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Finn+Emma Baby Clothes


Organic (baby) clothing has got my attention for quite some time now. It is soft and cuddly for

Finn+Emma Baby Clothes-Unisex Organic baby clothes animal kingdom
Finn+Emma Baby Clothes-Unisex Organic baby clothes animal kingdom

babies’ skin and an environmentally friendlier choice compared to most regular cotton. The other day I came across a brand called Finn+Emma, which got my attention right away.  Learning about the brand Finn+Emma have definitely inspired me and changed my current view on baby clothing. Their ethical standards and high-quality organic baby products make this brand unique.  Finn+Emma baby clothes are something special indeed and a perfect match for parents who wish to raise their children in a natural and sustainable lifestyle.

What does the brand Finn+Emma represent?

The brand Finn+ Emma is all about sustainable, non-toxic, organic, and fair trade baby products. The materials and designs are all carefully chosen to create beautiful,  safe and comfortable baby products. Baby’s health and comfort are no one priority and quality is prioritised above quantity.

Finn+Emma ensures a healthy and safe workplace for the workers who are manufacturing Finn+Emma’s, beautiful baby products. Social responsibility is ensured across all product of their brand.


What products does the brand Finn+Emma sell?

Finn+Emma has a wide range of products. Products available on their website are:

  1. Various Organic baby toys
  2. Play gyms
  3. Baby Rockers
  4. Handmade macrame baby swing
  5. Baby Swaddles
  6. Various organic baby clothing

Grab this Fun Macrame Swing at Finn + Emma

Organic baby clothing styles Finn+Emma design:

  1. Gender-neutral organic baby clothes
  2. Graphic design onesies and t-shirts
  3. Beach Graphics onesies and t-shirts
  4. Basic organic Style
  5. Boys organic baby clothes
  6. Girl organic baby clothes
  7. Rompers and jumpsuits
  8. Dresses and short sets

‘Did you know that Finn and Emma’s baby clothes are shrinking far less than standards garments’?


‘Did you know that Finn and Emma’s baby clothes are shrinking far less than standards garments and that their clothing items all have a generous size to fit both disposable nappies and cloth nappies’?

Finn+Emma baby clothing is playful and unique.

Finn+Emma prioritise baby’s health, comfort and development in everything they do, you can feel the passion in all their products. Their garments are standing out with their unique and playful look.

The garment s have beautiful modern prints, and fresh colours and the dyes used in all their products are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. The snaps on the onesies are nickel and lead-free as well.

Quality what lasts for generations

Finn+Emma baby clothing is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials. The garments have timeless designs and will last for Second and Third children what makes Finn+ Emma a very sustainable brand

If the garments will not be worn by siblings, Finn+Emma baby clothes are perfect to sell as pre-loved items as well. We see an increasing trend where businesses selling second-hand organic garments which are a great way to make organic baby clothes accessible for a broader public.

As babies grow so very quickly, the garments are only worn for a short period and have plenty of use left after babies have grown out of the item.

There are many innovative businesses active in purchasing and selling used baby clothes now. With the awareness of our environment in our society rising, this trend most likely will become more popular for new parents as a great sustainable choice.


Socially responsible brand

Finn and Emma ensure to only work with people who get paid a fair price during the production of making their

Finn Emma baby clothes-Artisan women working on a Macrame baby swing
Finn Emma baby clothes-Artisan women working on a Macrame baby swing


Finn and Emma ensure that workers can support their family with the work they are providing.

Also, the work environment is safe and healthy for all employees.

Well, one thing is for sure, there are not too many brands who can say the same as Finn+Emma who remain high ethical standards across their brand.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to work for fair trade, did you know there are huge concerns in the textile industry where for workers environment are unsafe and unethical.

We often don’t know the truth behind some products,  but there is a lot of room for improvement in the textile industry.  Some of the improvement required are safe workplace, less work pressure, fair livable wages and more sustainable products. Hopefully, Finn+Emma is a trendsetter for other brands to follow in their footsteps.

Well done, Finn+Emma to be a socially responsible brand!


