What is the softest fabric for baby clothes?

To answer what fabric for baby clothes is the softest, most likely, not everyone will agree with the same answers. Yet, overall, most people would toss-up between cotton or Bamboo.

Truthfully, to answer the question correctly, which fabric is the softest choice for your baby’s delicate skin will depend on what type of cotton or bamboo the baby clothes are made from to how smooth the clothes will be.

So which fabric of baby clothes is softer?

Cotton or Bamboo?

What is the softest fabric for baby clothes?

Most bamboo baby clothes are made from Bambo viscose or Bamboo Rayon, which has a silky smooth feel and is often recognised as the softest fabric for babies.

Yet, high-quality cotton is another fabric to consider as long as you select the highest-rated types of cotton, as cheaper kinds of cotton can be somewhat scratchy.

1. Bamboo

When it comes down to bamboo clothes, in reality, they are, in the majority of cases, made from bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon. Real bamboo clohtes are not smooth like the Bamboo processed into rayon or viscose.

Bamboo rayon or viscose are popular choices for baby night wearing due to the softness of the fabric. Also, when you have touched bamboo viscose or rayon before, you may know how the Bamboo fabric is cool to touch and perfect for wearing in summer or tropical climates.

What are Popular Bamboo sleepwear brands?

Popular well-rated bamboo sleepwear brands include Goumikids, which use a combination of organic cotton and Bamboo, especially famous for their functional products, primarily known for their mittens and booties.

Another well-reviewed bamboo brand for their quality baby wear products is Kyte baby and Little Sleepies.

While Kyte baby is your go-to for more basic designs with solid colours, you may have heard of Little Sleepies, who t has created massive popularity for their collections with waiting lists to join for their regular launched new prints.

For families that prefer a brand certified with eco-labels and uses the Oeko-tex 100 label, the Australian brand Boody also has a U.S website and could be an exciting brand to check out that supports sustainable shopping preferences.

2. Cotton

While most regular cotton is not necessarily soft and can be slightly scratchy, good quality cotton can be buttery, soft, and super cuddly.

While cotton varieties with shorter fibre types of cotton that are damaged in the process, such as machine picking, will result in scratchy clothes that are less durable.

Yet, the highest-rated cotton worldwide, grown in ideal circumstances and processed with care, is recognised to make some of the softest fabrics to make baby clothes from.

For the softest, most luxurious cotton for baby clothes, look for highly-rated certified organic baby bands or long-staple cotton-like Pima cotton or perfect to make the softest and most durable baby clothes.

For Brands that use Pima cotton, you could consider checking out Kissy Kissy.

But also the innovative design bodysuits from Pip Pea pop use Pima cotton for their high-quality collection that is organic as well. You can also find Pip Pea Pop in our best organic cotton review. (Look for number 6)

And even though rare, if you want to go one step further, find the softest baby clothes.

You can even find baby clothes made from Dynamic Egyptian cotton, one of the purest cotton in the world.

Final thoughts for the softest fabric baby clothes

Whether you go with well-rated bamboo baby clothes, high-quality cotton baby or high-quality cotton baby clothes brands, they are both super-soft yet different.

While Bamboo is lightweight and slightly cooler, perfect for warmer climates, good quality cotton is buttery soft and maybe a more durable and sustainable choice in many cases.

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