What are Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothing in the U.S.A?

Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothing

Fair trade organic baby clothing-Fair trade organic cotton baby clothes 'animal kingdom'

You may have arrived here because you are interested to learn more about organic and Fairtrade baby clothing, or you might be searching for a reliable brand providing organic fair trade baby clothing for your bub.

What does fair trade and organic mean and the difference between ‘fair trade’ and ‘fairtrade’?  Also, we explain the differences in the quality of organic baby clothing.

What is the difference between ‘fairtrade and fair trade?

-What does fair trade mean?

Good question; what does it mean?

The Cambridge dictionary gives us the following answer when we ask what ‘fair trade means:

‘A way of buying and selling products that make certain that the people who produce the goods receive a fair price’.

Okay, now let’s look at what the Collins dictionary says: what fair trade means?

‘is the practice of buying goods directly from producers in developing countries at a fair price’.

And lastly, let’s ask the famous oxford dictionary:

‘involving trade that supports producers in developing countries by paying fair prices and ensuring that workers have good working conditions and fair pay.’

Well, I think the message is evident that the meaning of fair trade is pretty straight forwards. Companies or brands ensure to pay a fair, livable wage to the workers in developing countries who produce the products for their brand.  Purchasing appropriate trade products is a powerful way for consumers to help reducing poverty.

There are a lot of people not as lucky to work for fair trade. Often these people are working in unsafe work conditions too. Lately, I have learned the absolute truth about issues going on in fast fashion and how these garments are made.

Serious concerns of the fast fashion industry

Knowing more about the fast fashion industry issues gave me a different perspective and appreciation towards brands who try to make a difference by choosing to work with producers paying their workers a fair, livable wage.

I can tell you quite honestly that learning more details about cheaper baby clothes have shocked me. Maybe you always know somewhere that something is not on with affordable clothing. Still, when you open your eyes for it, and the absolute truth reaches your awareness, it makes you rethink life choices and potential improvements you can make.

The issues going on in the fast fashion industry are not easy to resolve. However, the problems in fast fashion have to be discussed. We are not going in more depth with this just now as we focus on fair trade and socially responsible baby brands in this article.

It is great to see commitment and passion from certain brands that try to make a difference. The choices brands make to manufacture their products directly reflect on the individuals involved’ quality of life.

Fairtrade, on the other hand, is a certification you can apply for as a business. You probably know the logo you can find on fairtrade coffee and tea. To carry the title ‘fairtrade’, you have to meet the fair trade association’s standards. If the applicant follows the best appropriate trade practice in their business and matches the association standards, they may use the excellent trader logo on their products.

To be clear, In this article, we talk about fair trade in the state of baby clothes made paa golden table, livable wage; we are not talking about the certification ‘fairtrade’ in baby clothes.

What are organic baby clothes?

Organic baby clothing uses organic cotton grown without harsh chemicals that have massive benefits for our health and environment. As the trend in sustainability and organic products is becoming very popular, we see many brands trying to sell organic (baby) clothes.

Fair trade organic baby clothes-Fair trade organic jumpsuit 'the lama's'
Fairtrade organic baby clothes-Fair trade organic jumpsuit ‘the lamas’.

Be aware of what you buy, though, as some of the brands trying to trick us into buying their products labelled organic offering a shortcut to an authentic organic product.

Well, at least, that is how I see it. Of course, I was excited to find cheaper organic baby clothes first, and it is excellent that organic baby clothes become more accessible.

Then I started wondering how this organic baby clothes Kmart, target, and Best and Less could sell for this cheap?

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t write this to say it is terrible to buy cheaper organic baby clothes; we can only afford what meets our budget, and I own some of those products.

I share what I have learned about organic products through my research and experience, as I am genuinely interested in organic garments. I hope this allows others to make the best-informed decisions, whatever this may be, and potentially inform them about alternative options I discovered they might be interested in.

I am not going into much detail about cheaper organic baby clothing as I wrote previously about this; you can check it out here.

What are G.O.T.S certified baby clothes?

Brown stem with white cotton balls
Brown stem with white cotton balls

Several certifications brands ensure high organic standards, such as G.O.T.S what stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. Brands that carry this certification have to meet their organic standards to receive the certificate.

I like to share with you about organic baby clothing that you can check for certified organic baby clothes to ensure you buy high-quality organic clothing. When purchasing G.O.T.S approved garments, the apparel has to be at least 70% organic.

Furthermore, certified G.O.T.Ss can only use certain eco-friendly dyes in their garments. It is mandatory to have a functional wastewater treatment plant that must comply with social criteria.

However, the standards require a minimum of 70% organic fibres. There are baby brands that are 100%organic.

A G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile standards) certification is the world-leading standard of the textile industry.

Other certifications like Oeko-Tex standard 100

Other certifications brands can commit toensuringCotoo ensuringhconsumersarments are free from harsh chemicals are certifications like  Oeko-Tex standard 100 who test garments to be free of a list of harmful substances for humans. The list of numerous toxic substances is updated yearly.

When you purchase a garment with a label certification of Oeko-Tex standards 100, you can be confident that every component of this item is tested for harmful substances for humans’ health.

How are fair trade and baby clothes related?

Often high-quality baby clothing brands prioritise quality over quantity, value high ethical standards, and have a transparent production chain for their brand.

