Is Childrensalon Real Designer? (Authentic)?

Childrensalon is a British manufacturer and retailer of high-end fashion and luxury clothes for children trading since 1952.

Children’s salon provides worldwide customer service in 12 languages and is proud of exceptional customer service.

But is this kids retailer selling real designers, and is this an authentic go-to to stock up your kid’s wardrobe or to buy gifts?

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Is ChildrenSalon have Real designer clothes?

Yes, Childrensalon is an authorized retailer of all the designers featured.

Childrensalon has been in Business since 1952 and is overall considered quite positive. Childrensalon states on their website that all products they sell are sourced directly from the brands guaranteed 100% authentic and are always sold with original branded swing tags for the knowledge of customers that collections are genuine.

How is Childrensalon reviewed?

Every single retailer you are buying from is going to have both positive and negative reviews. So also at Childrensalon.

Childrensalon customers are incredibly optimistic about orders arriving promptly with quick shipping timeframes excellent selection of designer kids’ clothing from over 260+ kids’ designer brands.

And also, the quality of products and the packaging of received orders are often mentioned as keypoint customers have been impressed with. Yet keep in mind mistakes happen everywhere, so also at the Childrensalon, such as customers who have had issues with shipping, not arriving of parcels, returns and receiving of faulty items.

Childrensalon’s responses to complaints show they don’t take customer service lightly and are eager to resolve issues where they can and work hard to maintain their good reputation as a luxurious children’s clothes retailer.

Childrensalon is reviewed as great on Trustpilot, with 3.9 out of 5 stars.

What are the competitors of the Childrensalon?

Other than Childrensalon, you have a few other options to find genuine designer kids clothing online.

Some of the competitors of Childrensalon include stores like:


Another ogo-to online store with Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, to find some of the wealthiest genuine kids’ fashion on the market with more than an impressive 750+ brands.

However, also this store has customers who experienced poor shopping experiences, such as receiving wrong sizes or faulty items, high shipping costs and issues with returning items. Bambinifashion is overall experienced as positive, especially for its on-point fashion trends and quick delivery of high-quality products.

Bambino fashion ratings on Trustpilot are 4.4 out of 5 stars.

MyTheresa-, based in Germany, was founded in 2066 by Christoph and Susanne Botschen, starting out as a small boutique brand.

Fast forward to 2014, MYTheresa was purchased by Neiman Marcus Group and is the place to find some of the most luxurious fashion brands for men, women and kids.

MyTheresa does score pretty well on the Trust pilot, with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars across 9000+ reviews.

So the overall reviews are primarily positive, and their kid’s designers are genuine and authentic. Yet, there seem to be a fair few issues with shipping and customer service and returns as well you may have to keep in mind if you decide to order from this website.

Final thoughts for the authenticity of Childrensalon

Supposedly, online purchases always come with that extra risk of purchasing something where you can see or feel the actual product you buy which makes a company’s reputation for their company values such as customer service and the quality and authenticity of products essential.

While Childrensalon (and their two competitors in this review as well) are all retailer that is categorized as saving sellers for luxury kids’ clothes with real designers that is authentic quality, Childrensalon and competitors Mythersa and Bambinifashion all also have some reviews where customers have had issues with various topics,

Hence, while you can never purchase online without risk and various issues could appear, Childrensalon and their competitors sell genuine kids’ designer fashion. Alternatively, when you want to minimize risks buying in physical stores might be worth it if you have access to any. Yet, your choice of brands and collections will likely be less generous, which is one of the advantages of shopping online.

What is your favourite go-to for kids’ designers and luxury brands selling on-point fashion?

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