What’s the Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Sustainable Lifestyle?

What's the best baby shower gift? Entrance table at baby shower party.
What’s the best baby shower gift? Entrance table at baby shower party.

Receiving double gifts, receiving a gift you not need, is really a waste of time and money, and resources and probably disappointing for the new parents. Many families in today’s society follow a more sustainable lifestyle and value sustainable gifts such as organic cotton baby clothes that have many sustainable benefits.

Before you purchase gifts for new parents, check with new parents about setting up a baby registry. Many parents do, which is hands down the most excellent solution to eliminate the risk of receiving unwanted prezzies, but not everyone may have come around setting this up.

Many parents are following sustainable lifestyle trends in today’s society and will be grateful for sustainable gifts. Therefore, we like to share some perfect eco-friendly gifts with you; many parents would be grateful to receive them.

Popular trends amongst new parents

It might help you know about the popularity of a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle when you are on a mission to find the best baby shower gift?

Having a better understanding of these significant trends can help you immensely to develop great ideas. Therefore we will share some details with you about these lifestyle trends as this may bring you the inspiration you needed for the perfect baby shower gift.

Why are these lifestyle trends so popular amongst many families?

What's the best organic baby shower gifts?-Yarning baby in bed with soft toy wearing a hat.
What’s the best organic baby shower gifts?-Yarning baby in bed with soft toy wearing a hat.

Increasing numbers of families have become more aware of the harmful chemicals used in various products for sale on the market. Those families who have become aware will now look for new products to use for their families. Popular choices are the ones that eliminate the exposure of harmful substances and put less strain on the environment as well.

Did you know that harmful substances are not only found in baby care products, but toxic substances can be found in baby clothes as well?

Did you know that babies and children are especially vulnerable to chemicals as their little bodies can not protect themselves very well from harmful substances and are easily absorbed by the skin? Several diseases and health issues have been linked to chemical exposure too’.

Babies and children are especially vulnerable for harmful substances…

Left-over chemicals in baby clothes

What's the best baby shower gifts?-White cotton.
What’s the best baby shower gifts?-White cotton.

Did you know that the textile industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide and that a high amount of dangerous chemicals are used to grow crops like conventional cotton’?

More people have become aware of chemicals found in clothing items as well, and if this is new to you, it may sound a little strange at first. The truth is many chemicals are used during the growing of crops like cotton, which have significant environmental and health concerns.

More people choose fabrics are grown without synthetic chemicals now, which are better choices for our baby and the environment. Organic cotton is a popular choice amongst modern families and is gentle on babies’ skin and super soft and cuddly.

Many families have learned that the textile industry is a significant strain for the environment. There is also evidence that some garments containing leftover chemicals. These are concerning facts, especially for children and babies. The Baby skin is fragile and delicate, and chemicals in garments can easily cause discomfort and skin irritations for a baby’.

Concerns of toxic chemicals used in the textile industry.

Baby clothes can make a great gift, but you will find they will be valued by many families when choosing sustainably made baby clothes and products.

Finding the best baby shower gifts

What's the best baby shower gifts?-Nice wrapped gift with pink ribbon and soft toy sitting next to the pressie.
What’s the best baby shower gifts?-Nice wrapped gift with pink ribbon and soft toy sitting next to the pressie.

When looking for a great gift for new parents, learning about these sustainable trends may help you find the perfect gift as eco-friendly and sustainable gifts are often well-received and appreciated by many modern families.

Consuming less and choosing products which are ethically and sustainably made is definitely the way to go for 2021, and a gift aligning with these standards will set you up for finding that perfect gift’!

What could be some gifts that help parents consume less or are sustainable prezzies that do not end up as clutter or unwanted gift? This is where we like to jump in and help you with these sustainable suggestions that will make the best baby shower gifts for 2021!

Isn’t it the most joyful and satisfying feeling to find a gift somebody really like and is truly happy with?

Many parents make a baby registry to avoid ending up with unwanted and double gifts which is a great choice.

Contributing to the new parents ‘baby registry’?

Many parents make a baby registry. You may have heard of this before? You can create one by several shops like Amazon, Target, Buy Buy baby or Walmart are some popular choices. Parents may choose a registry and select all the products they need and would love to receive.

A guest looking for a baby shower gift can then find the gift parents like in the list.

Quite a practical and sustainable way of gifting to new parents, right?

No double gifts, no unwanted gifts. No issues to find the perfect baby shower gift for you either.

If you are not sure of the parents to have a baby registry, you can always ask or inspire them to make one. Some people may not have an online baby registry lined up with one of these shops, but perhaps they keep a physical baby register at home.