Fair trade organic baby clothing-Fair trade organic graphic onesie
Fairtrade organic baby clothing-Fair trade organic graphic onesie.

What does a transparent production chain mean? It means that they can produce evidence about details of where and how their products are manufactured. They know what is going on during manufacturing, and they can ensure their products are made ethically.

They know where their products are made and ensure fair wages are paid to the worker making their garments. Also, work conditions have to be safe and healthy.

It makes me very happy to find some baby brands that prioritise high-quality organic products and ensure high ethical practice across their brand.

Luckily, more brands now start valuing quality and high ethical standards, but there are still significant work ethics issues in the textile industry.

Let’s hope that more brands will follow brands’ footsteps maintaining high ethical values across their brand.

Is fair trade organic baby clothing affordable?

Fairtrade organic baby clothing is of high quality and made to avoid landfills. No, they are not as cheap as a budget shop onesie of $5,-who are made with low-quality fabrics to end up in landfill, so you be back in the shop they get more.

We can’t compare apples with pears, can we? In my opinion, you get where you pay for, and good quality baby clothes are perfect for second and third siblings or to be sold as a pre’ loved item. What quality clothing is cheaper if you look at it long term.

They are not super cheapest, but if you like to use fair trade organic baby clothing and it doesn’t fit your current budget, do not worry as there are alternatives now.

There is plenty of organic baby clothing in excellent used condition available now. High-quality baby clothing is only used for a short period as newborn babies outgrown their garments so quickly. As organic clothing is such a high quality and only used a little, they are ideal as a pre-loved item with plenty of use left for a subsequent baby.

Selling and purchasing pre-loved organic baby clothing have become quite popular, and several businesses are incorporated buying and selling second-hand Organic baby clothes now.

A final thought on Fairtrade baby clothing?

Hopefully, the trend on sustainability and high ethical lifestyle keep increasing in popularity.

It might push the cheap baby clothing brands to pick up their game and improve workers’ work conditions making their garments. It will be a significant improvement if they start using higher-quality fabrics to use less clothing. All workers should also be paid a fair, livable wage and have a safe and healthy work environment.

Fair trade organic baby clothing-Fair trade organic cotton mermaid jumpsuit
Fairtrade organic baby clothing-Fair trade organic cotton mermaid jumpsuit

You check out here a baby brands who choose to choose for fair trade and  100% certified organic products are unique and making a real difference with their products.

They stand out from the crowd as they prioritise quality over quantity and choose to be socially responsible, ensuring the high ethical standards of all chains involved in their brand.

Hopefully, the brands who choose an ethical and sustainable approach are the future brands and will be inspiring other brands to follow in their footsteps to improve sustainability and ethical standards in their brand’s products.

It may be easier to be said than done, but we can all make a small difference step by step.

If you like to share any experience or have any feedback, we love to hear you in the comments below, or you can use the contact form in the mean menu.

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8 thoughts on “What are Organic Fair Trade Baby Clothing in the U.S.A?”

  1. Love love love this site. I am so glad you have explained the differences not just for the words of fair trade, fairtrade but also how these cute clothing are made, what there will do to the producers. I find it extremely important to support these companies. Not just for there values but also for the purpose and impact you can make when buying these cute baby clothing. 

    • Hi Andrea, I am so happy you enjoyed my site. I totally agree, you as the consumer can make all the difference of the outcome of other humans quality of life. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Best wishes.


  2. Wow, thank you very much for this website. I love it. I’m always worried about the effects of what my children put on their bodies or in their mouths and their effects on their health.

    I found this information very enlightening. I live in a third world country but was quite unaware of all this. Thanks for the definitions of fair trade and fair trade too. This has been a really enlightening read.

    I will be looking out for the GOTS certification.
    Looking into this
    Thank you.

    Candy Benn

    • Hi Candy, I am happy you enjoyed my article about fair trade organic baby clothes and if you like to learn more about a brand selling G.O.T.S certified and fair trade baby clothes you can check it out here https://justcutebabyclothes.co… 

      This is an U.S brand so I am not sure it will ship to your current location though. If they don’t ship to your location and you like some help finding a brand close to your location, feel free to reach out and I happy to help finding a certified fair trade brand close to you.

      Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Hello Jude, thanks for helping out with such a clean and understandable article. I have been really working around the internet since my wife told me there was organic clothing and I felt like it’s not possible at all. Seeing it here has made me really happy, and this type of clothes will be safer for our kids to wear and that is great 

    • Hi Justin, I am so happy this article was helpful to you. It’s great to see more brands are making an effort to offer sustainable and ethical products. Hopefully, this will be the norm for the future, and more parents will find their way and find these brands offering products prioritising high ethical standards and your babies’ health and comfort.

      Have s great day.


  4. It was interesting to learn about organic fair trade clothing. I had no idea clothes could be organic. I do find it fascinating that organic clothes are made with less harsh chemicals. I didn’t even know that was an option. It’s also cool that you found some for an excellent price while still maintaining excellent quality. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Lex, thank you for leaving us a comment. I have not always been do aware of these options too but learning more about Fair trade and Organic baby clothes and feel very passionate about it.

      It is great to see sustainability and high ethical standards are becoming more popular now.

      Best wishes.



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