What does Oeko-Tex certification mean for baby clothes?

When looking for non-toxic baby clothes tested to be safe, certified labels like Oeko tex standard 100 are a great option to minimize the risk of your baby being exposed to harmful chemicals from clothing.

However, previously, the Oeko-tex standard 100 was mainly used for towels and bedding; you may have noticed that now the Oeko-tex standard 100 is more commonly used for baby clothes too.

What is Oeko-Tex certified mean?

When baby clothes are Certified with Oeko-tex standard 100, you can trust that these products had rigorous testing for government-regulated and unregulated chemicals to ensure that each product detail is safe for humans.

Aditionally, some baby clothes brands craft their clothing with Oeko tex-certified fabric, yet in this instant, remember that added stitches, dyes, buttons, zippers or snaps added to create the end product are then NOT necessarily tested for harmful substances.

What is Oeko-tex standard 100?

Oeko-Tex standard 100  is a well-known, recognized label that tests fabrics for an extensive list of government-regulated and unregulated substances.

In contrast with the GOTS standard, which organic fibres can only use, Oeko-tex standard 100 can be used for all fabrics.

Brands interested in certifying their products with Oeko-tex 100 will undergo rigorous testing by the independent Oeko-Tex lab that tests every product detail for harmful substances, including all threads, stitching, buttons, zippers, and any other details the clothing may have.

When products carry an Oeko-Tex 100 label, you can be assured that every material is tested for an extended amount of government-regulated and unregulated substances considered harmful to humans.

Yet, keep in mind it does NOT mean the baby clothes are organic.

Why do baby clothes brands increasingly use Oeko tex?

Many families have become aware and more conscious of chemicals used in growing and processing food and products we use in everyday society. The clothing industry is no exception, with high chemical use involved in growing crops and the processing of clothing involving harmful chemicals in some cases.

Did you know that the clothing industry is even the second biggest polluter worldwide?

Babies are more susceptible to harmful chemicals, so many families try to find products free of toxic chemicals. Products tested with reputable standards like Oeko tex 100 are a great way to find products like baby clothes free of harmful toxins.

Therefore, you will see increasing brands certifying their products with Oeko-tex 100 to respond to society’s demand to provide non-toxic, safe baby clothes.

And Especially for brands that do not use organic fibres to make baby clothes, Oeko tex provides an excellent opportunity to provide their customers with the peace of mind their products are safe.

Which baby brands use Oeko-tex standard 100?

Oeko-tex is perfect for brands that use materials that are not considered ‘organic fibres’ and can not qualify for G.O.T.S certifications, such as bamboo baby brands that are not regarded as organic.

However, the majority of Bamboo brands do not use Oeko tex; a handful of brands use either Oeko tex-certified bamboo viscose or have their bamboo baby clothes collections end product certified with Oeko-tex standard 100

Yet, some brands use other fabrics and use Oeko-tex 100, yet overall, you will typically see that brands that use Oeko-tex are high-end quality boutique brands.

Underneath, you can view a list of various baby clothes brands that use Oeko tex.

Final thoughts on Oeko-Tex 100 in baby clothes

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is recognized and respected across the globe. As a result, brands increasingly use it to reassure customers that their baby clothes are safe and free of harmful substances, and many families demand non-toxic baby clothes.

In contrast to the G.O.T.S certification, where only organic fabrics can qualify for certificates, any baby clothes brand can apply to certify for Oeko-tex standards 100 and get their products tested.

Looking for baby clothes certified with Oeko tex 100 is a trustworthy strategy to find baby clothes that are safe and free of harmful substances for humans.

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  1. Thank you for this important information. This is worrying because I am certain that many parents do not pay attention to when purchasing baby clothes. Most times are choices are based on cuteness and price when we purchase. I, for one, was not aware of this when my kids were still babies. We really need to spread this gospel to young moms.

    • Hi there, thank you so much for your comment. Honestly, my story is very similar to yours and with my first baby, I wasn’t really aware of potential chemical leftovers in clothing and the high levels of pesticides used during the growing of some crops or in the case of bamboo the sometimes dangerous chemicals used during the manufacturing.

      Buying baby clothes with certifications like G.O.T.S or Oeko-tex contribute to minimizing chemical exposure to babies’ and give you real peace of mind. Using certified baby clothes will minimize the chance of skin reaction from babies and are a great choice for babies’ with sensitive skin.

      Wishing you all the best,


  2. This is the perfect website for me to have run into! This is too adorable. I am about to attend my friend’s baby shower, and we already know that her kid is going to be a little girl and this is going to be perfect because I have not known what type of clothes to buy her. Now I know how to ensure that the clothes are nontoxic. Thank you so much for this.

    • Hi there, I am so happy this information was helpful for you. Many more brands have started to use certifications for their baby clothes which make it so much easier to recognise non-toxic baby clothes.

      I hope you will find the perfect baby clothes for your friends baby. For any premium bamboo baby clothes with an Oeko-tex 100 certification, you could check out this.And for Cute organic cotton baby clothes with a G.O.T.S certification you could have a look here of there is anything to your liking. 

      Have a fantastic week.



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