Pat Pat Baby Clothes-{Is it a legit or a scam?}

Pat Pat Baby Clothes

Pat Pat baby clothes-Cute knitted rain deer set
Pat Pat baby clothes-Cute knitted rain deer set.

When you are looking for baby clothes, and you are not sure yet what style or fashion trend you like for your bub, you have an abundance of choice by Pat Pat baby clothes online. Pat Pat is an online shopping platform with a wide variety of product for sale available with significant discounts from the regular price.

The main products they sell are clothing items, but they have some baby shoes, baby accessories and home gear available as well.

The little ones are the centre of the shopping platform, and you can see this back in the abundance of Pat Pat baby clothes on offer.

Pat Pat’s pricing is very affordable, and they have many sales and coupon actions for there shoppers. There assortment of choice in baby clothes get updated daily, and you will see there is never a dull moment shopping at Pat Pat. You can find the newest fashion items available for your bub and family and Pat Pat operate in more than 80 countries across the globe.

The creation of Pat Pat

The online shopping platform of Pat Pat created in 2014 by Albert Wang and his friend Ken Gao. When Ken expected his first child, he experienced a lacking of both functional and fashionable baby clothing available for his baby. After having issues finding baby clothes for his bub, Ken created the shopping platform Pat Pat together with his friend Albert.

The platform is created for moms to find great deals for themselves and their family members while saving al lot of time shopping. Pat Pat understand moms are busy and have created a platform which is really user friendly and family orientated.

The mission of Pat Pat

The little ones are the centre of the platform and that you will found back in the endless choices of garments for your little one. Pat pat is passionate to provide affordable, trendy clothing for your children. But also quality and safety are high on their priority list.

Pat Pat has created a smart and time-saving platform as you can combine matching and

Pat pat baby clothes-Baby girl baby clothes set 'Blessed'
Pat pat baby clothes-Baby girl baby clothes set ‘Blessed.’

You are sizing while shopping for the entire family. You will find out how convenient this is when you may have a browse a bit later.

One of the styles they expel in is matching family clothing. It is quite exciting to experience the variety of choice but also the continuous new arrivals in their stock supplies. It never gets dull bumping into the same items over and over again while shopping at Pat Pat.

Other than matching family outfits, Pat Pat has clothing for many different occasions, and they have made shopping for your family a breeze and pleasurable experience. Pat Pat is a real shopping platform for the whole family.

Is Pat Pat a scam?

You will find that you can shop with a significant discount on the platform of Pat Pat. You may wonder how is it

Pat Pat baby clothes-Adorable fleece coat and leopard print baby clothe set
Pat Pat baby clothes-Adorable fleece coat and leopard print baby clothing set

possible to offer such cheap prices while still providing quality clothing. To step it up even higher, Pat Pat also have a quality guarantee they promise with any garments purchased.

When browsing online, you will find that many people question off Pat Pat is a scam probably because it just sounds too good to be true. Quality for such a low price doesn’t seem quite possible.

Well, Pat Pat promise that they can offer you this cheap pricing as they have cut out the middle person and works directly with the manufacturers of the products they are selling on their platform. Therefore they can offer low prices for their customers.

For all readers who like to find out of Pat, Pat is Legit or not and don’t have the time to read this whole article you may want to skip all that and read the conclusion.

My conclusion is based on online research of user experiences, and I think Pat Pat is not a scam but do have some errors. The biggest error costumers have mentioned there is inconsistency in sizing.

Most reviews I watched are considered positive as the prices are so inexpensive people seem to be loyal for small errors such as inconsistent sizing. However, your experience may differ, and your experience will highly depend on your expectations as well.

I did come across a couple of people complaining about customer service, but I suppose you only will find out about this when contacting them.

Other user mentioned being very impressed with the sipping and how they were continuously updated on the shopping progress.

After reviewing and researching Pat Pat baby clothes, we have decided to find out more about their product and service.

Stay tuned for any updates.

So does Pat Pat deliver?

When browsing online for Pat Pat baby clothes, you will find both positive and negative reviews online. Disappointments are mainly about the customer service and some about the delay in delivering but overall a lot of people are surprised about the quality considered the cheap pricing. Also, some people mention inconsistency in the sizing, but most people are not too worried as the pricing is that cheap and are considered happy with their bargain.

Many people are curious and place an order by Pat Pat purely out of curiosity of the baby clothes are as cute as on their website and to find out what baby clothes they receive for such a cheap price tag.

