Bulk nappies in Australia-{Review 2021}

Are you interested in buying bulk nappies in Australia? There are online options for you to buy eco nappies in bulk nappies and save yourself some dollars. If you are interested in Eco nappies and buying them in bulk, read along to learn more about the details of four genuine Eco nappy brands. Some of them have some great independent eco-credentials worth considering.

Why trying Eco nappies?

We mainly use reusable nappies, but we like to try out Eco Nappies for an occasional disposable option such as travel or other occasions we may require a disposable nappy. Also, we use reusable nappies at night and love to find a greener option than our current disposables. Of course, the nappies have to be super leak-proof, and we require excellent wicking properties to move moisture away from the service to ensure babies’ skin stay dry.

We never used eco nappies before and wondered if it would be one of those products what sounds excellent but have low results such as leaks and poor performance (something we definitely don’t want).

We have trialled four different eco nappy brands, and we share our experience today with you. We ordered four trial packs, (2 nappies per brands) and tested them on my 12-month-old baby (10kilo).

Let’s find out how eco nappies perform and word purchasing in bulk to save yourself a dollar. First of all, what are Eco nappies?

What are Eco Nappies?

Eco nappies are made with less plastic and chemicals and more plant-based materials. It strongly depends per individual nappy brand how much of the material is biodegradable.

When searching for a greener option to replace a regular disposable nappy, be alert of brands practising greenwashing marketing techniques. Look for independent eco-credentials to judge the brand is genuine in their sustainable efforts.

To ensure you reach your personal sustainable goals, check how the nappies you choose will be disposed of most sustainably. Sometimes biodegradable nappies and compostable nappies are getting mixed up, and some confusion is on the topic. However, some eco brands have compostable packaging, be aware that biodegradable nappies are not compostable.

In this review, we review and trial to four eco nappy brands, and we will share our finding with you moving forwards in this review. We will also briefly check in on your options for compostable nappies in Australia.

Let’s get started with the first Eco nappy rand Moltex.

Moltex Eco Nappies Maxi 7-18kgs – Bulk

We tried out Moltex 7-18 kilo. Please find an overview with some of the excellent sustainable values of Moltex Eco nappies:

  • There are no lotions bleaching or perfumes used.Bulk Nappies in Australia-Pack of Eco Moltex Nappies
  • Moltex is chlorine-free
  • Moltex is50% biodegradable materials
  • The back of the nappy is breathable and
  •  Soft top layer made from 40% renewable materials
  • The inside of the nappy is from time from 100% certified sustainable sources
  • The packing is compostable
  • Dermatologically tested & approved
  • The nappies are tested independently
  • bulk buy five packs of 30 nappies-150 nappies
  • $138.95-$0.99 ct Per nappy

Moltex eco nappies are recommended for children suffering from eczema or have sensitive skin.

Noopii Eco luxe nappies toddler bulk 9-14 kilo

Bulk nappies in Australia-Package of Noopii Eco nappies
Bulk nappies in Australia-Package of Noopii Eco nappies

We tried out Noopii Eco nappy on our little girl, and we were delighted with this luxurious nappy…

  • Noopii nappies are unisex.
  • Dermatologic tested
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • 12 hours of leak protection
  • Safe ink used only
  • Free from fragrance, chlorine and chemicals
  • Back of nappy is made from a cotton mix
  • Flexible leg cuffs and waistband for babies comfort
  • Manuka hydrosol is in used to serve antibacterial purposes
  • In New Zealand, Nooppi is accredited for integrity and excellence
  • Suitable for 9-14 kilo
  • Price: $106.95 and $0.74 per nappy
  • Bulk 8 pack of 18 total 144 nappies

“Did you know that you can purchase trial packs of eco nappies brands with two nappies of your choice are alternatively a variety pack of eco nappies to test at home? A great way to try out and find out which nappy is perfect for you, baby”? (The postage is included in the price)

No wonder Noopii eco nappies have named
the luxe because they most definitely are. They are so soft and comfy to feel, and they are generously sized, which I like. We didn’t have any leaks or marks, and I was very impressed with this nappies. We love Noopii Nappies!

The brand Noopii support several sustainable programs. For every pack of nappies sold, one tree is planted through a particular program. Other programs they support are wildlife recovery programmes and maternal and fetal health programmes.

Muumi Baby 7-14 Kilo

Muumi nappies are manufactured in Finland by a family-owned company. The family are making this nappies for over 35 years. Nordic Swan Eco Label gives a guarantee that Muumi Nappies are a more sustainable choice than regular nappies.

We tried out Muumi nappies, and also these eco nappies have kept my bubs bum dry, no leaks in the morning which is excellent. I find the size not overly generous again, but I suppose I must be spoiled with my Rascal+Friends nappies which have a very high waste of what I love.

Bulk Nappies in Australia-Pack of Muumi Eco nappies
Bulk Nappies in Australia-Pack of Muumi Eco nappies
  • BPA free
  • PVC, antioxidants or latex-free
  • Made in Finland
  • Free from perfumes, lotions and phthalates
  • Chlorine-free, BPA free
  • Finish asthma and allergy certified
  • Double leak guards around the legs
  • Super soft for babies’ skin
  • Super absorbance with natural material to keep your baby dry and comfortable
  • Ecolabel with Nordic Swan
  • Packaging is biodegradable
  • Weight range from 8-14 kilo
  • Bulk offer three packs of 46 nappies-carton of 138 nappies
  • $99,95-$0.72 ct per nappy

Bambo Nature 5-9 Kilo

(Unfortunately, we had size three instead of size 4 to try Bambo nature out, but we will still test Bamboo nature, and I have been reading great things about the brand). We will consider that this size is on the small side of our trial baby) We include the price for both size 3 and 4 to get a good compersion for the cost of nappies from a similar size we would initially use.

