Is purchasing Eco-friendly disposables as Bulk nappies in Australia worth it?

How much cheaper are Eco-friendly disposables purchased as Bulk nappies in Australia?

Is purchasing eco disposables as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?-Baby laying on purple rug in white nappy.
Is purchasing eco disposables as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?-Baby laying on the purple rug in white nappy.

Eco nappies can have great benefits for both the environment and your baby, but do they fit into your budget?

The top leading eco brands greatly improve conventional nappies that can take significant time to break down at landfill sites and contain undesirable toxins and plastics.

However, eco nappies are friendlier for the environment and safer for your baby; some of these eco-friendly disposables can be less healthy for your bank account.

The good news is that you can purchase bulk nappies in Australia if you have found your favourite brand, which can help to make eco-friendly nappies more affordable. Still, how much can you really save by purchasing eco-friendly disposables as bulk nappies in Australia?

‘This post is updated April 2021’

What are Eco Nappies?

Eco nappies are made with less plastic and chemicals and more plant-based materials. Eco nappies are friendlier for the environment and safer for your baby, still it strongly depends on the individual nappy brand how sustainably the nappy really is.

It can be challenging to find out how ‘green’ an eco nappy is and it is important to remember to look at the whole lifecycle of the nappy to determine how eco-friendly the nappy really is. Often the mistake is made to only look at the disposing of a product and however this is important it is only one single factor.

An easy way to determine how eco-friendly a nappy really is by choosing brands with high accredited eco-labels. Alternative, researching the brand, visiting the product’s website and asking questions to learn more about a product are great ways to learn a product meet your lifestyle goals.

While brands who tend to ‘greenwash’ their products may stick to the limited exposure of information, generally speaking, genuine eco brands are transparent in their communication and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Performance of eco nappies

There is quite a bit of choice between different eco nappies; it will depend on your budget and lifestyle goals and the baby which nappy might be the perfect nappy for your baby. Really, there are quite a few good brands out there, and sometimes you may have to try a few before you find ‘your’ brand. You see, every baby is different, and this may sounds cliché, but it so very true that even the best nappies that work perfectly for one baby may fail for the next.

Overall, we have been surprised with the overall quality of eco nappies. The replacement of synthetic ingredients with the more natural matter has mostly not sacrificed in performance for us. Perhaps the biggest challenge for parents to commit to the change of conventional disposables is the price, as eco nappies don’t come cheap.

The good news is that you can save yourself some dollars with some eco brand when you purchase eco nappies in bulk. Alternatively, you could consider a nappy subscription when you have to found your favourite eco brand, which will mostly give you a discount as well.

Saving with bulk nappies in Australia

Most brands give discount on bulk nappies and nappy subscriptions. Still it strongly varies, how much discount is given per each individual brand and of purchasing in bulk is really worth it.

Keep in mind shipping cost when you compare prices as you don’t want to pay for shipping when ordering nappies. The cost can add up easily shipping bulky items. We have seen some terrific deals around, but with the total amount just under the free shipping amount, it is doubtful purchasing the nappies in bulk is still saving you money. Really, you do want to have free shipping…

Subscription is another option to save yourself some dollars. Most brands will give you a discount, and generally, you can cancel, pause or change details to your subscription at all times but definitely check the conditions from a nappy subscription before you sign up.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links we use are affiliate links; when you purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.’

Let’s check out some top leading eco nappies in the industry, shall we?

Eco nappy #1-Moltex Eco Nappies Maxi 7-18kgs – Bulk

Please find an overview with some of the sustainable values of Moltex Eco nappies:

  • There are no lotions, bleaching or perfumes used.
  • Moltex is chlorine-free
  • Moltex is50% biodegradable materials
  • The back of the nappy is breathable and
  •  Soft top layer made from 40% renewable materials
  • The inside of the nappy is from 100% certified sustainable sources
  • The packing is compostable
  • Dermatologically tested & approved
  • The nappies are tested independently
  • Moltex eco nappies are recommended for children suffering from eczema or who have sensitive skin
  • 1 carton of Moltex nappies contains five packs of 30 nappies, totals 174 nappies

Cons of Moltex nappies

  • Minimal discount purchasing in bulk
  • Not compostable


Moltex is a great sustainable nappy choice manufactured in Germany. The facility these green nappies are created is run on 100% clean electricity. We had no issues with the performance of Moltex nappies and they are worth considering for parents following an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Are Moltex nappies worth purchasing in bulk?

