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What is Baby Sling?

So, what is a baby‍ sling? A baby sling is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or toddler on the body

What is a baby sling?-Newborn baby in Hug a Bub baby sling
What is a baby sling?-Newborn baby in Hug a Bub baby sling

of the carrier. There are several designs; all fabrics support a baby or young child differently. Some of the options you can choose from are pouch slings, wraps, or ring slings.

They all serve the same purpose but are different in design. In this review, I like to focus on the ring sling as I have over three years of experience with this product. Even though I am happy with my sling, It doesn’t mean it would be the right choice for you.

Picking a suitable carrier for your specific needs can be challenging as there are many things to consider. Your body’s strength, baby, design preference, previous experience, and the activities you like to do while using the sling will be essential to make the right decision.

Other than slings, there are various modern baby carriers to choose from as well. I have met a few mums who mentioned that their baby didn’t enjoy a baby carrier; potentially, it could be the design and baby missing out on their view. But overall, I think most babies love being carried and being close to mums or dads heartbeat, the safest and favourite place to feel comforted and secure.

While I talk you through my four years of experience using the Hug and Bub Organic Mesh Ring Sling, please read along with me.

Why do I like to carry my babies?

For me, one of the most significant benefits of using a baby sling is having your hands free. My first daughter hated a pram with a passion, and she didn’t spend much time in it at all. I have to say, I am not a pram person myself, and our purchased pram was left pretty much unused for a long time.

However, four years later, with my second baby, I occasionally use my pram as my back start hurting if I am carrying my baby for too long. (She is almost ten months and nearly 10 kilos)

I like to carry my babies, avoiding the hassle of getting prams in and out of cars. Also, having my baby very close is something I enjoy muchly. It is just the best feeling to have your baby so close, and you can keep a close eye on bub.   When tired, the baby only has to close eyes and fall asleep quickly, feeling safe and secure so close to you.

In my experience, the choices for slings and baby carriers can be pretty overwhelming, and without the background, you don’t know what you or your baby are going to like. More than likely, many of us parents end up buying baby products we end up never using.

What is a baby sling-Baby in Hug a bub baby sling
What is a baby sling-Baby in Hug a bub baby sling?

What are baby slings?

You can find slings in different designs, such as pouch slings, a Podaegi, an Asian style carrier, wraps, and ring slings. All these slings and wraps are created of a unique material to wrap around you and the baby. Always make sure that the babywearing outfit you choose is age-appropriate for your infant, baby or toddler. You still have to keep a close eye on the baby and make sure you read manufacturing instructions.

Other than baby slings and wraps, there are structured baby carriers. The material used is pre-formed and stiff. However, I am not a big fan as they feel pretty bulky for me,  I know they are pretty popular, though, and I can imagine they can be pretty ideal for a big hike. Some even have sun shades on them.

Babywearing is quite popular in today’s time and day, and there are many carrier options available. It can be pretty overwhelming. The main thing probably is that you think ahead of where and when you want to use your baby carrier. Also, consider your physical fitness condition. Different pages are requiring the support of other parts of the body of the carrier.

Why I choose the Hug a bub mesh carrier?

What is a baby sling?-Mum looking at baby inside the Hug a bub baby sling
What is a baby sling?-Mum looking at the baby inside the Hug a bub baby sling

I wanted an item that felt as natural as possible. Not something with screaming colours and not something too organised or bulky, if you know what I mean. When I saw the cream coloured mesh ring sling five years ago, I fell in love straight away, and I never looked back, and we are still going strong.

The benefits for me are the mesh material, as we live in the tropics, it is just perfect for keeping baby cool. I loved that this sling was available in a cream colour. Many baby wear items are jam-packed in colours, and I wanted something complimentary with all outfits I would wear. A bonus as well is that the sling is Organic.

A more sustainable lifestyle is a trend we can see in our society, and Organic products were becoming more popular. Many parents have a preference to buy organic baby products and clothing for their babies.


“Seriously, I couldn’t tell you how many times over the years people have come to me how they liked my sling and requesting how I liked it and where I purchased the sling from. I referred many people to buy a hug a bug over the years“.

Other things I like about de hug and bub organic ring sling is the simplicity. Even though you have to practice getting baby in and out of the sling, if you get the hang of it, it is reasonably quick to transfer baby and get up and running, which suits my personality.

As a con, I could say that it is probably not the best option if you have a bad back as the weight will be spread more evenly with a carrier positioned over both shoulder and hips.

Safety in babywearing

Babywearing is great but like with everything, of course, there are risks in incorrect using the product; safety comes first.

