Where is THE ICONIC Located?-A global fashion brand?

THE ICONIC is a leading online fashion e-commerce offering a great range of toys, sportswear and well-known fashion clothes for men, women and kids. Yet are THE ICONIC collections member of the global fashion group available worldwide like many other online fashion retailers today?

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Where is THE ICONIC located?

THE ICONIC is a fast-growing online fashion retailer based in Sydney, Australia. While THE ICONIC only offer delivery to Australia and New Zealand, they are a part of the Global Fashion Group, where you have the chance to shop from independent fashion designers and retailers across the world through a personal shopping and discovery platform.

Does THE ICONIC have a store?

The iconic is an ONLINE fashion retailer that you can visit under the domain name theiconic.com.au.

Does THE ICONIC Have an Outlet store?

THE ICONIC opened an outlet store for their price-savvy customers to find great bargains without skipping through pages of items. Yet, currently, the Iconic is working on something new, and THE ICONIC Outlet has temporarily closed its store.

You could check out THE ICONIC baby sale section or kids THE ICONIC sales for Girls or boys to find discounts for one of the 1000+ brands THE ICONIC parents with.

Please note that the current sales section does not contain baby and kids clothing exclusively but also has items of THE ICONIC toys and lifestyle products for kids mixed in.

Also, remember that although THE ICONIC tries to offer the same prices as its competitors, they do have a price matching policy that you may be able to use in the event you find identical items for cheaper elsewhere.

Yet keep in mind conditions apply, and you have to consider also taxes and shipping costs as some of the requirements for the product to be eligible for price matching. Still, if you think the item may be eligible, you can contact their customer service to check o, ut of they can offer the same price.

What Countries does THE ICONIC ship to?

Currently, THE ICONIC only ships to Australia and New Zealand, yet THE ICONIC is part of the global fashion group.

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What is the Global Fashion Group?

THE ICONIC is part of the Global Fashion Group, the world’s leading online fashion for developing markets.

The group is the leading destination for fashion & lifestyle in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the CIS, Australia and New Zealand.

While THE ICONIC offers leading fashion brands to Australia and New Zealand, you can find other members of the Global Fashion Group covering other areas around the world.

  • Dafiti in Latin America
  • Lamoda CIS
  • Zalora is Southeast Asia

Final thoughts for THE ICONIC location?

Uniquely, THE ICONIC, based in Sydney, Australia, is the only Australian fashion e-commerce member of the leading fashion destination for developing fashion brands, the Global Fashion group.

THE ICONIC brings a unique selection of fashion, toys and lifestyle products to Australia for men, women and Kids from 1000+ brands.

THE ICONIC shopping platform is innovative and user-friendly, with shopping the choice to shop for specific values, such as more sustainable baby brand choices or shopping by brand, gender or for sales such as their upcoming birthday sale of THE ICONIC.

Those not who are not residing in Australia or New Zealand could consider visiting the Global fashion group to find other partners of the Global fashion group that bring leading fashion to other countries across the world.

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