#4 Facts about Finn Emma’s Baby Clothes, toys and gear!

Learn 4 facts about Finn and Emma’s baby clothes and discover more about this premium organic brand today.

Finn+Emma’s baby clothes and products are one of the great U.S.A based brands to consider. While their baby clothes are made from buttery-soft organic cotton, their organic handmade toys and gorgeous swings are risky to check out without falling in love with them.

What to expect from Finn Emma Baby Clothes?

Finn Emma baby clothes--Baby and toddler wearing matching Organic graphic outfit 'Joy'.
Finn Emma baby clothes–Baby and toddler are wearing matching Organic graphic outfit ‘Joy’.

You may have heard from the brand Finn Emma, but what can you expect from their products?

Finn + Emma sell high-quality products contributing to a more sustainable environment.

High-quality brands like Finn+Emma make products that last for an extended period, avoiding ending up in a landfill.

Choosing for more durable baby clothes is a great sustainable choice to start with, but there is more...

Finn Emma is 100% organic across their brands, which is good news for your baby, our environment and the cotton workers as well.

For growing of organic cotton, no synthetical chemicals are used….

The use of conventional cotton has many concerns, and when you choose for organic cotton instead, you make a great contribution for the environment and your babies’ future. But also for the quality of life of farmers who have the opportunity to work on organic cotton farms. It

What are the concerns of conventional cotton?

Cotton is a sensitive pest crop, and during the growth and harvest of regular cotton, it is necessary to use a high amount of synthetic chemicals to protect the yield of pests. However, the harmful substances are dangerous for the health of the farmers and heavily pollute the environment.

Did you know that the textile industry is the second biggest pollution industry in the world?

The high amount of toxins is a concern for the farmers and the environment. Another big trouble with conventional cotton is the leftovers chemicals potentially still present in the clothing items.

Several health issues are linked to chemicals, especially babies and children, which are more susceptible to the toxins for various reasons.

Why do more families choose to buy organic baby products?

Finn Emma baby clothes-Smiling baby wearing graphic onesie 'Chunky'.
Finn Emma baby clothes-Smiling babywearing graphic onesie ‘Chunky’ and holding a wooden toy

Have you noticed the swift in society and the trend on organic products?

Environmental awareness has increased by many people, and choosing more sustainable products have become rather popular. Exposure to chemicals is not great at the best times, but it is hugely beneficial to eliminate them, especially for babies.

As baby clothes are directly in contact with your babies’ sensitive skin, it can be somewhat critical of what you expose to your babies’ sensitive skin.

Organic cotton instead is an excellent choice for your baby and the environment, and organic cotton has a chance to reduce skin irritations from garments.

What makes Finn Emma special?

Finn Emma is 100 %certified organic!

Did you hear about G.O.T.S certification before?

G.O.T.S, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. G.O.T.S is the worlds leading standard for organic fibres. To be certified with G.O.T.S, brands have to meet stringent social and ethical standards. For example, Finn + Emma only uses 100% certified organic cotton for their products which is better for your baby and the environment.

4 Fact about Finn+Emma’s baby clothes, toys and gear.

1. sustainable

-Finn Emma products are made to last. Also, the complete process from growing the cotton to manufacturing the clothes and products are done in an eco-friendly way to put less strain on the environment.

2. non-toxic

-Finn Emma clothes and products are free of harmful substances and safe for babies.

As we know, babies like to put everything in their mouth and aren’t it an absolute peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about any of Finn Emma’s clothes, toys and gear it could bring harm to your baby?

3. 100% organic

– All Finn Emma’s products are certified organic with G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standards). To be certified with G.O.T.S, you have to meet stringent environmental and ethical standards. You are not only buying gorgeous save products for your baby, but you are also acknowledging social and ethically responsible effects. You choose a significant improvement in the lives of others.

Finn Emma baby clothes-Artisan women working on a Macrame baby swing
Finn Emma baby clothes-Artisan women working on a Macrame baby swing

4 fair trade

-EVERYONE in the team of Finn Emma is paid a FAIR LIVABLE WAGE! We do write this with capitals for a good reason.

