Is Peter Alexander a designer brand?

Is Peter Alexander a designer brand? Peter Alexander is a lifestyle brand sold in New Zealand and Australia. You may know their price tags are not the cheapest when you have checked them out before.

But Is Peter Alexander considered a designer brand?

Is peter Alexander a designer brand?

Peter Alexander is probably mostly considered an upmarket prestige lifestyle brand that has gained massive popularity over the last two decades. However, recent reviews about Peter Alexander’s products and services are not overly optimistic.

What is Peter Alexander?

Peter Alexander is a prestige lifestyle brand acquired by Just group in 2000 with the founder Peter Alexander himself as creative director.

Peter started designing women’s pyjamas at a young age after he learned his female friends could not find comfy pj’s they loved.

Peter Alexander has become successful as an Australian brand with over 100 retailer shops, which you can find across Australia and New Zealand.

Where is Peter Alexander known?

Peter Alexander is mainly known for its upmarket Pajamas, long wear and giftware products.

Inspired by his childhood, Peter collaborated with trending child characters.

Peter is also known as an animal lover that is an ambassador for the RSPCA.

The Logo from the Peter Alexander brand represents a dachshund, Penny, who used to be Peter Alexander’s dog.

What kind of designer is Peter Alexander?

Peter Alexander is a fashion designer from Melbourne, Australia, known for pyjamas and long wear designs.

However, Peter initially started designing pyjamas for young women who were comfy whiled looking pretty. Peter Alexander has now expanded with collections for men and children as well.

You can recognise many of Peter Alexander’s designs using popular child characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. The dachshund dog Penny which is used as the icon for the brand, is commonly used for Peter Alexander’s fashion designs.

Is Peter Alexander made in Australia?

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Peter Alexander has been designing Pyjamas for over 30 years now.

However, Peter Alexander started designing his first pyjamas at home in Australia at his mother’s. The brand Peter Alexander was acquired by Just group in 2000, and manufacturing is done abroad in Bangladesh while Peter remains a creative director.

Final thoughts for Peter Alexander’s brand

Peter Alexander has celebrated 30 years of business as a successful pyjama designer, which is quite an achievement. Peter Alexander has grown to an iconic Australian brand with over 100 retail shops across Australia and New Zeeland. Yet, the latest reviews found of the Peter Alexander brand have not been overly optimistic, with an average score of 2.1 out of 5 stars on

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