Do Pea Pod Cloth Nappies work?

Several months ago, we started to have an interest in reusable nappies. Hence, we started researching reusable nappies, but we felt quite overwhelmed and last between so many different brands and designs, to be honest with you. The firm pricing of start-up expenses made us feel hesitant to get started too. Even though we were considering to buy trial packs of various brands first, we changed our mind to trying out pea pod cloth nappies as this felt like the most convenient deal at the time.

This review gives you an overview of my experience of using pea pods for my 10-month-old baby.

Peapod starter pack

Pea Pod Cloth Nappies-Baby standing by rocks wearing Pea Pod cloth Nappy
Pea Pod Cloth Nappies-Baby standing by rocks wearing Pea Pod Cloth Nappy

So I decided on the starter pack for various reasons. The nappies are one size fit most. Ten complete nappies are coming in the starter pack, including shell and the bamboo insert.

On top of this, you receive the trial pack for free if you order the starter pack. The trial pack include one nappie, one insert, 1-night booster, one roll of the bamboo liner and one wet bag.


I paid for the starter pack, including ten pea pod. One size fits most nappies are $199.50. This way, It works out $19.95 per complete nappie. If you but the nappies individually you pay $24,95 per whole nappy. That is relatively cheap compared to many other cloth nappies from other brands.

Price Peapod nappies

For nighttime there are boosters available, these have to be purchased separately, any additional bamboo inserts have to be ordered separately.

When purchasing a starter pack by, you receive a starter kit as a gift including one more nappy, a night booster, a roll of the bamboo liner and one wet bag. I thought this was a pretty good deal. They also offered me free shipping.

My nappies arrived

Pea Pod cloth nappies-Pea Pod nappy stack
Pea Pod cloth nappies-Pea Pod nappy stack

After ordering my Pea Pod cloth nappies I was excited to get started, I was happy that the box with nappies arrived not long after I ordered, this went very well. Every nappy was individually wrapped in a wet bag, the same design as the chosen nappy. The bamboo inserts looked honestly fantastic quality, and I was excited to start using something rather natural on my bubs bum instead of synthetic materials.

Prepping Pea Pod Nappies before use

I had chosen some cute designs, and the quality looked terrific. The recommendation is to give the insert and boosters first a few washes or to soak them in water for some time. How the more the material gets washed, the better it works.

The sides of the nappies are adjustable with brah straps. There are three sizes you can adjust the to, size to, S, M or L. They arrived positioned on M, and I left it like this to see how this fits. Ones adjusted to the correct size for your baby you shouldn’t have to worry about this anymore until your babies have grown and the strep need changing.

When the inserts are washed and dried, we are ready to fold them in the nappy, making sure the soft side faces up to touch babies’ skin. You can choose to place the insert in the pocket of the nappy. Additionally, you can set the insert on the top pushing the poppers from the insert on the poppers of the nappy.

I have chosen to try out bamboo liner as well, what should make it easier to clean soiled nappies, and place the thin layer on the top.

Now it is time to test the waters and find out of reusable nappies are my cup of tea? I am excited to start and love the look, so far, so good.

Using pea pod nappies

Cons of using Pea pod cloth nappies

  • Leaks at day time– We had quite a few leaks throughout the first few weeks using Pea Pod cloth nappies. Perhaps some of the leaks could be blamed on not pre-washing, soaking the inserts sufficient before using the nappies. With time, we do a lot better now with day time leaks, and the inserts seem to absorb a lot of liquid. We now change nappies after approx 3 hours, and that works pretty well for us, but really,  it all depends on the individual as every child is unique and one baby is a heavier wetter than—the other.
  • Leaks at night time– At night time we have added the booster. I have to say, it is quite bulky all together, and I have been wondering how comfy this is for a baby. However, my main issue is that we kept having leaks. After washing the bed many times, I gave up on using pea pods on the night time. And we decided to check out some other options for night time. We got the Rascal & Friends Eco nappies to trial and Compostable nappies as well.
  • Adjustable straps not staying in place– The other side note I have to share with you is the bra straps to adjust the sizing. I am pretty sure not the most user-friendly way to manage leaking through the sides of the nappie’s sides suppose to stay in the position you left them in, including during washing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to my pea pods, and I regularly adjust the star.
  • Sizing-Also questioning the sizing as my baby is almost 10 kilo and I have to put the size on S to make the best fit, and still, I don’t feel confident that it is a tight fit an around the legs to minimise chances of leaks. I wonder how a small baby would possibly fit this nappy? I wonder if the sizing and design is perhaps not an ideal fit for my baby.
  • Nappy pockets-The last side note I like to make is using the pocket in the nappy to place the insert. I have trialled this option and experienced the nappy getting wet on the outside.
  • Washing nappies-Perhaps more challenging with runny bowel movements then instructed
  • Bamboo inserts-they are great but can take quite a long time before they are thoroughly dry.