A baby registry to rent or purchase organic baby clothes

Not only big retailers like Amazon or target do baby registries, but smaller specialty businesses like Upchoose can also provide such service as well and a popular choice for parents who like to dress their baby in high-quality organic garments.

If you like to dress your baby in 100 % certified organic cotton, check out your opportunities to set up a baby registry with Up choose. UpChoose offers you many options to personalise your clothing bundle size, season and style and give you the choice to either rent or purchase an organic baby clothes bundle.

Luxurious, high-quality baby clothes can come with a high price tag. The sustainable service from Upchoose is top-rated and helpful for many families to excess organic baby clothes for a more affordable price.

When looking for a great sustainable gift, you can contribute to a baby registry when the expecting parents already have made one. Upchoose is worthwhile checking out for parents following sustainable lifestyle trends. If the expectant parents don’t have a registry, you can also choose to gift an Upchoose gift card, making a sustainable, meaningful gift.

Gifting organic baby clothes sets

What's the best baby shower gifts?-Organic baby clothes gift set.
What’s the best baby shower gifts?-G.O.T.S Organic baby clothes gift set.

When you don’t want to break the bank but like to gift something exceptional and sustainable at the same time, you may like to consider the great benefits of giving Organic baby clothes set.

They come in different varieties, such as a cute organic graphic bodysuit with an organic wooden toy or an Organic playsuit with an organic soft toy. These sets are super unique and extraordinary gifts you will enjoy gifting a particular person.

When you choose an Organic baby gift set certified with G.O.T.S, you can have peace of mind you are gifting the very best to the person you love. G.O.T.S is the global leading organic standard and products certified with this standard have to meet stringent environmental and ethical standards.

Not only are G.O.T.S organic baby clothes sustainably made, but they also have great sustainable value after you have finished using the garments too. Gently used organic baby clothes are popular amongst families and perfect to sell back after the baby has outgrown the garments.

However, not all baby shops offer a sell back service yet; there are plenty of opportunities online to create a return of investment on your gently used organic garments. Selling pre-loved organic baby clothes helps more people excess these high-quality garments and avoid baby clothes ending up in a landfill—sustainable all way around, significant for the wallet, and good news for the environment.

Final thoughts on what’s the best baby shower gifts?

What's the best baby shower gifts?-G.O.T.S organic playsuit and hand knitted giraffe.
What’s the best baby shower gifts?-G.O.T.S organic playsuit and hand-knitted giraffe gift set.

To gift the best shower gifts to your loved ones, you might be in for a win when choosing an eco-friendly sustainable gift. Choosing a sustainable gift is appreciated and valued amongst many modern families, and there a quite a few businesses offering you sustainable gift options.

Check with new parents if they have made a registry you can choose a gift from or inspire them to create one. Different shops have different benefits for making baby registries, such as a discount or long-term return from the register’s received gifts.

For the real minimalist renting baby clothes is an interesting gift idea to minimize clutter. It is an efficient way to access sustainable organic baby clothes without ending up with outgrown garments idle on your shelves.

We hope these ideas have been helpful, and please leave us your thoughts best baby shower gifts for 2021 in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “What’s the Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Sustainable Lifestyle?”

  1. Waw!! This article is very eye-opening and informative to me personally. I always knew babies were sensitive to a number of things, especially considering their little bodies couldn’t fight for themselves. Still, the fact that some of their clothing actually exposed them to chemicals is quite frightening. 

    Thanks to this article, however, it’s so much easier for me to pick out a baby shower gift if the time comes. 

    • Hi there, I know what you are saying. When becoming aware of the concerning chemical use facts in the textile industry, it is quite shocking indeed. 

      Luckily more people have become aware of these facts and have started to follow a more sustainable lifestyle. They change the way how to select chemical-free and environmental friendlier choices. Still, those concerns are quite unknown to many others.

      We are happy this information was helpful to you, and we were able to make you some great suggestions for some sustainable baby clothing gifts sets.


  2. I agree that it is wise to find out what the new parents are going to need — a gift that will be used is always the best type of gift to get. It’s smart to think of choices like organic clothing and other conscious items of the baby’s need for a healthy environment to grow. This is helpful advice that should be easy to follow when picking out a baby shower gift!

    • Hi Aly, yeah, this is sot true. It is quite devastating when you receive a gift you not really want or need. Eco-friendly products are popular amongst many families, and precious thoughtful gifts like these are often a win.

       Another bonus is the popularity of used organic baby clothes and the opportunity for you to easily sell these used organic garments when your baby has outgrown the items.

      Sharing a unique, ethically made gift makes gifting such a joy as well. I would be delighted to receive these clothing sets as a gift for sure.




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