Unique Organic Baby Clothes For Girl’s-{2021}

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Organic baby clothes for girl's-Toddler sound a sleep with soft toy.
Organic baby clothes for girl’s-Toddler sound a sleep with soft toy.

When you follow a sustainable lifestyle and are interested in organic baby clothes, it can take some browsing to find a style you like and a sustainable choice? Have you found the perfect organic baby clothes for your newborn yet?  If not, you are in the right place as we will be sharing some unique Organic baby clothes for girl’s with you today. If you like bold colours and unique designs to stand out from the main crowd, you are in the right track to find where you are looking for. But before checking out some unique, organic garments for girl’s, we love to go briefly over some of the benefits of choosing organic. Do you like to join?

What is the sustainable value of choosing organic baby clothes?

Many new parents follow more sustainable lifestyles and value more sustainable options to dress their newborn baby. There are several ways to make more sustainable choices for using baby clothes, but today we like to share the sustainable value of organic cotton.

Most cotton grown worldwide is conventional cotton; however, more farms now choose a more eco-friendly approach and have committed to starting growing organic cotton.

Organic baby clothes for girl's-White cotton plant.
Organic baby clothes for girl’s-White cotton plant.

Growing organic cotton has significant benefits compared to growing traditional cotton as it is done in a more eco-friendly way. (Well at least this is true when you purchase items carrying the G.O.T.S logo).

Did you know that organic cotton uses far less water to grow than conventional cotton”?

Benefits of choosing certified organic

When looking for organic baby clothes, perhaps you have seen some garments with a G.O.T.S logo(global Organic Textile Standard) on the label. When garments carrying the G.O.T.S logo, the garments are certified organic and meet high stringent standards.

It will either tell you ‘made with organic’ or ‘organic‘ and when the label states ‘made with organic‘, there is less organic fibres in the garments than the items which state ‘organic’.

In contrast to choosing organic without certification, when choosing certified organic, you can have peace of mind to see your babies grow in eco-friendly garments made by people who got paid a fair, livable wage to look after their families’.

General benefits of organic baby clothes

Other than organic cotton is a sustainable choice; cotton has many other benefits too.

Organic baby clothes for girl's-Mother holding her precious newborn baby.
Organic baby clothes for girl’s-Mother holding her precious newborn baby.

Hypoallergenic Did you know to cotton is naturally hypoallergenic? This means that there is less chance that the skin reacts to the fabric, which makes organic cotton a perfect choice for the sensitive baby skin.

Breathable- cotton is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping your babies’ skin dry and comfy.

Gentle on the skin– Organic cotton from good quality is super comfy and super soft. The brand Finn Emma using the words buttery soft to describe their garments.

More durableOrganic cotton is more durable than regular cotton and will stay in great condition for an extended period of time. 

Selling options Organic baby clothes are a good investment return as they are perfect for selling as pre-loved items, which is actually a pretty popular trend in 2021. 

Sell back programs– Several organic baby brands offer some sort of a sell-back opportunity in the U.S. This allows you to sell the baby clothes back after your baby has outgrown the garments.

Finn Emma Organic baby clothes for girl’s

Ok, we know organic baby clothes are a great sustainable and ethical choice and a great fabric for you baby to feel comfy and cozy. Now it is time to share some unique, organic styles as we promised you.

Are you ready to check out some opportunities for cute organic baby clothes for girl’s? Ok, let’s do it.

Today we have 2 different styles of organic baby clothes for girl’s to share with you. The first brand we like to share is the U.S brand, Finn Emma You can tell that the founder of Finn + Emma, Anna Schwengle, wanted to change the stigma that Organic clothing has to be boring and brown. You can tell she succeeded with this looking at their colourful organic clothing collections and their success in multiple countries across the globe.

Finn Emma is certified organic with G.O.T.S and 100 % organic cotton across their brands. They have a colourful collection of organic baby clothes for girl’s with bold prints and colours. They also have a large graphic collection to choose from, perfect for boys and girls.

Organic baby clothes for girl’s from Art & Eden

We like to share the second organic baby brand today: Art & Eden, the other unique U.S brand passionate about sustainability and ethical standards. Art & Eden is certified organic with G.O.T.S as well. All the girl line garments are made with organic cotton while the boy’s garments are made with a mixture of organic cotton and upcycled polyester.

Art & Eden support artists globally to make unique designs for their organic garments, making their clothing line unique.

Art & Eden has a ‘rewear’ collection and is a proud member of Kidizen as well, which is a platform you can sell and buy pre-loved baby and kids clothes in great condition. If you purchase Art & Eden’s clothing items, you can sell the items on Kidizen as long as they are still in good condition meeting the Kidizen guidelines.

Art & Eden baby clothes for girl’s are having bold colours and unique prints. If you like to jump the mainstream and like unique designs while supporting an ethical brand, you will love the organic baby clothes for girls from Art & Eden.

Final thoughts on unique, organic baby clothes for Girl’s.

Organic baby clothes become more accessible and affordable with more innovative businesses choosing for an eco-friendly sustainable approach. Organic clothes putting less strain on the environment as only low toxic dyes are used, and organic cotton is grown in a more eco-friendly way.

Organic baby clothes are not only better for the enviroment, but better for babies‘ as well. Organic garments are super soft and gentle on the skin. Organic clothing has moved away from the stigma to be boring thanks to Finn Emma and Art Eden, who have launched colourful organic collections with bold colours.

We hope this article on organic baby clothes for girl’s brought you some new inspiration on organic garments for little persons. Sustainable garments have the future. It is exciting to see how organic baby brands take the lead and offer sustainable services to make organic garments accessible for a broader audience and more babies to enjoy.



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