Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes worth it?

Have you had the chance to feel the significant difference between the softness of organic and non-organic baby clothes? If you did, you might be like us and don’t want anything else after feeling the buttery-soft organic baby clothes.

Alternatively, organic cotton may be new to you, and you like to learn more about the substantial benefits of buying organic baby clothes?

Is paying more for organic cotton worthwhile? Are the high price tags helpful?

Considering organic cotton

We want to make the very best choices for our family, especially for our little ones and their sensitive skin. So often, we reconsider all our previous life choices after bringing a new baby home. 

Our society slowly grows awareness of how our lifestyle choices affect the environment, and interest increases in making more sustainable life choices.

Speaking for myself, my lifestyle choices are leaving lots of room for improvement to be more sustainable. Still, the subject is definitely on my mind, and I try to discover how I can improve my daily choices to be more organic and sustainable in the future, step by step…

100% cotton clothing

Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-White Cotton Threads Spools.
Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-White Cotton Threads Spools.

What is wrong with 100% cotton? Beautiful, breathable and more affordable! I thought cotton is a reasonably good choice?

Unfortunately, this seems far from the truth. Non-organic cotton is grown from genetically modified seeds. The seeds are designed to be resistant to bugs so the plant won’t get eaten. But the insects get resistant, and therefore more, and more pesticides are needed to grow the plant.

Benefits of organic cotton

Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-Cotton ball on stem.
Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-Cotton ball on a stem.

What about organic cotton? What are the benefits?

Organic cotton is grown from genetically unmodified seeds. In the process of growing and harvesting cotton, there is no use of synthetic chemicals. Also, the harvesting process is different.

Using organic cotton has excellent benefits compared to non-organic cotton, such as:

  • Healthier for body and mind.
  • Avoid allergic reactions from the skin
  • Safer and healthier life for the farmers.
  • Environmentally friendly with no use of synthetic chemicals and less water use during the growing of the cotton.
  • Higher quality product.

Harvesting cotton

Did you ever notice the difference in the softness of non-organic and organic clothes?

Non-organic cotton is, in most cases, picked by machine due to high demand. In this process, the fibres break
easily and are not pure anymore. Also, the herbicide is used during the harvest to kill the weeds that da the cotton.

Organic cotton is handpicked. In this process, no chemicals are needed, and the fibres of the cotton won’t damage.

Organic cotton is a softer and longer-lasting product than items made out of chemically treated and damaged cotton.

Why is babies’ skin so sensitive?

Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-Close up from babies skin.
Are the benefits of organic cotton worth it?-Close up from babies skin.

Our babies’ skin is more sensitive than adult skin. This is because babies’ epidermis layer (the upper layer, which protects us from the outside world) is built from tiny cells and three times thinner than adult skin. It becomes easy irritated, and substances will penetrate deeper into babies’ skin than into the surface of an adult.

Babies cannot tolerate chemicals very well; therefore, leftover chemicals in clothing can easily irritate babies’ skin and cause allergic reactions.

How organic are you?

More people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating organic and the long term risks of eating non-organic food.

Knowledge has grown that all the pesticides used to grow our food are not very good for our health and the environment.

More and more researchers claim that these chemicals can contribute to side effects in our body, including asthma, obesity, learning disabilities, autism and diabetes.

Eating organic can be challenging for various reasons. First of all, a wide range of fruit and vegetables can be hard to find. Secondly, we often have to pay a high price for organic items. 

However, it seems like our society is slowly starting to eat more organic and make environmentally healthier choices.

Affordable ways to be more organic

One of the more affordable ways to be more organic, food-wise, might be growing as much as you can at home if you have the opportunity.

Growing produce at home also contributes to a healthier environment as well.

Growing things that grow naturally in your climate is a win-win and successful for people who are not highly talented gardeners.

Regarding organic clothes, did you know there are companies out there where you can return organic newborn clothes after your child has grown out of them, which makes using organic clothes for your baby much more affordable? You can check out a company having such deals available. To check it out, click here.

Room for improvement

Well, if I can speak for myself, there are many changes I’d like to make for myself and my family to be healthier and more environmentally friendly. Even though they will be baby steps in my life, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

I have to change my babies nappies to a healthier and more environmental friendlier choice. I was reading today about eco nappies, and  I wonder about eco nappies’ performance and sustainability improvement compared to regular disposable nappies.

Cloth nappies are something I considered as well, highly popular with mums today already.

I definitely will look into organic clothes, especially for my baby girl. Also, I’d like to see more things we can quickly grow ourselves, even though we already grow Bananas,  passionfruit, pawpaw, pineapple, ginger and many herbs.

We live in the tropics, and our babies don’t need too many clothes up here as they can run around in nappies:). However, we always have to be aware of the sunshine, but this is a whole other story again for another day!

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6 thoughts on “Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes worth it?”

  1. Your article is very nice. I don’t have kids. I haven’t heard of organic clothes. I agree with you that people have become more aware of the environment, so organic cotton is good for both babies and the environment. It’s better to choose organic clothes for babies’ as their skin is more sensitive. Thanks for pointing out the differences between organic cotton clothing and non-organic cotton clothes.

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. I was not very aware previously but I am happy I have more awareness now.
      You are right, if we have the opportunity I think it is beneficial for babies’ to wear organic clothes to comfort their sensitive skin. The organic clothes have such a nice feel to them as well, you can really tell the difference and it is great to contribute to an environmentally-friendly choice as well. My preference is deffintly to buy organic. Thank again for your input. Jude

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. I am happy you enjoyed reading the article. I do enjoy making more organic choices with my family. I hope you feel inspired too. Jude

  2. I’m so glad you’ve written an article on choosing organic. It’s not an easy thing to do, but as you say every little help and if we can even start with one thing, then that is a step in the right direction.

    It’s great to hear that there are organic options out there for little ones. Do you know I’ve never really thought about organic in terms of clothing? I think that’s wonderful that you’re highlighting this.

    I think the main thing I struggle with, is how much more expensive it is to go organic, but as you say we can do things like grow more of our own produce. I sometimes like to go to the local market as well because I’ve been told, if it’s hard to afford organic this is the next best thing.

    Great article and I will definitely endeavour to get more organic options in my life in future. As you say, every little helps 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie, thanks for stopping by and reading my article. So True that it is tricky organic produce and items are not the cheapest options. It definitely adds up.
      But like you say, every little step helps and I find more budget shops are offering organic items for an affordable price.
      Also, I definitely enjoy the organic produce in our garden. Having the knowledge there are no pesticides used to grow them is a very comfortable feeling.
      Thank you so much for your input.


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