Does Amazon have a Universal registry?

Amazon is known as one of the leading baby gift registries around the world, especially popular in the U.S and U.K. Yet, Amazon baby gift registry is now also available in Australia as well.

Universal baby gift registries are popular choices as you can personalise your registry by adding products from different stores to one primary registry. But is Amazon baby gift registry Universal?

Let’s find out.

Does Amazon have a Universal registry?

The answer is yes and no, as it will depend on where you reside worldwide and whether your Amazon baby register will be Universal.

From which countries are the Amazon baby gift registries Universal?

Countries where baby registries are popular and commonly created by mums and families, include America and the U.K. In Australia, families increasingly practice the tradition of baby showers and creating a baby registry.

While the Amazon baby gift registries from the U.S and the U.K are both Universal for their registries, unfortunately, the baby gift registry of Amazon Australia is NOT universal.

Also, the famous baby welcome box is unfortunately not available for Amazon Australia baby registries anymore, yet registries can receive a welcome gift if they are eligible.

What are other options for a Universal baby gift registry in Australia?

However, Amazon Australia’s baby gift registry is not Universal; it is still worth checking out the Amazon baby registry as it has some unique benefits that still can make it worth it.

Yet, you could also consider other options from registries that offer Universal registries in Australia.

You can check out the link underneath to learn more about 7 popular registry choices in Australia. Check for no 1, 3 and 4 for universal options.

And however Amazon Australia’s baby gift registry is not Universal; keep in mind that you can link your registry to a universal registry, such as no 4 of the list of 7 popular baby gift registries in Australia, which might be another thing you could consider doing.

(Considering doing it this way, you could still enjoy the other benefits of Amazon Australia)

Final thoughts on which Amazon’s baby gift registry is Universal?

However, the leading baby gift registries of Amazon U.S and Amazon U.K are universal, whereas Amazon Australia is unfortunately not.

Yet, there are a few other options to work around this potential downfall of this otherwise beneficial Amazon baby gift registry in Australia by using additional universal registries, with some having the opportunity to sync the two without losing your Amazon Australia baby gift registry benefits.

Have you used the Amazon Australia baby gift registry?

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