Of course, there is always a risk when ordering clothing online as you can’t try it on or have a feel of the fabric but and I think there will always be people going to be disappointed and people who are happy with their shopping experience but overall most occasions I have read about are somewhat optimistic. Check the following lady placing an order at Pat Pat to find out more about Pat Pat. When you want to see more customer experiences, head over to youtube and many ladies are reviewing Pat Pat and placing a video online.

When going through all the youtube videos, most mums are pretty positive about Pat Pat. Even though there are small errors, mainly sizes inconsistent, I think you feel like it doesn’t upset most people to match as the price is that low. Nevertheless, when you would purchase an outfit meant for immediate wearing, you may be very disappointed indeed if the size is not accurate. It seems the sizes are instead on the big side which is useful in one way so baby can grow into it.

How can Pat Pat has daily exciting new offers on their platform?

Pat Pat is active from in the early morning to find you the newest best deals to sell on their platforms. These actions create an opportunity for you to purchase Pat, Pat baby clothes and other family items for a significant discount. Some of the price cuts on their products are as high as 90% of the regular price. (yes you heard it correctly, up to 90%)

Where in the world does Pat Pat operate?

Pat pat’s trademark is registered in the Us and Ireland, and they operate worldwide. Many countries across the world can enjoy Pat Pat platform now. Pat pat is available at this stage in more than 80 countries across the globe. Some of the countries Pat Pat offers their amazing deals are as the following,( please note this is not a complete list of all nations as there are more than 80 Countries in total):

  • Australia
  • U.S
  • New Zealand
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Brasil
  • Canada
  • French
  • U.K
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden
  • Spain

Shipping your order

Pat Pat gives you a choice between express or standard delivering to ship items. Your preference of express or standard delivering and your location will affect how long the delivering time will be. If you shop above a specified amount of money, (this vary per country how high this amount is), free delivering may apply.

Please note that sending items back to Pat Pat for various reasons is done on your own expense.

Pat Pat give Quality guarantee for their garments.

Pat Pat promise quality garments and have a logo displayed about the quality guarantee they promise for all garments they sell. They have a 30-day policy to return items if the products don’t mee the high-quality standards they promise or in other circumstances, and there are issues with sizing.

Please note that you have to return items correctly and contact customer service to ensure how to do so. As mentioned before, expenses to return the purchased products are for the consumer. *Please note that conditions apply to be able to return items.

What style of baby clothes does Pat Pat sell?

In this review, we focus on Pat Pat baby clothes, and there is a wide variety of baby clothes available. Parents seeking affordable and fashionable clothing items for their babies will be in luck by Pat Pat.

The latest kids and baby fashion for 2020 

‘Some of the baby styles trending in 2020 are complete baby clothes sets which are a convenient way of shopping for busy mums as the matching is already done for you’.

These baby clothing sets are just perfect for everyday use, as a gift or for a photoshoot they come in very handy too. Pat Pat have them available for baby boys and baby girls. The girls are lucky as many sets have cute hair accessories.

Pat Pat baby clothes-Matching family Christmas PJs
Pat Pat baby clothes-Matching family Christmas PJs

‘Other popular fashion trends where Pat Pat is smashing it out of the park are matching outfits. If you either looking for affordable mother-daughter outfits, or you like to cozy up this Christmas with matching Christmas Pjs for your family to ensure daddy and sons don’t miss out on the dress-up fun. Pat Pat, have you sorted with an abundance of choice’.

If you like to learn more about kids and babies fashion clothes trending in 2020, you can read more here.

The final thought about Pat Pat baby clothes

Pat Pat has created quite a unique shopping platform. This website is interesting for parents and carers looking for fashionable baby clothes for a bargain price.  Shopping with Pat Pat has never a dull moment as they have daily new stock and their offers are super sharp. Also, their website is super user friendly, to be fair one of the most friendly websites I have come across. You can tell they have worked on making the shopping experience pleasurable and very easy.

Keep in mind though that the pricing is very cheap and that there are many reviews and most of the ones  I watched are considered positive. If you have high expectations, perhaps you would be disappointed as it seems there could a few errors occur in the process.

Pat pat baby clothes are available in abundance as children are the centre of their webshop. Pat Pat products are available in more than 80 countries and specially designed for the convenience of busy mums to shop for their whole family.

For all brands and companies is a place and you will have to consider if you like to take the chance to get a great bargain and find out for yourself of Pat Pat is word giving a shot, just keep in mind the sizing may be inaccurate. If you are keen but you still have doubts, you could head over to youtube and watch some more videos with Pat Pat experiences.

If you have any experience or feedback about Pat Pat baby clothes or shopping experience with Pat Pat, we can leave them in the comments.

Thank you for reading; we are looking forwards to hearing from you.


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