  • Please make yourself familiar with the product manual for correct use and safety information before using it; this is extremely important.
  • Always check your baby’s carrier or sling, ensuring all material is in good condition and no seams and fabric have any damage.
  • Make sure nothing obstructs babies nose or mouth while in the sling, and check the baby’s breathing in regular intervals. Baby slings are not fire-resistant and should not be worn by an open fire.  Incorrect use of sling can result in fatal consequences.
  • Always make sure there is enough airflow for the baby, and the baby doesn’t get overheated.
  • ‘Please refer to the manual instructions of your specific baby wear product for detailed and complete information to secure babies safety!


A final thought on baby slings and carriers

Baby slings and carriers are very trendy. There are many choices for a variety of activities available. Consider the climate you live in, your physical health and your expected user’s activities. Also, decide on the budget, as you can spend your whole bank account if you like on baby products.

Baby slings and carriers are great to have your hands free for activities but ensure they use correctly at all times. Make sure you get a suitable sling for the right event. If you like hiking, there are different baby carriers on the market for such purposes.

What is a baby sling-Mum looking at newborn baby she is caring in a white Hug a Bub baby sling
What is a baby sling-Mum looking at the newborn baby she is caring in a white Hug a Bub baby sling?

I own a Hug a Bub Organic mesh sling which I use over three years now and is still in good condition and often used with my second daughter.

Your unique baby can also make a specific carrier suitable or not. My first daughter always loved the sling, and we used it close to the 1-year mark. I started carrying her on my hip, as demonstrated in the image at the beginning of this article.

Carrying my first daughter never has given me many issues me. I feel like she had reasonable body control, and while holding her, I never experienced much strain on my baby.

My second daughter is different; she ‘hangs’ in the sling as a deadweight; this puts additional pressure on my neck and back. She is now almost 10 kilo, and I have a hard time carrying her in the sling.

With my second daughter almost turning one, I consider looking for a suitable back carrier for her as I think that will work well for her, but then again, she may not like that; I have no experience carrying her on my back, just jet.

I enjoy carrying my babies muchly; having your baby is great and very pleasurable, make sure to do it safely. And remember, with some slings, like the ring sling, give your self some time to learn the skill of adjusting and transporting the baby in and out of the sling; you will get there; practice makes perfect.

If you have any questions about the Hug a Bub Organic mesh sling, I am more than happy to answer them. Please leave a comment below or use the contact form in the main menu.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading my article. It is great to have you:)







4 thoughts on “What is a Baby Sling? -Hug A Bub!”

  1. As a middle-aged woman who’s children are all grown, I do not have much experience with the slings. Indi gives it a try with my youngest but found it to be awkward. Maybe I didn’t have the correct kind?

    Are you ever afraid of it letting go? Again, old school here, and there is something very reassuring to have your arms around your baby in protection.

    And lastly, how often are you wearing the baby? I personally would think it would “spoil” the baby so they would always want to be held! But they have come a long way from what I had many years ago. They look nice!

    • Hi Pam, thanks a lot for your comment. The question you ask if I am ever scarred it let go, I have been asked this question many times indeed. I think you hold your hand often under your baby and you automatically cuddling and stroking your baby while wearing. If the sling gives a little I can easily adjust it a little. Of course, you are always super careful but I am personally never scarred that the sling would let go, it is a very strong material. Always check the material though to ensure all is in good condition and make sure to place baby correctly in sling.

      It is my I know that in the old days you heard the saying often that a child would get spoiled carrying it. I think we have come a long way since then and the insight we have now that you can’t spoil a baby, it is more a matter of meeting babies needs. I carry my baby a lot and I enjoy doing so, I just find it very convenient.

      It could possibly be you didn’t have the right sling for you, we are all different and our babies are all different, we all have to do what works best for us. 💜 I hope this answers your question.

      Best wishes Jude

  2. Nicely written article. I and my now ex-wife never used a sling. For us, it was always a baby stroller. We always had so much to carry that I’m sure if a sling would even work for us. We had a diaper bag, blankets and a cooler for her formula and my wife carried a big purse. Sometimes I would carry our baby but for walks in the parks, we always used a baby stroller. Our kids are now 21 and 18 and I am sure that times have changed now. But your article brought back some treasured memories for me. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Courtney, thanks for your lovely reply. It is true that one of the great benefits is that your hands are free when using a baby sling. If your baby likes the stroller that is great too. My firstborn daughter really disliked it so luckily it worked out really nice for us with using the baby sling. 

      my second daughter doesn’t mind the stroller so much so she alternates stroller and sling.

      thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your experience on the topic baby slings, I appreciate it.

      Best wishes.



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