However, paying a decent wage should be not more than usual; unfortunately, this is not the reality in many cases.

(Especially in fast fashion, there are many concerning worrisome work situations where people work in dangerous workplaces and are paid wages they can’t live from.

Learn more facts about Finn + Emma underneath:

Is Finn+ Emma fashionable?

Is Finn+Emma Vegan?

What style baby clothes does Finn+Emma sell?

Finn Emma baby clothes-Newborn baby wearing an outfit from Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection
Finn Emma baby clothes-Newborn baby wearing an outfit from Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection

Finn + Emma’s founder, Anna Schwengle, aimed to create organic baby clothes that were not brown and ugly.

Anna recognised the need from parents for organic clothing, and when trying to find some exciting organic garments, she could not find any herself.

When Anne saw an opportunity to launch Finn Emma, parents would find organic garments with beautiful modern prints and fresh colours.

Recently Jamie-Lynn Sigler has collaborated with Finn Emma, and the beautiful graphic collections is word checking out.

(Please note that All dyes used in Finn + Emma products are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. The snaps on the onesies are nickel and lead-free as well)

‘Did you know that Finn and Emma’s baby clothes are shrinking far less than regular brands and that their clothing has a generous size to fit both disposable nappies and cloth nappies’?

What other Organic products can you find at Finn Emma?

Finn Emma baby clothes-Baby swinging in Organic Macramé swing from the brand Finn Emma
Finn Emma baby clothes-Baby swinging in Organic Macramé swing from the brand Finn Emma.

However, You would like to think all product for babies are save to chew on. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Baby products can be sold in the U.S containing harmful metals, VOCs, formaldehyde, and toxic lacquers that do not violate the law.

Unlike other brands and products, we are happy to ensure you that all Finn Emma’s products are free from any of those harmful substances.

Other than beautiful garments, Finn Emma has a range of gorgeous items. One of the best selling products of Finn + Emma is the lovely organic macramé baby swings.

You can also find a range of handmade knitted toys made of organic yarn and a selection of wooden toys as well.

Return of investment with durable baby clothes

Finn+Emma baby clothing is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials only. As a result, the garments have timeless designs and will last for Second and Third children, making Finn+ Emma a highly sustainable brand.

If the garments are not required for siblings, Finn+Emma baby clothes are perfect for selling pre-loved items. However, Finn Emma doesn’t have to sell back opportunities yet; we see an increasing trend where sustainable garments sell back. So sell back baby clothes’ directions to make organic baby clothes more affordable and accessible for a broader public.

Finn + Emma’s products are manufactured for fair trade and in a healthy and safe working environment. Therefore, your shopping choice directly reflects the workers’ quality of life, making these products and reducing poverty.

Final thoughts on Finn + Emma baby clothes and products

Finn+Emma is perfect for families following a more sustainable lifestyle and prioritise natural and honest products save for their growing families.

Thank you, Finn+Emma, for creating such a beautiful brand safe for our environment, babies’ and families.

We hope this article allowed you to learn more about the fantastic work Finn + Emma does.

Would you mind sharing your experience and thoughts about organic baby products below?


16 thoughts on “#4 Facts about Finn Emma’s Baby Clothes, toys and gear!”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing article. The article is informative and inspire me a lot. Although I haven’t given birth at the time but reading this article has made me acquire knowledge for the future when I give birth. It is good to have this information on time in other for parents to be able to take care and precaution about their baby. Finn Emma baby clothes are the best for baby because their target is to give our baby a healthy life. Thanks for sharing this article once again.

    • Hi Sophia, thank you for your comment. Yes, sure thing, knowledge is power and having the knowledge you can use it at your benefit in the future. I was not all that much aware of all this stuff with my first baby while now with my second one, I make slightly different choices.
      Best wishes to you. Jude

  2. From the review, one could see that Finn Emma clothes don’t just look at the products, but also Finn and Emma ensure to work only with people who get paid a fair price during the production of making their products. Finn and Emma ensure its products gives the best comfort anyone could ever want for his kids.