The use of certified organic cotton

Finn+Emma has high standards and only uses certified organic cotton in their baby clothing. The organic cotton they use is 100% certified. The standards Finn+Emma  has is G.O.T.S which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. G.O.T.S standards are the leading standards for Organic fibres.

Finn+Emma Baby Clothes-Organic teething ear
Best Organic baby toys-baby teething ears lamas from Finn+Emma

Dyes and timbers used in Finn+Emma products

Also, the clothing dyes Finn+Emma use in their products are non-toxic and eco friendly. The timber used in the beautiful Organic baby toys are untreated hardwood and finished with vegetable seed was.


Why parents buy organic baby products?

The awareness of our environment has increased by many people, and choosing more sustainable products is increasing popularity continuously.

Purchasing high-quality products contribute to a more sustainable environment as Finn+Emma products are made to last for a long time avoiding to end up in a landfill.


Concerns about using regular cotton

During the growth and harvest of regular cotton, it is necessary to use chemicals to protect the crop. The harmful substances are dangerous for the farmers and our environment, which is very concerning. The textile industry is the second biggest pollution industry in our world.

One of the other concerns with regular cotton grow is the potential leftovers of chemicals in clothing; several health issues are linked with remaining chemicals in clothing items.

Luckily there are no harmful substances used with the growth and harvest of organic cotton, which is an excellent benefit for our safety and the safety of our farmers and the environment. Any substances used to protect the crop have to be natural while growing organic cotton.

‘Did you know that the baby clothes of Finn and Emma all have a generous size to fit both disposable and cloth nappies’?

Final thoughts

In my opinion, Finn and Emma have created something rather special with their sustainable and organic baby products. Many new parents want to raise their children more natural and sustainable and the brand Finn+Emma  is a perfect choice to meet those requirements.


Finn+Emma’s baby clothes and products are manufactured in a fair and healthy working environment and your shopping choice directly reflect the quality of life from the workers making these products and reduce poverty.

Finn + Emma have several baby clothing styles available, including a unisex range. Their pricing might not be super cheap, but definitely affordable and fair for the product you purchase, especially if you are considering you are buying certified organic quality, uniqueness and the product is made paying a  fair trade. If this doesn’t fit in your current budget, there are many used organic baby clothes available too which is a great choice as well.

All Finn+Emma products are created from high-quality materials, and you can expect the products last for a long time. The organic cotton Finn+Emma use is buttery soft and will give your baby ultimate comfort on babies sensitive skin.

As awareness of issues with our environment is on the rise, I think sustainable clothing, including organic cotton, will be seen much more and hopefully become the new norm. Purchasing high-quality clothing will minimise clothing items ending up on landfill after a minimal length of time.

Finn+Emma will be perfectly meeting the demands of today’s society.  Many young families try to follow a more sustainable lifestyle and are searching for natural and honest products to use for their day to day life. Finn+Emma will be a perfect match for those families indeed.  Thank you Finn+Emma, for creating such a beautiful brand safe for our environment, babies and families.

I hope this review gives you a good feel of the brand Finn + Emma, and it is helpful for you to find out of this brand meet your wishes and expectations for Organic baby clothes.

Thank you for reading this review and please leave a comment below if you have any experience or feedback for us. We love to hear from you.



16 thoughts on “Finn Emma Baby Clothes-Review Of The Ethical Standards 2020”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing article. The article is informative and inspire me a lot. Although I haven’t given birth at the time but reading this article has made me acquire knowledge for the future when I give birth. It is good to have this information on time in other for parents to be able to take care and precaution about their baby. Finn Emma baby clothes are the best for baby because their target is to give our baby a healthy life. Thanks for sharing this article once again.

    • Hi Sophia, thank you for your comment. Yes, sure thing, knowledge is power and having the knowledge you can use it at your benefit in the future. I was not all that much aware of all this stuff with my first baby while now with my second one, I make slightly different choices.
      Best wishes to you. Jude

  2. From the review, one could see that Finn Emma clothes don’t just look at the products, but also Finn and Emma ensure to work only with people who get paid a fair price during the production of making their products. Finn and Emma ensure its products gives the best comfort anyone could ever want for his kids.

