Is Miki house a good brand for baby clothes?

Mikihouse is a leading Japanese kidswear brand renowned for its cute designs. Products in their collections for babies and kids range from swimwear, accessories, and clothing, but probably Miki House is most famous for its footwear.

No, Mikihouse is not your cheapest brand to purchase baby clothes. Yet, if you are not on a budget and love their style, the uncompromised quality of the Japanses craftsmanship of Mikihouse might be worth it.

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Is Miki House a good brand for baby clothes?

If you love baby and kids’ clothes with embroidered designs and cute adorable appliqué-details and looking for quality babywearing and have a larger budget, the precious collections of Mikihouse available for ages from 0-6 could be well worth checking out to find some unique pieces.


Where to buy Mikihouse childrenswear?

While Mikihouse started in Japan in 1971, they now have 50 shops across 12 countries, including two shops in Paris and Milan operated directly by Mikihouse.

Mikihouse Americas is a subsidiary of MIKI SHOKO., LTD, and in the U.S. market, the company currently operates an online store which you can find under the URL Miki

Other online stores you could check out to find this high-end childrenswear from Mikihouse with their meticulous attention to detail in the U.S. include:

Final thoughts for Mikihouse baby clothes…

Mikhouse’s quality products have been around for over 50 years, and these Luxury Japanese shoes & clothes for babies and kids up to 6 can now be found worldwide.

Mikihouse’s quality doesn’t come cheap, but rather than price, its quality Mikihouse focuses on standing to be a brand of unique quality and eye for detail, such as the tags and stitch marks that Mikihouse applies on the outer side.

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