Does SpearmintLOVE Run Small?

Does SpearmintLOVE Run Small?

Known and adored for its thousands of products, you can find over 140+ unique and carefully curated collections at the Spearmint, including the SpearmintLOVE signature collection.

With Headquarters in Tempe, Ariz U.S.A, SpearmintLove was Founded in 2013 by a mom and entrepreneur named Shari Lott.

There is no doubt that this online retailer is superb in bringing their audience unique, carefully curated collections that create the must-have feeling for many new mums and carers, making Spearmint Love a well-known go-to online baby retailer that ships their clothing and accessories around the globe.

Besides the quality, sizing is the other big challenge to get right while ordering baby clothes online. Today, we chat about SpearmintLOVE sizing to see if SpermintLOVE runs small.

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Does Spearmint Love run small?

As for the Spearmint Love products, no size or weight chart is available to help you order the most suitable size for your baby. Yet, Spearmint Love is primarily reviewed to run small.

The company Spearmint Love’s advice also states they typically recommend ordering one size up from the original size your child would wear.

For the newborn size, Spearmint Love recommends good fitting for babies with weights of approx 8lbs or less, suitable sizing if you want to use the outfit for a first photo shoot or as a coming home outfit.

Also, remember that the Spearmint Waffle collection is 100% organic cotton. Therefore you may have to consider some potential shrinkage during the wash while deciding on the most suitable size.

Final thoughts for Spearmint love sizing

It is unusual for a brand not to have a sizing chart available for its collection. Yet, it comes down to the advice to size up one size of the size your baby is currently wearing and to consider the potential shrinking of Spearmint’s 100% organic cotton waffle collection when deciding on the best size for your baby.

How did you go with sizing for Spearmint Love? Did you find them to run small as well?

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