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You may expect a baby soon and try to figure out what baby clothes you will purchase for you precious baby? Clothes

Unique baby clothes online-Expecting parents holding a white bodysuit
Unique baby clothes online-Expecting parents holding a white bodysuit

It may seem pretty straight forwards at first, but when you start looking into detail, there is so much choice that it can be overwhelming. Do you like the current fashion trends where babies get dressed like mini-adults? Or do you prefer babies dressed like babies? When the answer to the last question is yes, then this article is written for you. There are so many unique baby clothes online to choose from, and it can be hard to find a specific style matching your taste and lifestyle choices.

Babies grow up quick enough, let parents enjoy this particular short period their baby is still little. Some baby brands design baby clothes to let the baby look like babies. They use the most baby-friendly fabrics so your baby can focus on what babies’ do best; ‘Eat, Sleep and grow.’

Great fabrics for baby clothes

Creating unique baby clothes starts by choosing the right fabrics. Using the most suitable fabric to make baby clothes from is essential to comfort babies and ensure babies’ sensitive skin only gets in contact with the softest materials.

Furthermore, the fabric you choose for baby clothes will significantly influence the style the garments will have. Materials like tweet and leather are fabrics resulting in a grown-up style feeling and not ideal for baby clothes.

Choosing cotton, Terry cloth or Velour will allow the garments the real baby look. Celebrate the particular time your baby is little; soon they will not be that small anymore. Fabrics used to make baby clothes should be soft, cozy and comfortable.

Shall we have a quick look at some different fabrics used for compy baby clothes?

Benefits of cotton

Unique baby clothes online-Brown stems with white cotton balls
Unique baby clothes online-Brown stems with white cotton balls
  • Breathable: Cotton works pretty much like a towel, cotton is breathable and absorbs sweat from our body and evaporate it back into the air.
  • Insulate: Cotton has properties to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Hypoallergenic– This doesn’t mean that you cant be allergic for it, but it means there is a low chance of causing an allergic reaction.  Choosing Organic cotton could decrease your options even further as no chemicals are used while growing this fibre. (More about this later
  • Natural-Cotton is a natural fabric.
  • Comfortable-Cotton is nice and soft for babies’ skin, mostly organic cotton.

Benefits of terrycloth

  • Terry cloth is a very absorbent type of cotton. It is made on a special loom, and these loops function to pull water in and wick moisture away from the skin. Terry cloth is, in most cases, wholly made from cotton; however, sometimes, a certain amount of polyester is used.


  • Velour is usually made from cotton; however, it can also be made from synthetic materials such as polyester. Velour can be a knitted or woven fabric, and this will allow the fabric to stretch.  Velour is used for the ease of movement and is therefore comfortable to wear. It is also famous for its warmth properties is has to offer. Velour sometimes gets confused with velvet; however, Velour is more inexpensive than velvet. Velour is incredibly soft to touch but doesn’t have great absorbency qualities like terry cloth or cotton.

What makes baby clothes unique?

Unique baby clothes online-Newborn baby in white outfit
Unique baby clothes online-Newborn baby in white outfit

Unique baby clothes are not designed to please the main crowd. They are not created to be stacked in huge piles on shelves either.

Unique baby clothes are designed with a lot of care and have a straightforward style intended for a specific audience.

You will find that unique baby clothes are often higher quality and designed with a lot of thought and care. Brands designing unique baby clothes rely on a narrow audience, and the audience wouldn’t return when the quality of the item is not satisfying. Therefore quality is paramount.

With the online world being more active than ever, we now have many unique baby clothes online and shopping for your bub has never been this easy.

There are many different baby clothes trending styles, and the mainstream fashion brands and designers offer many trends. Alternatively, there are unique baby clothes for a smaller specific audience in need of more specific style garments to suit there preferences and lifestyle choices.

The growing audience for Organic baby clothes

An audience where you may have noticed rapid growth is the fast-growing audience of  Organic cotton baby clothes. Many brands try to join this ‘fashion trend’ and try to sell a product to this growing audience trying to make environmentally friendlier choices.

The audience should be alert for some of these markers as they are often out to make a quick buck with taking short cuts offering low-quality products.  When purchasing Organic products look for a quality label like a certification. One of the credentials you can come across from what ensure you quality is G.O.T.S certification.

This stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. For brands to deserve a certification, there are many rules and standards to meet.

How do you like to dress your baby?

What kind of style do you like for your baby?

It is trendy to go with matching outfits such as mother-daughter outfits, daddy and son outfits, or even complete family outfits are trending.

Alternatively, we see graphic designs being stylish this year, leopard and flowery prints, ultimately baby clothing sets and gender-neutral clothing popularity is on the rise.

However, all these fashion trends may look pretty cool for some; it is not every parent’s taste and preference. Luckily there are brands accomodating to those parents looking for something more unique and specific.

The baby time is just over in a breeze and such an extraordinary time. Why this rush to get babies to look like little adults as newborns already? Babies thrive by eating, sleeping and playing; it focuses on designs, materials and looks representing this life stage.

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A final thought on Unique baby clothes online

Being a mum is a busy job, and shopping can cost a lot of time. Therefore it is for the convenience of many busy mums and carers to have unique baby clothes online.

You can expect the right quality product for unique baby clothes where all garments’ components are carefully selected. Unique baby clothes are designed for a specific audience. You can expect straightforward style garments meeting an audience’s needs with a particular lifestyle choice or taste not met by the mainstream designers.

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Let’s celebrate the time your baby is little with clothing celebrating the ultimate baby look and enjoy your baby looks like a baby for as long as possible.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have been able to find the product you were after, I know it can be hard to find style baby clothes you are later.

Please leave a comment below if you have any feedback or experience on unique baby clothes online.

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  1. Hello there Jude, I really enjoyed reading your article ‘Unique Baby Clothes Online – {No 1 brand that dresses babies like babies}. You really covered a lot from the perfect material or texture to choose from for baby clothes and also the styles that will most suit a baby. I’m really glad that I came across this article as I learnt a deal from it. 

    • Hi there, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article and the information was helpful for you. At the end of the day we the fabric and design will decide how comfortable baby clothes will be for a baby to sleep move and grow. 

      Babies are only little for such a short time; I think it is cute to keep them little for this time with a baby like fabrics and design. Before we know, we have blinked our eyes, and our bub is running around and not that little anymore. 

      Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by.


  2. Hi Jude!

    I’m so glad I came across your article.  I learned a great deal about baby clothes and all the different types of materials. I know a few soon-to-be-parents that will really enjoy reading this. I will definitely be sharing this with them. It is very informative. Thank you 😊

    Babies grow up way too fast and buying the right clothes for them can be tough. 

    • Hi Denise, thank you for your comment. I am happy this was helpful and informative for you. They definitely grow up in the blink of an eye and enjoying those precious moments while they are still little are very precious. 

      There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to choosing baby clothes and it is a personal choice for everyone what clothes would suit the budget, taste and lifestyle. For those parents enjoying their baby to look like a baby for the time they are little, they will most likely enjoy reading this article.

      Cheers, Jude


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