    • Thanks for your comment Evans, I appreciate your insight. It is a great feeling you buy a fair product with a high quality who are great for your babies comfort and health as well. Thank you for stopping by. Jude

  3. Great review article you have here about organic baby clothing’s. If the material used is of 100% organic and provided that it’s durable, then why not go organic with baby clothes? Because many times, babies have different reactions when exposed to certain chemicals within clothes used on them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Finn Emma Baby Clothes.

    • Thank you for your comment, Volkert. I agree it seems like a great choice. I definitely try to buy organic where I can. I hope we will see much more Organic clothing in the next few years and hopefully, it will become more affordable as well so it will fit people in all budget to make organic choices if they desire so. Best wishes Jude

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. There are some attributes that should be put into consideration when getting baby clothing. Attributes like quality, standard, lasting period and also one should consider if it’s benefiting to the health and well being of the baby. Finn Emma Baby Clothes has every one of these attributes and can be trusted for Business.

    • Hi Sheddy, I agree. There is a lot to consider, Finn and Emma have put high values in place to choose to be fair for all parties in their business. The workers receive a fair wage and a healthy environment, and the organic baby products are made organic benefitting babies health and comfort. I believe one can’t fault Finn and Emma’s values.
      Best wishes to you. Jude

  5. Hi Jude, I’m big on sustainable cotton and so I can’t go past the common belief that organic means chemical-free. Organic only means that they cannot use synthetic chemicals but they can still use organic chemicals. And some of them are downright nasty like glyphosate. 

    A lot of these chemicals are banned in 1st world countries but they’re still used in countries that we actually get the cotton from. I always try to look for responsible brands but if you don’t know where the fabric comes from it’s really hard to make a decision on what to but.

    Finn + Emma looks promising, they’re fairtrade as well. 



    • Thank you for your response and insight into this Kataya. Sometimes it is quite scary to know somewhat more than less, but knowledge is power, and it is great we can make more informed choices. Luckily we have brands who try their very best to provide healthy and sustainable products for us.

      I think the trend to live a more sustainable lifestyle increases and people, including myself, are becoming more aware of our environment.

      Would you like me to contact you to provide you with details where Finn+Emma Certified organic cotton is grown?

      Best wishes, Jude

  6. Hi!

    Great content, every parent’s top priority is their baby’s health and I’m glad the brand takes that into consideration as they do their production. Nothing beats selling quality products to your customers and organic clothing is really good for babies considering how soft it is. Does the brand also have electric baby toys?

    • Hi Isanren, thanks a lot for your reply and insight. I agree you can feel the difference straight away when the cotton is organic, and it is great to dress baby in such soft materials. Finn Emma baby toys are all no electric. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude

  7.  I’m a savvy shopper. I love fashion, but if I am to spend money on any item, it has to meet certain qualities. First and foremost, I always want to get a bang for my buck, but the clothing also requires to be appealing, made well and with natural materials, able to resist beet stains and marathon runs through the washing machine, and of course, good sizes. Finn & Emma Organic Baby Clothes are my number one. thanks.

    • Thank you for your feedback on Finn Emma baby clothing. I totally agree Finn Emma is a great brand ticking meeting many boxes. I love to put organic cotton on my baby as it is so very soft compared to regular cotton. I have quite a few organic items myself and the quality is just so much better and the clothes are more comfortable to wear.

      Thank you for your kind feedback on Finn+Emma, I appreciate it. Jude

  8. Finn Emma baby clothing has given more light to the benefits of organic baby products. Even as adults we tend to bend towards getting organic products for ourselves and this is because we find it beneficial. I am glad i read this post as it has enlightened me more on the need to get this product. Thank you very much

    • Hi, thanks for your reply to the article Finn Emma baby clothes. I am happy the article was helpful for you. Yes, you are right, comfortable clothing is beneficial for adults and children and a good choice for many reasons. I just love how soft organic cotton is and I love dressing my baby in it but I definitely enjoy wearing it myself too :). Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Jude


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