The lowest price we found for this eco nappie is sold per bulk at Hello Charlie for $0.78 per nappy. But if you don’t like to purchase in bulk, you might be better ordering with Amazon at $0.81 per nappy as you might be entitled to get free shipping and Moltex is cheaper per pack than Hello Charlie’s offer. On your order and at Hello Charlie, you have to spend a minimum of $100- to receive free shipping.

The total saving you can gain when purchased in bulk is $5.22 in our search. So relatively, the rewards for purchasing in bulk is minimal, in our opinion.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy free shipping any time with no limited amount, and you could order fewer packs only. In the case you are not an Amazon Prime member, you could consider signing up for a 30-day free trial and enjoy free shipping as well. (You can cancel your membership at any time).

Eco nappy #2 Noopii Eco luxe nappies toddler bulk 9-14 kilo

We tried out Noopii Eco nappy on our little girl, and we were delighted with this luxurious nappy…

  • Noopii nappies are unisex.
  • Dermatologic tested
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • 12 hours of leak protection
  • Safe ink used only
  • Free from fragrance, chlorine and chemicals
  • The back of the nappy is made from a cotton mix
  • Flexible leg cuffs and waistband for babies comfort
  • Manuka hydrosol is used to serve antibacterial purposes
  • In New Zealand, Nooppi is accredited for integrity and excellence
  • Suitable for 9-14 kilo
  • Total savings when purchased in bulk compared to the cheapest offer per pack is $4.97

Cons of Noopii

  • Not much discount when purchased in bulk
  • Not compostable
  • Not certified with cradle to grave eco-label

Pros of Noopii

  • Most generous sized eco nappy we trialled
  • Dermatest certification
  • Nappie and packaging contain more than 70% renewable and sustainable materials.

Our experience with Noopii Eco nappies

No wonder Noopii eco nappies have named their nappies the luxe because they most definitely are. They are so soft and comfy to feel, and they are generously sized, which I like. We didn’t have any leaks or marks, and I was very impressed with the overall performance and feel. We love Noopii Nappies!

The brand Noopii support several sustainable programs. For every pack of nappies sold, one tree is planted through a specific program. Other programs they support are wildlife recovery programs and maternal and fetal health programmes.

Can you save money purchasing Noopii in bulk?

Hello Charlie is one of the very few selling points that offer Noopii nappies per carton, and this will work out as the cheapest option we can find. They ship for free when you purchase above $100- if you are residing in the listed areas.

The savings you can gain purchasing Noopii in bulk are minimal, though, and when you would purchase the 8 packs of Noopii at Catch, you would pay really only $4.97 more as per pricing at this time. Remember, though Hello Charlie has free shipping to listed areas above $100.

If you are a Catch club member, you can enjoy free shipping above $45-. Not a member? Doing this is easy, though, as you can sign up for a 30-day free trial with catch, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

If you are residing in New Zeeland, it is most likely cheapest to order straight by Noopii

Eco nappy #3-Muumi Baby 7-14 Kilo

Muumi nappies are manufactured in Finland by a family-owned company. The family are making these nappies for over 35 years. Muumi is certified with the highly accredited Nordic Swan Eco Label like Bambo Nature is. This eco-label gives you the guarantee that the certified product is sustainably made and leave a small eco-footprint.

The size we tested was 8-14 kilo’s…

Some of Mummi’s uniquely features include:

  • BPA free
  • PVC, antioxidants or latex-free
  • Made in Finland
  • Free from perfumes, lotions and phthalates
  • Chlorine-free, BPA free
  • Finish asthma and allergy certified
  • Double leak guards around the legs
  • Super soft for babies skin
  • Super absorbance with natural material to keep your baby dry and comfortable
  • Ecolabel with Nordic Swan
  • Packaging is biodegradable
  • Weight range from 8-14 kilo
  • Bulk offer three packs of 46 nappies-carton of 138 nappies

Con’s of Muumi Nappies

  • Not compostable
  • Sizing is not very generous

Pros of Muumi Nappies

  • Independently certified with high accredited eco-label
  • Finish asthma certification
  • Biodegradable packaging

Muumi is another excellent choice for parents following a sustainable lifestyle and looking for a disposable nappy option. The Nordic Ecolabel this brand is certified with back up the sustainable claims of this brand and give you peace of mind your choice is leaving a smaller footprint and is safe for your baby.