Please find an overview of the details for Bambo Nature nappies 5-9 Kilo’s

Bulk nappies in Australia-Pack of bambo Nature Eco nappies
Bulk nappies in Australia-Pack of Bambo Nature Eco nappies
  • maximum absorbency
  • the liquid is absorbed immediately and doesn’t sit against the skin
  • barriers to prevent leaks
  • super absorbent to maximize dryness and comfort for babies’ skin
  • perfect airflow to reduce skin irritation and optimal comfort
  • Elastic along the back for a secure fit
  • slim design, not bulky
  • free from perfumes and lotions
  • packing is recyclable
  • FCS wood pulp is used for this nappy
  • tested with excellent results by dermatological research for skin-friendliness
  • 100% chlorine-free
  • no latex, PVC, TBT or antioxidants
  • free from phthalates
  • awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-Label
  • size 3-6 pack of 33 nappies – carton of 198 nappies
  • weight 5-9 kilo
  • price $127.95 -$0.64 per nappy
  • size 4- 6 packs of 30 nappies – package of 180 nappies
  • Weight 7-18 Kilo
  • price $ 132.95 $0.73 ct per nappy

Our findings with Bamboo nature.

We tried out Bambo nature even though we should have the next size up, but try the nappies out regardless. The size was okay; I also think though I would have had the next size up the nappies would not have been as generous as the Noopii.

The nappies have a cute bear on the bum, and they kept my bub dry overnight with no leak and a very heavy nappy in the morning. Bambo Nature is okay for us and a slim design for people who prefer a slimmer nappy. I am quite impressed with the eco nappies, and they have beat my expectations thus far.


Our impression on Eco nappies

Eco nappies has definitely impressed us, and none of these eco nappies has let us down.

Most expensive nappyMoltex

The Moltex nappies work out as the most expensive nappy with $0.99 ct per nappy, and I did find the nappies reasonably tight, especially as this nappy is suitable for the weight rang up till 18 kilos, and my test baby was 10 kilo.

Similar pricing eco nappies -Bamboo Nature, Muumi and Noopii

Bamboo nature, Muumi and Noopi work out pretty much in the same price, ranging between $0.70-$0.75 per nappy.

Our personal preference is Noopii nappy based on performance and comfort. Still, the other tree nappies have the sustainable value of independent eco-credentials, which is word taking in consideration when making a sustainable choice.

Also, the disadvantage of Noopii is their low bulk nappy discount which only $5.00 discount when purchasing in bulk

Bamboo Nature’s gives you the best discount of just of $20,- when purchasing in bulk.

Muumi and Moltex are next in line giving you approx $10,- discount when purchasing in bulk.

(The prices and discounts are based on the information we had on the time of this review and could change at any time)

Eco nappies shipping information

If you buy bulk and spend over $100,-, free shipping applies but only to the following:

  • Melbourne and all of Victoria;
  • Hobart and all of Tasmania;
  • Sydney, Gosford, Wollongong & Newcastle;
  • Adelaide;
  • Canberra and the ACT; and
  • Brisbane

For the other area’s in Australia, a subsidized delivery fee may apply for delivery. The fee is depending on weight.

Are eco nappies worth while?

So is it word while to make the change from regular disposable nappies to eco nappies?

Well, it all depends on your sustainable goals, expectations and probably budget as well. There are some great genuine sustainable eco brands out there, making a real effort to provide you with a more sustainable disposable nappy

For the most trustworthy genuine sustainable choices, look for brands with independent eco-credentials like Moltex, Muumi and Bamboo nature.

Also, depending on your sustainable goals and lifestyle, there are opportunities for families who like to take things one step further within their sustainable journey.

Compostable nappies in Australia

Did you know that compostable nappies perform very well and containing no plastic at all?

We were quite excited to learn there are compostable nappies in Australia available endorsed by compost Australia now. The only disappointing fact is that commercial composters in Australia are not quite ready for this innovative sustainable nappy. Only one composter in Brisbane is available for commercial composting of these nappies at this stage.

However, commercials composting can be hard to access; some parent might be interested in composting nappies at home. If you consider composting your own nappies, be aware that biodegradable doesn’t automatically mean compostable as these nappies still contain plastic. Compostable nappies can only be composted at home when using the hot composting technique. The recommendation is wet nappies are to be composted at home only for hygiene reason.

Did you try biodegradable or compostable nappies?

Are you consider eco nappies worthwhile to make a sustainable difference compared to using regular disposable nappies?

We hope this information was helpful for you, and please leave any comments below if you like to share your thoughts or experience on Eco nappies, we love to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “Bulk nappies in Australia-{Review 2021}”

  1. Thank you so very much for your review of these 4 Nappies. For any new parent, it is very important that we have the best interest for your little one’s well being, and skincare. We must all take the time to help our environment any way we can to save our great earth for our children to enjoy when they grow up.

      I currently have a 2 week old, and my wife and I have been talking about either going to cloth nappies or Eco Nappies. If we do cloth diapers we can be them ourselves, and we will not have to throw any nappies in the garbage. If we decide to go with Eco Nappies we can have the peace of mind that we are doing our part to have something that will break down in our compost helping to fertilize our garden as well. 

      I will try a couple of the one’s you reviewed to see how they fit. One of the most important aspects we will take into consideration is the wetness is pulled away from the skin to prevent any breakdown in the skin. Thank you for the great review.


    • Hi Kevin, first of all, congratulations on your newborn child, I hope everything is going well. Good on you for making such mindful discussions in choosing nappies for you jew born baby. and yes, your point for the performance of dry skin is very valid. I just let you know that there are trial packs available if you are interested to try out a few different ones for your bub. 

      I wish you great health and happiness for you and your family.

      Best wishes.



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