Cancer Council Sunglasses review 2021-{infant sunglasses}

In this review, I like to give you an overview of my experience using Cancer Council Sunglasses for my infant. It may help you in making a decision when researching to purchase infant sunglasses.

Recently I learned a lot about infants eyes and how they are vulnerable for long term damage and especially UV rating is something to watch. Uv is always there, but when there are high UV readings on certain days, it is beneficial to apply extra protection for those little eyes.

UV(ultraviolet), don’t only reach the eyes with direct like, but even in the shade, it bounces off objects still able to reach the eyes.

  • Product-Infant sunglasses                     
  • Brand-Cancer Council
  • Age group- 0-2 years
  • category protection- level 3
  • Price- $24.95
  • Lens- Smoke Mono
  • Sizing- Eye size: 42mm
    Bridge size: 15mm
    Temple length: 95mm
  • Unique features-Adjustable Elastic strap for a comfy fit
  • Design- BumbleBee

Fitting of the sunglasses


I purchased these Cancer Council sunglasses for my 11-month-old baby. These infant sunglasses suppose to be suitable for infants aged 0-2. So this sunglasses should fit perfectly for my baby but unfortunately they not really did.

When I put the glasses on the baby, the glasses kind of tilt of all the time, I try to push the goggles down but every time they kind of lift op what makes her able to look underneath the lens. Deffnilty not a great fit

Adjustable elastic strap

The strap coming with the sunglasses gets clicked in the two little holes at the sunglasses’ back. Please note that the first pair of sunglasses I purchased was faulty as the strap didn’t want to click in one of the holes.

The hole was not made straight, so the pin in the strap would keep falling out. Luckily the glasses were exchanged without drama by Big W and no issues there with the second pair. We had a good stable fit with the second pair, and the straps have not come off after the exchange.

Unfortunately, the next issue is the sizing of the strap. As mentioned before, my baby is 11 months old, and the strap is not adjustable enough to make a tight enough fit for my baby. So I can not understand how these sunglasses could fit a newborn or little baby.

Overall Design and Lens

Cancer Council Sunglasses-Baby on the beach wearing sunglasses
Cancer Council Sunglasses-Baby on beach wearing sunglasses

The lens of the Cancer Council sunglasses provides the protection you would like in infant sunglasses, which is protection level categories 3, which is the maximum UV protection. As mentioned before, UV light comes from all directions, with the wraparound design you minimise peripheral UV exposure.

This frame looks very cute with the BumbleBee design. It is made from soft, flexible rubber and seems relatively stable. The glasses have not left any marks on my baby so far.


The Cancer Council BumbleBee sunglasses have an adorable design. They have excellent UV protection with a category 3 rating. The wraparound design minimises UV light reaching the eyes witch is highly beneficial for especially infants due to the lens of the baby not able to filter UV as good as an adult eye.

The fitting may not be great; at least it is not for my baby. And the strap is not entirely adjustable enougsignificantmake a tight fit on my 11-month-old baby.

The glasses are ok, but I am pretty sure they could be better. I keep using my Infant BumbleBee Cancer Council sunglasses, but I may try another pair soon to see if I can find a better fit for my babies head, giving her even better protection and comfort.

Thanks a lot for reading this review, if you have any feedback or experience with Cancer Council Sunglasses we love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below, and we get back to you as soon as we can.



Bumblebee Cancer Council Infant sunglasses


Flexible rubber frame


adjustable strap





  • Cute desing
  • Safety category 3
  • Flexible rubber frame


  • Not a great fitting
  • Strap is not quite adjustable enough
  • Probably to big for younger babies'

8 thoughts on “Cancer Council Sunglasses review 2021-{infant sunglasses}”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve bought one for my niece a while ago and my sister told me it wasn’t the best fit either. I’m trying to find a better brand that can actually fit her face and would actually last.

    My niece is a little sporty and can be aggressive, she kept pulling the straps till it became somewhat loose.

    I know that due to the pandemic there’s really no reason to be buying a new one for her, but thought she’d be the cutest kid with sunglasses on.

    Let me know if you’ve found one that fits better – I’m on the lookout!

    • Hi Wina, thanks a lot for your response, I appreciate it. I hope you are safe and well, these are strange times and hopefully, the world is able to eliminate this Pandemic soon.

      I know, other than safety benefits, they look so super cute in there sunnies too. 

      I planning to test more sunglasses soon and of course, I will share my experience here with you.

      Best wishes and keep safe.


  2. Hello, thank you so much to this very detailed and informative review on “cancer council sunglasses- infant sunglasses ”  I must say this is a very timely post for me as my baby will be turning 1 by June and summer is almost here and I plan on taking him camping and seeing all the beach we can,  and this sunglasses from the review will really be just perfect for him. 

    • Hi Jomata, thanks a lot for your comment. Camping sounds so great, I am keenly waiting for this time of the year too. I just love to take the girls for our camping trips. If you spending much time at the water, it is word considering polarized glasses too for your Son. Best wishes and happy birthday for your son in June. 


  3. Hey, nice article you have there. This is the exact article my neighbour’s wife who has been wanting to purchase an effective sunglass for her kid will be pleased to have. The Cancer Council Sunglasses will definitely be the right choice for them, considering the UV protection. I will definitely make some recommendations and refer her to this article for more clarity

    • Hi Edah, thanks a lot for your response. I am happy the review might be helpful for your neighbour’s child. The glasses are providing good level protection as long as the fit is suitable for your baby. I can only imagine these particular glasses are less suitable for newborns and young babies’ even though they suppose to be suitable for the age range 0-2.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment. 

      Best wishes Jude

  4. A good, honest review. Thank you. Been looking for some glasses for my son for a while, but every time I try them on him he pulls them straight off. I haven’t tried any with a head strap so that’s something to consider. I didn’t realise about the UV light affecting their eyes even in the shade. I really need to find some soon as summer is almost here and I want him to be protected. Thanks again, Debbie

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment. I know it is a really hard one with sunglasses for young children and babies’. Since purchasing the Cancer Council sunglasses, I try to be consistently putting them on her. Like wearing hats, I suppose it becomes a habit, hopefully. Let me know how you go with the straps, without them I wouldn’t have a chance of successful wearing with my baby, that’s for sure:).
      Best wishes.


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