Our experience with Muumi Nappies

We tried out Muumi nappies, and also, these eco nappies have kept my bubs bum dry. Muumi worked fine for us, and we were satisfied with the overall performance. No leaks in the morning, no rashes or marks, which is excellent. On a critical note, I did find the size not overly generous.

Is Muumi worth purchasing in Bulk?

Nappy Wearhouse has a really sharp offer on this nappy when purchased in bulk which works out $0.68 per nappy. The nappy warehouse also offers free shipping over $99-. In this case, the total amount is $94,95, and you will be charged shipping cost at check out. It will depend on where you are residing if the offer is worth considering your shipping cost, and this cost will be calculated by check out.

You can get your hand on Muumi for $0.76 per nappy at Catch for our research size, and these are sold per pack only, no bulk. Still, there are other sizes available per bulk for aprox $99,99 at Catch that can be worth checking out.

You can enjoy the benefits from free shipping with Catch above $45- if you are a member, when can make this offer still worth it.

In our researched sizes, the bulk savings are $10.02; it is questionable what is left from this discount after your shipping cost and some other sizes you may be better of with one of the offers of Catch when you are a member and are entitled to excess free shipping.

Eco nappy #4-Bambo Nature 5-9 Kilo

(Unfortunately, we had size three instead of size 4 to try Bambo nature out, but we will still test Bambo nature, and I have been reading great things about the brand). We will consider that this size is on the small side of our trial baby). We look at the price for size 4 to keep things fair in the compersion.

Please find an overview of the details for Bambo Nature nappies size 4

  • maximum absorbency
  • the liquid is absorbed immediately and doesn’t sit against the skin
  • barriers to prevent leaks
  • super absorbent to maximize dryness and comfort for babies’ skin
  • perfect airflow to reduce skin irritation and optimal comfort
  • Elastic along the back for a secure fit
  • slim design, not bulky
  • free from perfumes and lotions
  • packing is recyclable
  • FCS wood pulp is used for this nappy
  • tested with excellent results by dermatological research for skin-friendliness
  • 100% chlorine-free
  • no latex, PVC, TBT or antioxidants
  • free from phthalates
  • awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-Label
  • size 4- 6 packs of 30 nappies – package of 180 nappies
  • Weight 7-18 Kilo


  • Not compostable


  • Nordic Swan Label

Our findings with Bamboo nature.

We tried out Bambo nature even though we should have the next size up, but try the nappies out regardless. The size was okay; I also think though I would have had the next size up the nappies would not have been as generous as the Noopii.

The nappies have a cute bear on the bum, and they kept my bub dry overnight with no leak and a very heavy nappy in the morning. Bambo Nature is okay for us and a slim design for people who prefer a slimmer nappy. I am quite impressed with the eco nappies, and they have beat my expectations thus far.

Are Bambo Nature worth purchasing in Bulk?

Nappy shop offer for Bambo Nature size 4, two dollars cheaper than Hello Charlie’s offer and give you the cheapest bulk offer we can find at this stage. These shops were also competitive, with the single pack of Bambo Nature size 4 at $21.95, resulting in a $16.75 discount for Bambo Nature in Bulk size 4 with nappy shops offer. (Shipping should be free as the total amount is above $100,-)

Eco nappy #5-Ecoriginals 10-14 kilo

Is purchasing eco disposable as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?- Father and baby waring a white nappy.
Is purchasing eco disposable as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?- Father and baby waring a white nappy.

This Australian nappy is made from 90% of biodegradable ingredients. Ecoriginals claims to break down within 4 months on a landfill site if disposed of correctly and the landfill side condition are optimal. However, Ecoriginals are not certified with an eco-label at this stage; we like how open and transparent this Australian nappy brand is about their products.

  • Unique Plantcell Technology
  • 12-hour wetness protection
  • Free from phthalates, fragrances, bleach
  • Home compostable paper packaging
  • Nappy has the Potential to break down within 4 months on a landfill site.
  • Compostable packaging
  • Bulk nappies include 6 pack of 22 nappies 132 nappies 0r 12 x 22


  • Nappy, not compostable
  • Not certified with independent eco-label


  • Manufactured in an ISO certified factory
  • 90% plant-based materials
  • Made with FSC certified wood pulp.
  • Compostable packaging (breaks down in 90 days)
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Our experience with Ecoriginals

However we previously have been reading some mixed reviews of customers online in regards to the performance of Ecorignals, we have not experienced any issues while we trialled this nappy. Ecorignals appear to even be so confidant about their products that they have a ‘money-back guarantee claim advertised on their site.

