The best shoes for babies learning how to walk-Should my baby wear shoes?

What are the best shoes for babies learning how to walk? Which features should we look for when purchasing shoes

The best shoes for babies learning how to walk-Two little baby feet
The best shoes for babies learning how to walk-Two little baby feet

for our little people?

Does my baby have to wear shoes then? Oops, we might be doing it wrong altogether. We are living in Far North Queensland, and Queenslander kids are seen often on bared feed. My first daughter has not worn to many shoes in the first couple of years of her life; it was hard to keep any shoes on her toes.

My second baby goes a bit the same way, if I try to put her some shoes on, she looks at me like:  ‘what silly things are you putting on my toes now mum, and she tries to pull them off.

Of course, there are occasions babies, and kids have to wear shoes, even in far north Queensland, but walking on bared feet is not a bad thing for children’s development after al.

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When does babies’ start walking?

Most babies’ or toddlers start walking between 8 months and 18 months of age. Of course, there are always exceptions. I don’t think it is a bad thing when they start walking a bit later as the early walker is often having more accidents.

My first daughter walked with nine months while my second daughter walked just a couple of weeks before her first birthday. As they are so young but so mobile, they get into everything and climb on everything too what can quickly change into dangerous situations.

Young children have flat feet, this is normal, and when the feet develop your child will get an arch. Around the age of six, your child should have arches on both feet.

The first two years your child’s feet will be very flat but whit practising walking the muscles and ligaments in the feet will get stronger over time.

Your child’s feet should feel flexible, and it should not be painful for your child to walk. If you have any concerns about your child’s feet, you should always see a podiatrist.


Should my child wear shoes when learning how to walk?

Best shoes for babies' learning how to walk-Mina Mary Jane Canvas Day Dream
Best shoes for babies’ learning how to walk-Mina Mary Jane Canvas Day Dream

Many experts are recommending that learning to walk is highly beneficial on bared feet it possible. Soft sole shoes can be

used if feet have to be protected not to get injured or for heat or cold but if possible exposed feet is most beneficial in the development of your babies’ feet.

It is essential for a baby to feel the service when waling and train the foot muscle. When baby walked for a while and is confidant walking now, you could move on to shoes with a more substantial sole.

Other benefits of learning to walk on bared feet are the posture of the child as often baby keeps the head op more as nothing is distracting to look down. Keeping there head up gives them a better balance and less chance of falling.

Learning to walk bared feet can contribute to a good posture for your baby. When children learn to walk bared feed, it can help them with their awareness of their position in the environment they are walking in walking barefoot is beneficial for your child gross motor skills as well.

I think it makes total sense that if it is safe and comfortable to walk on bared feed, it is most beneficial for babies development as there are fewer distractions and baby can just concentrate on the mastering the skill.

I know we can’t always walk on bared feet though and sometimes we need shoes as there might be objects on the surface what can injure babies’ feet or it is too hot or cold to walk without shoes.

What are the best shoes supporting the development of our little people feet and suitable for a baby learning how to walk?

The best shoes for babies learning how to walk?

When your baby/toddlers start walking, there are a few key points what is essential to look at when purchasing cute baby shoes. Underneath you can find some helpful features what may help you find your baby comfortable shoes.

Best shoes for babies' learning how to walk-Nat baby canvas sneaker stars
Best shoes for babies’ learning how to walk-Nat baby canvas sneaker stars
  • Make sure there is enough room for babies’ toes
  • The Lenght and width have to be comfortable
  • Straps, laces or fasteners are useful to prevent baby from slipping inside the shoe
  • the shoes ideally are stable around the back of the heel
  • Make sure the sole is soft, and you can bend the sole near the toe.
  • The shoe should match the natural shape of the foot, so the front should be wider than the heel.

Keep in mind that expensive shoes are not automatically better. Children outgrow shoes very quickly, which may be something you like to take in consideration when deciding what budget you want to spend on your babies or toddlers shoes.

Babies shoes sizing overview

The best shoes for babies learning how to walk-size chart
The best shoes for babies learning how to walk-size chart (the left column is relevant for shoes sizing for images of shoes on this page)


Final thoughts

When babies or toddlers learn to walk, they should be able to feel the service they are walking on and can move their feet freely. There are many professionals now who recommending walking on bare feet is best, especially for young children with their feet full in the development stage

It is beneficial for children to walk bared feet when safe and possible. Even expensive shoes for children don’t have to be necessary functional when the soles are too stiff, and it restricts the natural movement of the feet in interfering with the development of your child’s feet such as muscle and ligament strength.

Even though your child is not walking yet, putting on shoes can still course your baby using the muscles differently than the baby would crawl without shoes. Baby might make compromised movements. Often shoes are seen as a cute accessory, and we add them as fashion trends for babies and children. Still, unfortunately, these adorable baby shoes can be in the way of babies rapid development in progress.

There are many benefits to take in consideration for babies to leave those cute little shoes off when possible and safe.  Always ensure a safe surface so baby won’t get injured. Another reason why shoes may be a better option is when the service baby walks on would be either too hot or too cold.

Even crawling for baby with shoes on can restrict baby in natural movements and baby may comprise the way he would use his muscle naturally because shoes restricting baby from moving freely.

Best shoes for babies' learning how to walk-Min MJ Garden Apple
Best shoes for babies’ learning how to walk-Min MJ Garden Apple

When you do select shoes for your baby, make sure they have a natural shape, and baby can move his toes freely.  Test the sole flexibility of the boots by bending the heel towards the toes.

Walking bared feet can have benefits for your child posture and gross motor skills as well as baby tend to tilt the head more looking up let him stand straight.

So there you go, Bared feed is excellent in the right circumstances, so we didn’t do that wrong after all. And for those moments that we do need shoes, I hope I was able to give you some great selections to choose a pair most complementary for your babies rapid development, and hopefully, they are cute too.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope it was helpful for you and answered some of your questions. If you have any feedback, please leave them in the comments below, we love to hear from you.

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  1. Hey there,

    I had to stop by because of my love for babies. First of all I have never known that babies are to wear shoes for I always see them being carried( haha) .And little did I know there are bones not fully developed in humans not until the late teenies(amazing discovery). Those shoes better be really comfortable enough so as not to twist a babies foot( like you said there should be enough room for babies toes). Thanks for sharing, I am going to have a baby soon and I guess having you as a coach wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    • Hi Paul, that is such exciting news you will.have been a baby soon. Very young babies mainly get carried or sit in a pram but some babies start learning.g how to walk from a young age. My first daughter walked with 9 months. 

      Thanks for stopping and your comment, I appreciate it and wish you best of luck. 



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