Reusable nappies Australia-{Review on $15,- Big Softies from Big W}


Best Nappies in Australia-Baby wearing Big softies reusable nappy
Best Nappies in Australia-Baby wearing Big softies reusable nappy

We recently came across a cheaper baby brand offering reusable nappies Australia wide for a price tag as low as $15,-  and we were interested in finding out how these nappies perform.

The price difference between the cheaper brand big softies and other reusable nappies in Australia is significant and worth investigating.

Reusable nappies in Australia are very popular, and there are many different brands to choose from. Most reusable nappies have beautiful designs, and you will pay prices varying from $20– to $35– per nappy.

*Please that there has been a previous error in this review, and this has been rectified. The price of this product is updated from $10– to $15-. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

*This article was last updated on 20-01-2021

Product Details Big Softies Reusable Nappies

ProductOne size reusable nappy
(with insert)
BrandBig Softies
SeizeTo fit Newborn up to 24 Months
Weight4-14 Kilo
Heights 54-92cm
FeaturesAdjustable snaps at waist and crotch
Available atBig W
Product details of Big Softies reusable nappies Australia

Trialling out cheaper reusable nappies

Reusable nappies in Australia-Baby wearing Big Softies reusable nappy
Babywearing Big Softies reusable nappy.

Are you interested to know if cheaper cloth nappies work? 

We were, too and gave the big softies reusable nappies a try. We trialled them on a 15-Month-old baby weighing approximately 11 kilos, and the nappies are supposed to be suitable for newborn babies up to 24 months.

This will be an average as the nappies might not be a good fit for newborn premie babies or babies bigger than the average weight and height.

The fibre content of Big Softies reusable nappies

  1. Nappy outer shell-Polyester (with polyurethane backing)
  2. Nappy lining-Polyester
  3. Absorber-Layer 1&2 polyester, layer 3 Bamboo viscose polyester

Washing Modern cloth nappies

Before use, it is recommended to wash your reusable nappies to remove any potential manufacturing residue. If you use bamboo absorbers (we use them in our Pea Pod cloth nappies), you will have to give them several washes before first use to increase the absorbancy.

The material used for the absorber of the Big softies is a combination of polyester and bamboo viscose. One benefit is that the liners with combined polyester and bamboo viscose dry quicker than the bamboo liners. The downside is a less natural insert than the current 100% bamboo inserts we use. However, we prefer natural products above synthetic ones, especially when it comes to products touching babies’ skin.

Synthetic products are sometimes easier to use and have some convenience, such as the drying time of these absorbers is way quicker than our 100% bamboo absorbers. However, the facts are that polyester is plastic, and we would have preferred 100% bamboo for the absorbers so close to babies’ skin if there was a choice.

It is always recommended to check washing instructions for each nappy brand, as each nappy brand will have different recommendations to care best for their products.

For the Big softies, the following washing instructions apply:

  • Separate absorbent insert from nappy.
  • Wash before first use
  • If the nappy is soiled, empty contents into the toilet and rinse off any residuals before washing.
  • Cold, gentle machine wash
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Don’t use fabric softener.
  • Don’t bleach Big softies.
  • Don’t tumble dry
  • Line dry in the shade
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

Preparing the reusable nappies and the insert

One side of the inserts has a ‘stay dry‘ side which will be the side touching your babies.

Reusable nappies in Australia-Picture to show how to fold nappy insert.
Reusable nappies in Australia-Picture to show how to fold nappy insert.

Skin. You can feel that this site is softer than the other side of the insert. This is because the stay-dry side of the nappy has wicking qualities to keep your baby’s skin nice and dry to avoid skin irritations. Also, the material is super soft for babies’ skin.

Reusable nappies in Australia-Picture showing how to place the insert in the nappy
Reusable nappies in Australia-Picture showing how to place the insert in the nappy

To prepare the nappy for use, fold the insert into thirds with the stay-dry side facing up. You can now choose to snap the absorber into place under the front flap or push the insert through the back pocket to the front.

There is only one more thing left today, and this is placing a biodegradable liner on top to make your life a bit easier. (this is optional)

Using Biodegradable liners

We are sure you are already very busy, and you don’t have to use liners, but we would recommend it as it makes your life just a bit easier. Bamboo liners are available from different brands. We usually have bamboo ones, which are super soft for babies’ skin.

It doesn’t always work to keep the nappy all clean, at least not in our experience, as it highly depends on babies’ stool. But in most cases, it catches a lot of stool which will save you a lot of cleaning work. Place the liner on top of your insert and fauld the edges underneath the sides of the inserts to ensure the liner stay in place.

Remove the liner when soiled, and even though the liner can be flushed into the toilet, this can contain issues and course blockages. Therefore, you are best to dispose of stool in the bathroom as much as possible and dispose of the liner in the bin. With some nappy changes, you can choose to change the insert from the nappy only when the nappy shell is still immaculate and dry; alternatively, you can change the whole nappy when necessary or preferred.

If your baby has regular bowel movements, you can consider using the biodegradable bamboo liner when you expect the nappy to get soiled only.