Ecoriginals actually encourage you to order the trial pack first before purchasing in bulk or signing up for their subscription. However, nothing can beat the 30% discount on Ecoriginal subscription offer, you can check out the cheapest bulk nappy offer for Ecoriginals.

The nappy shop has the sharpest offer with $0.71 per nappy when purchased in bulk of 132 nappies. But as the order is under $99,- shipping cost will be charged, which will make the nappies more expensive depending on where you residing. Also, they don’t have this bundle in stock at the moment.

You can also consider a 12 pack bulk that comes down to 264 nappies purchased with Ecoriginals, resulting in $0.79 per nappy and free delivery. The price calculated is only calculated nappies 10-14 kilo, keep in mind when you order 12 packs you might want to order 2 different sizes).

 The nappy shop is the cheapest offer in a single pack as well, and you save yourself $13.30 when you purchase Ecoriginal in 132 bulk. Just keep in mind shipping will be charged with this offer, and no stock is available.

Is purchasing eco-nappies in bulk worth it?

Is purchasing eco disposables as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?- Money coin jar and two piles of coins with little leaves growing out of the middle.
Is purchasing eco disposables as bulk nappies in Australia worth it?- Money coin jar and two piles of coins with little leaves growing out of the middle.

Eco nappies have definitely impressed us, and none of these eco nappies has let us down. The truth is, though, that despite the significant benefits of eco nappies, the price tag can be a barrier for many families to make the change.

Lowest savings-Our personal preference is Noopii nappy based on performance and comfort. Still, they don’t hold independent eco-labels like Moltex, Muumi and Bambo Nature. However, you can save some purchasing this brand in bulk; the discount very minimal, around the $5.- dollar mark. Also, Moltex has minimal opportunities to save on bulk order around the same 5 dollar mark.

Biggest savings-You can save most purchasing Bamboo Nature’s and Ecoriginals in bulk; still, keep an eye on the shipping conditions of the company you like to order with. The nappy shop has quite a few good deals but just under the free shipping amount.

Unfortunately, the free shipping feature is a significant factor in the best nappy price on free shipping is crucial to find an attractive order making ordering in bulk worth it. Sometimes you might be better of with a deal where you pay a little more, like with catch or Amazon, but you can benefit from the attractive shipping conditions.

Is purchasing bulk nappies worth it? Yes, with some brands it can give you benefits, but generally speaking it might be worth to look into subscription to enjoy the biggest discount of some brands.

(Please keep in mind that the prices and discounts are based on the information we had at the time of this review and could change at any time) If you found any inaccurate information or pricing, we appreciate it kindly if you could let us know.

Looking for a compostable nappy in Australia? Check out compostable nappies in Australia here.

We hope this information was helpful for you, and please leave any comments below if you like to share your thoughts or experience on Eco nappies, we love to hear from you.


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  1. Thank you so very much for your review of these 4 Nappies. For any new parent, it is very important that we have the best interest for your little one’s well being, and skincare. We must all take the time to help our environment any way we can to save our great earth for our children to enjoy when they grow up.

      I currently have a 2 week old, and my wife and I have been talking about either going to cloth nappies or Eco Nappies. If we do cloth diapers we can be them ourselves, and we will not have to throw any nappies in the garbage. If we decide to go with Eco Nappies we can have the peace of mind that we are doing our part to have something that will break down in our compost helping to fertilize our garden as well. 

      I will try a couple of the one’s you reviewed to see how they fit. One of the most important aspects we will take into consideration is the wetness is pulled away from the skin to prevent any breakdown in the skin. Thank you for the great review.


    • Hi Kevin, first of all, congratulations on your newborn child, I hope everything is going well. Good on you for making such mindful discussions in choosing nappies for you jew born baby. and yes, your point for the performance of dry skin is very valid. I just let you know that there are trial packs available if you are interested to try out a few different ones for your bub. 

      I wish you great health and happiness for you and your family.

      Best wishes.



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