Next baby clothing review

Next, baby clothing is a rather popular brand and one of the largest clothing retailers in the U.K competing with brands like Mark & Spencer.

Families can find clothing for the whole family at Next in 700 stores around the globe, and Next has websites in multiple countries.

Next is famous for babies, especially for great sleeping bags and baby outfits for all sizes. They also have a great range of formal wear for toddlers.

While Next is very well reviewed in the U.K, families in Australia appear to experience a fair few issues using Next services.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Next baby clothes?

Worth buying from outside the U.K?

Let’s get over some details of this famous best-selling British clothing brand.

Next baby clothing review

While Next is well-reviewed for their clothing quality and services within the U.K where they are based, abroad there seem to be a few logistic issues that could be improved. Next is overall highly trending as a kids fashion retailer, but the lack of shipping cost coverage for returns are not always well received by Next customers.

Why are Next baby’s clothes so popular?

Next baby clothes are of excellent quality for still semi-affordable pricing, yet they are not all that cheap though and many people wait for their sales to purchase items.

Next can be especially interesting to check out formal clothing for kids or the trendy collection of Next well made colourfully pyjamas that are soft and made. Or their soft sleeping bags are also a popular item.

Also, Next carry other popular fashion brands like Aden + Anais, Baker by Ted Baker and Mini Boden.

Are next baby clothes true to size?

Most families agree that Next baby clothes are a little roomy in most cases, except their newborn size.

Several Parents that have bought Newborn clothes sizes from Next have mentioned that their babies have grown out of it very quickly, so however the newborn size may be on the small size babies growing out of a newborn size in a couple of weeks is pretty normal though.

Renting baby clothes through companies like Upchoose is an excellent and popular alternative to avoid this issue of quickly outgrown baby clothes and is perfect for families that follow a simplistic lifestyle avoiding cluttering of outgrown baby clothes.)

Also, it will depend on which country you shop for what sizes are available. E.G, if you shop on the U.S website, and the Australian website, sizes start at 50cm. The U.K websites on the other hand have additional choices available including premature sizes 3lb 4lb or 5lb.

Is Next baby clothes sustainable?

Next, clothing is high quality, and in that sense, it is sustainable that the baby clohtes can stay out of the landfill for a more extended period.

Also, Next uses some eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials, but they still have a road ahead to reach their sustainability goals of sourcing 100% of raw materials sustainably by 2025.

Pros and Cons for Next baby clothes

Underneath, we will share some potential pros and cons relevant to Next baby clothes.


  • Good quality clothing
  • Fast shipping in the U.K
  • Great selection of formal clothes and sleeping bags.
  • Next recycles 97% of general waste in House recycling centre.


  • No Free returns-Shipping cost for customers.
  • Frequently issues with orders in the South Pacific are reported-(Wrong sizes or not receiving parcels at all).
  • Long journey ahead to reach sustainable goals.

Where to find the Next baby shops?

This highly trending brand for the whole family Next is based and available in the U.K across 500 stores, or you can order from their online U.K website.

But stores from this multinational fashion brand can also be found across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia on websites available for each country and 200 other physical shops that can be found outside the U.K across the globe.

Does Next baby runs sales?

Yes, they do, and generally, they run four sales during the year. Usually, this will be one in March, then July, September and the last one in December.

To get in first with the Next sales items, you can consider signing up for a credit account and booking a VIP slot and making sure there are sufficient funds on your Credit account.

If you are a Next member, you should receive an email approx 3-4 days before the sales event starts so you can book a time slot.

Additionally, you can book a time slot through their site. Hence you may have to be quick not to miss out.

Final thoughts for Next baby clothing

Next, baby clothes belong to one of the largest fashion retailers in the U.K, and they do very well understanding what their customers want. Yet they have a bit of a journey ahead to reach their sustainability goals in 2025.

While Next is very well reviewed in the U.K, they seem to have a few hiccups outside the U.K with their logistics where customers are experiencing faulty orders. Yet, overall, Next is well-reviewed for its quality and is a trending multinational fashion brand for the whole family.

Do you try Next baby clothes yet?

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