Teaching Law of Attraction to children-{Learn how wishes can come true}

Teaching Law of Attraction to children

I want my children to know they can do anything in life. I will teach my children that their wishes can come true as long as they take the right actions to gravitate towards those dreams. As we know, children have a fertile imagination, but often when we grow older, this imagination gradually disappears to the background, and we stop believing in magic. We stop believing that anything is possible, as long as we know how to act. Teaching the law of attraction to children teaches children how they can gravitate towards their goals and dreams.

Teaching law of attraction to children-Child looking in the window to Santa Claus
Teaching law of attraction to children-Child looking in the window to Santa Claus

 ‘Wishes do come true if you know how to take action.’

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction believes that we attract what we do and think, making sense when you think about it. In the law of attraction, it is believed that everything is energy and that we attract what we focus on, and we invite into our lives what we are.

Negative thoughts attract negative thoughts and visa versa; positive reviews attack positive thinking. Debts track more debts and wealth attract more wealth.

The principal of the law of attraction states that while you practice the law into your life, you can create a life you love to live. The first question may want to ask yourself is; do I know what kind of life I like to live? And if you could answer that question with yes,  ask yourself the question, do you take action to create that life you love to live?

How can you practice the law of attraction?

You can practice the law of attraction and incorporate it into your life. If you have children, you can teach the law of attraction to children and help them take control of their own life and practice awareness of their needs and goals and dreams in life and teach them how to attract those elements that will make them happy.

A small practice you can start with is deciding in the morning on something you like to see that day.  Maybe somebody who is wearing a high hat or perhaps you want to see a white cat.

You can review the day to see if you could see what you wanted to see that day. It is quite amazing to see how you can see what you want to know if you focus on it.

Do you know the feeling when you buy a particular car, and you start paying attention to it, how all for sudden there seem to be many of them around while previously you never had seen one before? Yes, like that!

Teaching law of attraction to children

Children still believe in magic; they think big and have a fertile imagination. These are excellent skills to chase goals and make dreams come true. As adults, we may have been disappointed in life many times, or maybe our parents have told us that particular career or life choices are not practical, and we should not chase our dreams but make rational decisions.

The philosophy of the law of attraction is that we can gravitate where we focus o It is a way of life, and we can practice it with all the little choices we daily make.

We recently made a gratitude jar. We daily write little notes for things we feel grateful for. My eldest daughter (4 years old) loves it and come’s up with great ideas already, and doing this will make her aware of things she feel grateful for.

The law of attraction believes that like attack like. Feeling grateful will attract more things to feel thankful for, and doing this practice will give her a habit of being aware of the things she is thankful for. Realy it is an enjoyable family activity to do. We do it after breakfast and before diner as a daily routine.

How to Raise Children in control of their happiness?

Each for their own, and that is fine, but even though the law of attraction is scientifically not proven, I am a firm believer of the law. And I firmly believe that my children can create their happiness when they can attract what they need in there life.

We all agree that our primary goal as parents is happiness for our children and giving them tools to create their joy and happiness must be one of the most critical and essential skills we can teach our children.

One of the most significant gifts I hope to teach my children is teaching them how they can create happiness in their lives.  I want my children to know how to gravitate happiness, relying on their life skills, and for me, the law of attraction has some excellent tools to help with those life goals.

When you desire change, taking adequate actions is essential. When you know what makes you happy, why not taking action and satisfy the desire.

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Benefits of teaching a child the law of attraction?

When teaching the law of attraction to our kids, know that like attracts like in the direction. So we have to act when responding to our child’s behaviour, the way we expect them to behave. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes it can help take a little break before responding to your child to bring your self in the right energy. It is crucial to talk and act from a positive perspective to attract a positive response.

Kids tend to more watch what we are doing compared to listening to what we are saying. They watch us with a close eye, and our behaviour will show directly as a mirror in our kids’ activities.

Teaching children the law of attraction teaches them a mindset to grow into independent people who have the skills and believe in creating happiness in their lives independently.

When children learn how to visualise their goals and how robust their thoughts are as long as they focus and gravitate towards their goals, you give them the potential to make their wishes come true.

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Final thoughts

I am fascinated by the law of attraction, and I don’t know about you, but it makes total sense for me. I feel excited about teaching my children such powerful skills. I want my children to be happy, and I think it is the main goal we all desire for our children, right?

We feel successful when our children are happy, and for me even more, when they know how to create happiness through their skillset.

There are little games where you learn how to focus on your goals. Wishes can come through, but we have to learn to visualise and focus on our goals and have clear in mind what our goals are. Plans don’t include vague thought or dreams that we hope comes to life one day.

We need to know our goals and learn how to gravitate towards fulfilling them and make our wishes come through.

Teaching law of attraction to children-Young child meditating
Teaching law of attraction to children-Young child meditating.

I know it sounds like magic right, but really if you think about it make perfect sense at the same time.

Children are big dreamers, and adults may start telling children why they should give up on those big dreams and how they better can make more practical decisions.

While teaching children the law of attraction, you support those dreams and guide them to master the skills.

Another helpful activity you can do is make a vision board that can help make the picture of a dream or goal sharper. Visualisation is critical in the process to set goals and later on achieving those goals.

We all have setbacks in life, and your children will have too. But when they have to skillset to control their lives, they will have the skill to recover and know how to attract what they need.

Learning your children the law of attraction can be a turning point in your, and your children live and make those wishes come true; you have to start.

I hope you found this article helpful and you feel inspired and maybe some answers to some of your questions you had about teaching children the law of attraction.

I try to fill our space with gratitude, positivity and operational goals for happiness in our lives. I wish for you the very same.

If you like to share your experience or thought teaching children the law of attraction you are welcome to leave your comments below, we love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to reading your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Teaching Law of Attraction to children-{Learn how wishes can come true}”

  1. This is a very interesting article you have written here with teaching our children about the law of attraction. I wish could have found this article when my children were small however, it is not to late can share with them still so they can benefit and teach their children. I will also share with my social media followers.

    • Hi Jeanette, 

      That is so true, it is never too late to apply the law. I am happy you enjoyed the article and you are able to share this with your kids. Thank you for sharing this on your social media too, I appreciate it.

      I hope you are having a fabulous Monday!


  2. Hello, 

    Teaching the law of attraction to children is a great idea. 

    But one obstacle would be other people who tell the child that the law of attraction doesn’t work. But. yes, I think that applying the law of attraction would be one of the best skills to teach to a child. 

    It is also important for both of the parents to teach the child the law of attraction and that they can receive all they want in the universe. Some people believe that by teaching a child this mindset you are making them spoiled and not humble. Those are people who don’t really understand the law of attraction. I know for a fact that the law of attraction really works and I would teach it to my child. 

    • Hi, thanks for your insight and reply. Yes, It is definitely important both parents are on the same page. Kids will definitely come across people with insights and opinion which might be different as what they know. But I think when they learn, see and experience how the law works, they will be confident in with the law and carry it out as second nature to the outside world 💜

      Thanks for your comment, have a great day.



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