    • Thanks for your comment Evans, I appreciate your insight. It is a great feeling you buy a fair product with a high quality who are great for your babies comfort and health as well. Thank you for stopping by. Jude

  3. Great review article you have here about organic baby clothing’s. If the material used is of 100% organic and provided that it’s durable, then why not go organic with baby clothes? Because many times, babies have different reactions when exposed to certain chemicals within clothes used on them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Finn Emma Baby Clothes.

    • Thank you for your comment, Volkert. I think there are may benefits to choose for organic baby clothes for the baby, the environment and for the cotton farmers as well. I definitely try to buy organic where I can and just love how soft and cuddly it is to touch. I hope we will see more Organic cotton replaced with organic cotton and organic cotton is becoming more accessible for a broader audience through the latest organic fashion trends. . Best wishes Jude

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. There are some attributes that should be put into consideration when getting baby clothing. Attributes like quality, standard, lasting period and also one should consider if it’s benefiting to the health and well being of the baby. Finn Emma Baby Clothes has every one of these attributes and can be trusted for Business.

    • Hi Sheddy, I agree. There is a lot to consider, Finn and Emma have put high values in place to choose to be fair for all parties in their business. The workers receive a fair wage and a healthy environment, and the organic baby products are made organic benefitting babies health and comfort. I believe one can’t fault Finn and Emma’s values.
      Best wishes to you. Jude

  5. Hi Jude, I’m big on sustainable cotton and so I can’t go past the common belief that organic means chemical-free. Organic only means that they cannot use synthetic chemicals but they can still use organic chemicals. And some of them are downright nasty like glyphosate. 

    A lot of these chemicals are banned in 1st world countries but they’re still used in countries that we actually get the cotton from. I always try to look for responsible brands but if you don’t know where the fabric comes from it’s really hard to make a decision on what to but.

    Finn + Emma looks promising, they’re fairtrade as well. 



    • Thank you for your response and insight into this Kataya. Sometimes it is quite scary to know somewhat more than less, but knowledge is power, and it is great we can make more informed choices. Luckily we have brands who try their very best to provide healthy and sustainable products for us.

      I think the trend to live a more sustainable lifestyle increases and people, including myself, are becoming more aware of our environment.

      Would you like me to contact you to provide you with details where Finn+Emma Certified organic cotton is grown?

      Best wishes, Jude

  6. Hi!

    Great content, every parent’s top priority is their baby’s health and I’m glad the brand takes that into consideration as they do their production. Nothing beats selling quality products to your customers and organic clothing is really good for babies considering how soft it is. Does the brand also have electric baby toys?

    • Hi Isanren, thanks a lot for your reply and insight. I agree you can feel the difference straight away when the cotton is organic, and it is great to dress baby in such soft materials. Finn Emma baby toys are all no electric. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude

  7.  I’m a savvy shopper. I love fashion, but if I am to spend money on any item, it has to meet certain qualities. First and foremost, I always want to get a bang for my buck, but the clothing also requires to be appealing, made well and with natural materials, able to resist beet stains and marathon runs through the washing machine, and of course, good sizes. Finn & Emma Organic Baby Clothes are my number one. thanks.

    • Thank you for your feedback on Finn Emma baby clothing. I totally agree Finn Emma is a great brand with excellent sustainable and ethically values. I love to dress my baby organic cotton as it is so very soft compared to regular cotton and it a better choice for the environment as well. I have quite a few organic items myself and the quality is just so much better and the clothes are more comfortable to wear.

      Thank you for your kind feedback on Finn Emma, I appreciate it. Jude

  8. Finn Emma baby clothing has given more light to the benefits of organic baby products. Even as adults we tend to bend towards getting organic products for ourselves and this is because we find it beneficial. I am glad i read this post as it has enlightened me more on the need to get this product. Thank you very much

    • Hi, thanks for your reply to the article Finn Emma baby clothes. I am happy the article was helpful for you. Yes, you are right, comfortable clothing is beneficial for adults and children and a good choice for many reasons. I just love how soft organic cotton is and I love dressing my baby in it but I definitely enjoy wearing it myself too :). Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude


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