New in Baby Clothes-(Organic Graphic designs by Jamie-Lynn Sigler)

What’s New in baby clothes?

However, Graphic tees and bodysuits are not New in baby clothes fashion; this unique organic baby clothes collection by Jamie-Lynn Sigler most definitely is.

The new collection by Jamie-Lynn Sigler is created in collaboration with the exclusive organic U.S brand Finn+Emma.

What is this new clothing line of Jamie- Lynn Sigler about?

In this collection you can expect unique pieces displaying on point sayings reflecting the ongoing pandemic.

The quotes are spreading a message of hope mixed with a slight sense of humour to help to keep things accurate.

Product details Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection

New in baby clothes-Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection onesies and tees
  • Product-Graphic Tee and bodysuits
  • Brand-Finn+Emm
  • Collection-Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  • Sizes body suits-0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months.
  • Sizes graphic tees-12-24 months, size 2, 3 and 4
  • available-U.S region only
  • Where to buy?-Check prices here

Graphic fashion in baby clothes

Graphic fashion baby is not new in baby clothes; we have seen expressive fashion with quirky and funny quotes has been very popular across baby and adult clothing in 2020. Graphic on garments is a great way to communicate a message out into our world, some of these cute and heartwarming quotes will make a smile on a strangers face. It can also be very inspiring and make you ponder about a perspective of life you perhaps didn’t view from for a while. A great reminder to smile, laugh and keep it real.

Finn+Emma Bodysuits

Perhaps you have heard from the world of Finn+Emma, but in case you didn’t, I will briefly explain their brand for you. Finn+Emma is a certified Organic baby brand, and toddlers brand whit only high-end quality products.  It merely is inspiring to read their philosophy and values and appreciate by many parents.

Just like their baby clothes and products, they keep their pricing fair as well.

Finn+Emma graphic tees and bodysuits are perfect for parents following a sustainable lifestyle as the garments last for a long time and are all eco friendly.

What eco-friendly features do the bodysuits have?

I am glad you ask, and I hope the following list is helpful to give you an overview:

  • Only eco-friendly dyes are used, making the garments.
  • The snaps on the bodysuits are lead and nickel free.
  • 100% certified organic what is better for your family and our planet.
  • No harmful chemicals are used to grow organic cotton.
  • Growing cotton needs far less water than regular cotton.

Where is the collaboration with Jamie-Lynn Sigler about?

New in baby clothes-Graphic tee from Jamie-Lynn Sigler Collection
New in baby clothes-Graphic tee from Jamie-Lynn Sigler Collection

Finn+Emma reached out to the famous actress and co-host of the Mama Said Podcast to collaborate on a unique graphic tee and bodysuit collection. As a big fan of the brand Finn+Emma, Jamie-Lynn Sigler was excited to jump on board and collaborate in the new collection of Finn+Emma.

However, graphic designs are not new in baby clothes and are rather popular all along 2020; the new collection created with Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s collaboration is brand new in baby clothes from Finn+Emma.

The garments are reflecting the reality of the current world we are living in. For many of us, a lot of things have changed in the last year of our life. The life we are living today is very different from the life we lived a year ago.

I am sure many pregnant women in  2019 and 2020 wouldn’t have figured they would give birth in quarantine or other restricted situations.  Many things pictured about the experience of being pregnant and giving birth may have unfolded a tad different.

These unique garments reflect some of these events you may have experienced, and others have encouraging and heartwarming messages to bring to the world.

Pro’s and cons of new baby clothes collection of Jamie-Lynn Sigler


  • Unique collection to own by Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  • 100% certified organic
  • Eco Friendly
  • Ethical and environmentally responsible product
  • Sustainable quality


  • Only available for the U.S  region
  • Limited design choice
  • Bodysuit only available up till 12 months

Benefits of Certified Organic baby clothes

Not all clothing is ethically responsible made within the fashion industry. Still, when garments have a G.O.T.S certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), you can be assured high ethical standards are maintained. G.O.T.S accreditation is a globally leading standard in the textile world. Before a brand can be approved to be certified organic, high standards are maintained

Ethical standards- Some of the ethical standards you can think of are safe workplaces for the textile workers, and fair and livable wages have to be paid to them.  It is a devastating child, and forced labour are still occurring in some countries and globally; certifications like G.O.T.S work hard to eliminate unethical work practices.

The Final thought on Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection

New in Baby clothes- Jamie-Lynn Sigler Collection
New in Baby clothes- Jamie-Lynn Sigler Collection

Well, there you go, a once in a lifetime chance for you to get your hands on a unique product.  Here once an overview of benefits for you:

  • Unique designs from  Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection
  • 100% Certified organic
  • Generous sized to suit disposable and reusable nappies
  • Socially, ethically and environmentally friendly
  • Shrink significant less than regular baby clothes
  • Buttery soft cotton
  • Socially, ethically and environmentally friendly

Finn+Emma baby clothes are perfect for your babies’ sensitive skin; the buttery soft cotton is perfect to comfort your newborn. We all want to reassure our baby with the best and safest products, and this new collection will an ideal choice for your newborn baby.

Please leave any comments and feedback below about Finn+Emma buttery soft cotton or any other input in regards to Jamie-Lynn Sigler collection.

Looking forwards to hearing  from you,


Graphic Tee and Body suit Jamie-Lynn Sigler Collection


100% Organic




Limited designs only



  • unique collection by Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  • 100% certified organic
  • Premium quality


  • Limited designs
  • Limited sizing(body suite only up till 12 months
  • Only in the U.S region available

4 thoughts on “New in Baby Clothes-(Organic Graphic designs by Jamie-Lynn Sigler)”

  1. I love hearing about new baby brands that I’ve never heard of before. I love supporting small businesses, and I love organic clothing, I am also obsessed with buying clothes that won’t cause reactions to my baby’s skin. One of my daughters has really sensitive skin. 

     Shame it’s only available in the US and not the UK because the clothes look adorable and my daughter would’ve looked so cute in them!

    • Hi Hollie Rose, thank you for your comment, and I very much agree with you. 

      Perhaps Finn+Emma will consider offering their unique products outside the US in the future. Unfortunately, I have not found an organic style brand like Finn+Emma in Europe just yet. Still, with the increasing popularity to follow a sustainable lifestyle, and I am sure our choices on organic baby clothes will increase soon.

      Best wishes to you and your family,


  2. Oh, they really have a lot of cute designs. My cousin’s daughter will have an upcoming birthday party next month, and I’m thinking to buy her a unique baby cloth. I love that they are eco-friendly, but the cons just devastate me. I live in Asia, so it isn’t possible to buy them. Do you know a similar brand that’s available for worldwide shipping? Thanks

    • Hi there, thanks a lot for your reply and I am sorry you are outside the area these beautiful unique baby clothes are available. I have never come across a brand across the globe who are selling simulair style and quality baby clothes as these collectons, but I will keep an eye open and let you know whwn I come across a brand in your area.

      have a wonderful day.



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