What’re Pat Pat Baby Clothes? -Are they worth it?

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Boutique baby clothes in a cute bunny outfit lay on a rug with a teddy bear

What are Pat Pat’s baby clothes?

However, you can dress the whole family in the clothing available by Pat Pat; when you are familiar with Pat Pat, you probably have noticed that babies are the centre of Pat Pat’s user-friendly shopping platform.

Are these bargain-priced baby clothes worth it?

Who created Pat Pat?

The online shopping platform of Pat Pat was created in 2014 by Albert Wang and his friend Ken Gao. When Ken expected his first child, he experienced a lack of both functional and fashionable baby clothing available for his baby. So, after having issues finding baby clothes for his baby, Ken created the shopping platform Pat Pat together with his friend Albert.

The platform is created for moms to find great deals for themselves and their family members while saving time shopping. Pat Pat understands moms are busy and has developed a user-friendly and family-oriented platform.

What’s the mission of Pat Pat?

Pat pat baby clothes-Baby girl baby clothes set 'Blessed'
Pat pat baby clothes-Baby girl baby clothes set ‘Blessed.’

The little ones are the centre of the platform, and you will find endless choices of garments for your little one. Pat Pat is passionate about providing affordable, trendy clothing for your children. But quality and safety are also high on their priority list.

Pat Pat has created an innovative and time-saving platform where you can find many pre-coordinated outfits.

The way they have structured their shopping platform is hands down one of the most user-friendly I have come across.

You will find out how convenient this is when you may have a browse a bit later.

Why are Pat Pat’s baby clothes so cheap?

You will find that you can shop with a significant discount on the Pat Pat platform. You may wonder how it is

Pat Pat baby clothes-Adorable fleece coat and leopard print baby clothe set
Pat Pat baby clothes fleece coat and leopard print baby clothing set

It is possible to offer such cheap prices while still providing quality clothing. To increase it, Pat Pat has a quality guarantee they promise with any garments purchased.

When browsing online, you will find that many people probably question Pat Pat as a scam because it just sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, quality for such a low price doesn’t seem quite possible.

Pat Pat explains their bargain pricing because they have cut out the middleman and worked directly with the manufacturers.

For all readers who would like to learn more about Pat Pat’s baby clothes, this short conclusion might be helpful…

How can Pat Pat has new stock daily?

Pat Pat is active from early morning to find you the newest best deals to sell on their platforms.

These actions create an opportunity for you to purchase Pat, Pat’s baby clothes and other family items for a significant discount. Some price cuts on their products are as high as 90% of the regular price.

Who can order Pat Pat’s baby clothes?

Pat Pat’s trademark is registered in the U.S. and Ireland, but they are an international brand available across more than 80 countries globally. Some of the countries Pat Pat offers their amazing deals can be found below: ( please note this is not a complete list of all nations as there are more than 80 Countries in total):

  • Australia
  • The U.S.
  • New Zealand
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • French
  • U.K
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden
  • Spain

What’re styles of baby clothes worth checking out at Pat Pat?

Pat Pat baby clothes-Matching family Christmas PJs
Pat Pat baby clothes family Christmas P.J.s

Coordinated baby clothes outfits: Pat Pat is the place to go for joint baby clothes sets. These sets often include cute headbands for the girls, but Pat Pat is also a great place to find various cute baby boy outfits.

Matching outfits Another popular fashion trend where Pat Pat has an abundance of choice is matching outfits. Suppose you are looking for mother-daughter matching or family-matching outfits like cozy matching Christmas P.J.s. Pat Pat, have you sorted with an abundance of choice’.

What are Pat Pat’s shipping conditions?

Pat Pat ships their items from China, and your choice between express or standard delivery will affect the delivery time. Depending on your location, some countries have free shipping costs above a certain amount.

Remember that multiple people had to wait an extended period to receive their ordered items. Still, we and many others received orders within a shorter period.

When you are under time pressure to receive your parcel, it is perhaps not the best time to try out Pat Pat’s bargain outfits.

No time to read our full review? Read our shortcut version here, where we share the 3 top things to remember when you consider trying Pat’s baby clothes.

#1 Shipping time: If you need baby clothes in a limited timeframe, you may want to reconsider ordering from Pat Pat at the right time, as multiple customers had long waiting times for their orders.

#2 Inconsistent sizing-Inconsistent sizing must be one of the top challenges for many baby clothes brands, including Pat Pat. Multiple customers have reported inconsistency in the sizing of their ordered items. This is something to remember, as ordered items may not fit immediately; ordering smaller sizes is too tricky.

#3 Inconsistent quality Through our own experience and research, we have learned the quality of Pat Pat may include inconsistency. However, you could end up with an excellent quality t-shirt as we did; still, the quality of the matching jumpsuits we ordered was underwhelming.

What about Pat Pat’s Quality guarantee for their garments?

Pat Pat promises quality garments and has a logo displayed about the quality guarantee; still, we believe that it will strongly depend on your expectations of Pat Pat’s baby clothes having the quality you expect.

Pat Pat has a 30-day policy to return items if the products don’t meet the high-quality standards they promise, but there are quite a few rules around returning items, and the cost to ship items back is for you as the customer, which can be inconvenient.

From our own experience and learning during our research on Pat Pat’s baby clothes, Pat Pat’s quality can be inconsistent and returning items is not always worth it.

So are Pat Pat’s baby clothes worth it?

You will find plenty of positive and negative reviews online when researching Pat Pat’s baby clothes.

Many people are curious about Pat Pat’s baby clothes and place an order from Pat Pat to find out for themselves.

In our research, we noticed that the most disappointments of Pat Pat are mainly about the customer service and some about the delay in delivery. Still, considering the cheap pricing, many people are surprised about the quality.

Still, some are disappointed by the sizing and quality inconsistency, but most people forgive some flaws, considering the cheap pricing.

Check out the lady below placing an order at Pat Pat to learn more about their baby clothes.

When going through some YouTube videos about Pat’s baby clothes, most mums are optimistic about the products they order from this shopping platform. Even though there are minor errors, mainly sizes inconsistent,

Pat Pat’s baby clothes appear to have flaws, but most people are pretty tolerant and forgiving of this, considering their low pricing. Nevertheless, when you purchase an outfit meant for immediate wearing, you end up disappointed if the size is inaccurate. Keeping these flaws in mind can be helpful to avoid disappointment when ordering from Pat Pat.

Please note that sending items back to Pat Pat for various reasons is done at your own expense.

The final thought about Pat Pat’s baby clothes

However, Pat Pat baby clothes might not be the most sustainable choice; there could be a time and place to give them a go; keep in mind that the shipping time may take longer than you expect, and the quality and sizing could be inconsistent.

The best way to put it is Pat Pat could be hit and miss, but as long as you keep this in mind, you could be in luck and get a great bargain.

Have you tried Pat Pat’s baby clothes?

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