive skin.

If you like to check out Luxurious Pima Cotton baby clothes, you can enjoy 10% of your first order here.

If you have any feedback about boutique baby clothes or Pima cotton, please them below. Did you buy Pima cotton products before, and dit you experiences how luxurious they are?






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  1. This us really worthy to see here. I value all you have shared here and surely it makes a lot of sense. I am an expecting father and we are really into the process of getting everything ready in advance. This is so awesome to see here. I will share this with my wife now and see how we can get started by buying some things already

    • Hi Nath, exciting times for you guys. lots to consider. Definitely have a browse on my site to see what baby clothes brands and style you like and suiting your lifestyle. Long-staple cotton is comfortable for your baby and a durable choice. I wish you a great and special time for when your baby arrives. Enjoy this special time, it is such a short special period, enjoy as much as you can.


  2. I’m really glad that I came across this article because I learn a great deal from it about the importance of using cotton in baby’s clothes that I did not otherwise know. Cotton really is a versatile material that is comfortable and compatible to the skin which is mostly important in babies and I had never even considered all this before now. 

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and I am happy this was helpful for you. Although Cotton is not the only suitable material for baby clothes, it is definitely used a lot as cotton ave such great properties to make baby clothes from. 

      As with everything in life, there are many different qualities available and this is definitely relevant for cotton as well. If you want something more durable, definitely look for long-staple cotton or organic cotton and you would be able to tell the difference in durability and luxuriously. 

      It makes sense that hand-picked cotton that is pure and not damaged by machines will make higher quality products than cotton what is damaged to start with. Damaged cotton will give more scratchy feeling to the end product and will be less durable.

      Wishing you a great day and thank you for stopping by.


  3. I have not heard of anything like what you have written here and it is really good to see that you put it together so well like this because I am looking at a big possibility of being able to buy clothes for my sister’s baby from the boutique. Your post is timely got me and I like the ideas you have. It’s luxurious and also stylish too.

    • Hi Suz, thank you so much for your comment on Boutique baby clothes and the different cotton used to make high-quality baby clothes. I am happy this was inspiring for you and hope you get your hand on some nice luxurious baby clothes for the newborn of your sister.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

      Best wishes,


  4. Thank you for the informative post on boutique baby clothes and the quality of the cotton used. I had come across Pima cotton in the past, but I have never heard of Upland cotton which is used to make cheaper cotton clothing. 

    I was aware of Egyptian cotton being used for manufacturing luxurious bed linen and towels, but have not really come across it being used in baby clothes. 

    It is important that any fabrics that are used for baby clothes should be free of harmful chemicals and toxic substances. So I would be interested to know if any of the cotton that you mention are organically grown or are part of the Safe Cotton Initiative. 

    • Hi there, thanks a lot for taking the time commenting on my post on Boutique baby clothes and different cotton used to produce high-quality baby clothes who are super comfy. I don’t believe Egyptian cotton is used to make baby clothes, as you mentioned more for luxurious bedding. Egyptian cotton was more in the overview to give an overview and compartment on extra-long-staple cotton varieties. 

      I agree with you that it would be great and beneficial on many levels if all baby clothing would be free of chemicals and I think there is a strong increase in organic baby clothes. Pima cotton is pretty rare and organic Pima cotton is very rare to get your hands on. Maybe with time, this will change. 

      I actually just wrote an article about soft cotton baby clothes and the differences between soft Pima cotton baby clothes and soft organic cotton baby clothes. If you are interested to have a read you can check it out here. Alternatively, it may be of your interested to check out the following article which is a review of on gorgeous baby brand who is 100% certified organic and only has organic clothes, toys (and some other baby products). You can check out the review here.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment.

      All the best,



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