Pros of using Pea Pod cloth nappies

Pea Pod cloth nappies-Bay sitting on the beach wearing Pea Pod Cloth Nappy
Pea Pod cloth nappies-Bay sitting on the beach wearing Pea Pod Cloth Nappy
  • Beautiful inserts-, keep in mind they take some time to dry.
  • Super cute designs-The designs to choose from are super cute.
  • Good quality-Nappies stay in great condition after many washes.
  • Removal of Stains-Stains come out of the insert very easily; I use an old toothbrush and sunlight soap.
  • Individual nappy bags-Great individual bags to take nappy on the go.
  • Shipping-Free over $100,-

However we still use pea pod cloth nappies on day time and are quite happy doing so, I DO NOT highly recommend Pea pod cloth nappies as I think there are way better options out there, but if you really want to try them anyway, consider to buy a couple first to find out how they work for you before investing in a full nappy set up.

Washing Pea pod cloth nappies

When watching the instructions from pea pod nappies, it sounds straightforward to wash the nappies, and really, it is not too hard.

The only thing is that they don’t point out what to do if babies pooh is quite runny and you obviously can’t simply through the nappy in the washing machine as instructed in the user’s video. Even using the bamboo liner didn’t cover it for me as it still went everywhere most times. (This was when my baby was at a younger age).

Now my baby is older, and the bowel movements change, it gets a lot easier, but it is not always as easy as instructed in the youtube video in this article. It is displayed in the youtube video above perhaps a bit more idyllic than it would be in ‘real-life’.  But overall, I don’t think the washing task is too hard.

Initially always follow up washing instructions as per the nappy you purchase as instruction per nappy are different. Additionally, you could check out the clean cloth nappy page on Facebook, a beneficial education page.

Final tips in using reusable nappies

The last thing I like to mention is to consider only changing the insert if the nappy shell is still clean. Utilizing this changing method in your routine will be a more sustainable way of using reusable nappies but only possible if the nappy shell is still dry and clean. If you intend to use the nappies replacing the inserts only (when possible), I recommend ordering more inserts separately to have enough spares to do so.

Final thoughts on Pea pod cloth nappies

However I am not ecstatic about pea pod cloth nappies, I still enjoy using them on day time, and overall they do the job. They also look super cute on bub, and I love the natural bamboo inserts. Perhaps they are not a great fit to the shapes of my babies’ body.

We love the bamboo inserts in the Peapods though, and it is a reassuring thought to have the natural material touching babies skin. They have the ability to absorb a lot of liquid as well but need a longer period to dry so I wouldn’t recommend this for a colder climate.

Of course, this review is my experience only, and even though we still use Peapod cloth nappies happily for day time, I DO NOT RECOMMEND PEA POD CLOTH NAPPIES as I believe are better options out there. However, if you really like to try them out and like to have a browse, I would recommend ordering a trial pack first to see how you Peapod nappies’ work for your baby.

Recently, we trialled Big Softies reusable nappies and was quite impressed with this cheaper reusable nappy. We also came across compostable nappies recently, and we love the concept of this brand so much that we ordered a trial pack to learn more.

Pea pod cloth nappies-Baby walking on beach wearing Pink Pea Pod Cloth Nappy

We hope this information was helpful for you and if you have any more questions about Peapod cloth nappies or have experience or suggestions with reusable nappies you like to share, please leave a comment below.


Pea pod cloth nappies (Individual)


Bamboo inserts


Adjustable straps


Cute designs



  • Free shipping over $100,-
  • easy stain removal
  • Absorbent bamboo inserts


  • Adjastable straps are not user friendly
  • Regular leaks
  • Bamboo inserts need long drying time

4 thoughts on “Do Pea Pod Cloth Nappies work?”

  1. Hi and thank you for this article! As a father of 3, I haven’t much thought about nappies, much more about reusable nappies. I rely on my wife to make that decision. But I have a lot of fair share of changing my kid’s diapers before and I can relate to your article. I really liked how well you describe the reusable nappies by Pea Pod, the Pros and Cons, the Starter Pack, the freebies, the price, the boosters, the free shipping, and what matters most are your experiences with it and your inclination to another product that you mentioned as well and did a review. I am just wondering, what are the bamboo inserts for?

    • Hi Lemuel, thank you for your response to my article on pea pod cloth nappies. To answer your question, the inserts are the part of the nappy what clicks in the waterproof shell. The bamboo insert functions as the absorber of the nappy and holds all the liquid until the nappy gets changed.

      When the shell is still clean if you are going to change the nappy, you can choose to either change the whole nappy, shell and insert, or just change the insert.

      I hope this answers your question if you are interested to watch the video in my article,  they show how the bamboo insert is clicked into the shell.

      Best wishes and kinds regard Jude

  2. I love the designs! Why hide nappies when they can be a fashion statement! I’m glad you chose to try out reusable nappies, we can reduce waste and eliminate single-use products if we all have a go at the alternatives. Too often people think they are too expensive, but they should last considerably longer than throwaway nappies so you may save in the long run. Great, honest account, I hope you make them work for you.

    • Hi Ian, thank you for your response to my review on Pea pod cloth nappies. I agree and love the designs. I am definitely happy with the change to reusable nappies. It is a great feeling to use something more natural for baby and to contribute to friendlier choice for our environment. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes. Jude


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