Fitting of the Big Softies reusable nappies

You will find that the nappies’ fitting is excellent, with the ‘side wings’ enclosing the nappy very secure to babies’ skin. Of course, all our babies’ bodies have different shapes, and it does not guarantee that the Big softies have an excellent fit for your baby but compared to the pea pods we are using, the fitting of the Bif softies is a way better fit for us.

However, we always recommend testing out a nappy brand first before purchasing a multiple to test them out on your baby!

The adjustable snaps at the waist and crotch area close the nappy depending on your baby’s size and weight, and as your baby grows, you can adjust the snaps to make a good fit.

*Update January 2021- ‘We still use our Big W reusable nappy in our stash, and baby is 20 months old now and weighing 12 kilos. However, we are still in the weight range of this nappy; we find the nappy print a little in babies’ skin now and sometimes leave some marks on babies’ skin, so we might have to stop using our Big softies very soon. Of course, all babies are unique, and this issue might not occur for your baby, but we did want to mention our experience. We still prefer our 100% bamboo inserts, and we mainly use these instead of the Big softies’ absorber, but we have to admit that the big softies insert quicker. It is just our personal preference to use a more realistic option. The Nappy is still in an overall good condition, and we never have leaks with our Big softie.’

(We still use disposable nappies for nighttime and recently learned about a nappy brand that has launched compostable nappies endorsed by compost Australia. We were excited to hear compostable nappies are in Australia and ordered a trial pack to learn more and test them out overnight time currently).

The most sustainable way to use reusable nappies

You can change the complete nappy with each nappy change, or you could consider changing the insert only with some of the nappy changes and reuse the outer shell.

Please note that this changing method only can be done when the shell is still immaculate and dry. Using the reusable nappies is more sustainable; however, some people don’t like this method and prefer to change the complete nappy every single nappy change. Also, when your baby becomes older or is on a heavy wetter, this method probably won’t be suitable.

If you like to try using this nappy change routine described above, you will need to purchase more inserts as the big softies only come with one insert per nappy.

Sometimes only changing the inserts will not work, especially if you wait a more extended period to change the nappy and the shell becomes damp, or when stools are looser, it sometimes can dirty the nappy. But generally speaking, you should be able to only change inserts with some of the nappy changes for those who prefer to do so.

Final thoughts on using Big softies reusable nappies

We are lucky we have so many choices of reusable nappies in Australia. I was honestly surprised with the Big softie reusable nappies’ performance for only $15-. It is an excellent value for money. I think the nappies are more practical than the Pea Pods we use.

The only downside is that the insert is less natural, and we prefer our 100% Bamboo inserts. However, we have to admit that the polyester inserts of Big W dry a lot quicker, which is a bonus. In addition, you can purchase separate inserts if you wish to use a different fabric touching babies’ skin.

The wings of the reusable nappies of big W are securely touching babies’ skin, and we feel confident this nappy will not leak. However, we do sometimes have some issues with marks recently from the elastic of the nappy, so we might have to stop using the big softies for our 20-month girl soon.

Like many products nowadays, the nappies are designed in Australia but not locally made.

I hope this review was helpful for you and if you are interested in trying out big softies, head to Big W for these $15- reusable nappies to give them a go. Also, if you have any experience or feedback about using Big softies, we love to hear from you.



Big Softies reusable nappies









  • Great price
  • Great performance
  • Cute designs


  • Not locally made
  • Less natural inserts
  • Less choice of designs

6 thoughts on “Reusable nappies Australia-{Review on $15,- Big Softies from Big W}”

  1. Hello Jude, today there is a really huge consumption of diaper for kids and we parents just have to go on to buy another one and that can be painful if you don’t have money for it. For me I have often thought of a reusable diaper and seeing this reusable nappy makes me very excited and fulfilled. Money can be saved now. Cheers

    • Hi Justin, very true. Much money can be saved while using reusable nappies’. I have been very happy since I made the change about 6 months ago and would definitely recommend it to other parents. For more information starting out with reusable nappies, you are welcome to check out this.

      Have a great day.


  2. Sounds like a good deal, after all expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality and vise-versa. I find reusable nappies to be a lifesaver to any new mom. You don’t have to use disposable diapers all the time, which can prove to be very costly in the end. Thank you so much for your review of the big softies reusable nappies.

    • Hi Martin,  you are very welcome. Big softies prove that quality does not always have to cost a lot. I have been thrilled using reusable nappies with my second daughter for about 90% of the time. I only wish I had started cloth nappies with my first daughter, and we would have saved ourselves a lot of money. 

      Other than that it is a more environmentally friendlier choice too which make reusable nappies a win-win.

      Best wishes.


  3. Hi Jude, 

    U have a lovely and really cute site on baby clothes and stuff. Reusable nappies sound like a good deal, especially as they are from the reputed Big Softies from Big W. As long as the cloth is soft and cotton, it will work for babies. Obviously, using reusable nappies as compared to disposable ones will be much much cheaper in the long run. 

    It’s definitely worth a try to use these nappies.


    • Hi Aparna, thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment. I totally agree with you. I have not used cloth nappies with my first baby but made the change with my second one and have not looked back and just wish I had done it much earlier.

      I think the material is much softer for babies’ skin too compared to many disposable nappies’. Big softies for $10,- is definitely a great value for your money, an affordable product what works effectively and does the job.

      Have a great day.



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