#7 Places to Find Cheap Baby Clothes Online

Today, we share seven places to find cheap baby clothes online, including various styles and qualities.

Whether you’re after designer baby clothes, high-end brand outfits, boutique baby clothes, organic baby clothes, or really cheap basic outfits, you can find it all between these seven options.

Some of the links we use are affiliate links, and if a purchase is made using these links, we may receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.

#1Pat Pat

Pat Pat is a big one for cheap baby clothes online, and this popular shopping platform is viral for its choice of matching mum and me and family matching outfits.

However, Pat Pat has inconsistency quality at times, and some people have issues with shipping and the returning of items overall most people are considerably satisfied with their shopping experience at Pat Pat, and the review company Trustpilot, Pat Pat scored a rating of Excellent and 4.6 out of 5 stars over 30000+ reviews.

#2 Walmart

Walmart is another platform where you can find a variety of affordable baby clothes from brands like Gerber, Touched by Nature, or the Walmart-exclusive collection of Carter’s Child of mine.

Walmart also has several options for organic baby clothes with some G.O.T.S certified options, such as Carter’s Little Planet line and the famous brand Burt’s Bees. Yet for cheaper options, you find brands like Gerber in the organic section, yet keep in mind these bodysuit bundles are cheap indeed, yet not certified organic. However, some of these bundles are Oeko-tex certified.

However, Walmart has many choices for cheap baby clothes online; be aware that Walmart’s overall rating at Trustpilot is not excellent.

#3 Amazon

At Amazon, baby clothes are not necessarily cheap, yet you have affordable options. And, as many families have an Amazon account, it can be convenient to shop here.

It works out to buy cheap baby clothes online by Amazon, especially affordable if you go with some baby clothes bundles from Hanes, Gerber or Carter’s special Amazon line, Simple Joys by Carters.

#4 Carter’s

Carter’s is iconic for its sales and the giant child clothes retailer in the U.S.

Carter’s has so many sales; isn’t it a Labour Day sale? It will be a Black Friday sale, a clearance sale or one of their many more sales.

However, Carter’s runs sales continuously; the only line they do not seem to include with their sales is their organic line “Little Planet by Carter.

#5 Childrensplace

Another place that could be interesting to find cheap baby clothes online is Childrensplace. Children’sPPlace has clothing and is especially popular to purchase matching family Pj’s, yet keep in mind this retailer doesn’t score well on the Trust pilot with 1.3 out of 5 stars across 290+ reviews.

Poor customer service, not receiving parcels, and not receiving refunds are common issues shared on Trustpilot.

Click for Children’s place Here

#6 Nordstrom Rack

Nordstorm Rack is the outlet of the upmarket department store Nordstorm.

However, some customers love the Nordstrom rack and have had good experiences; many customers review this Nordstock rack as bad.

They have cheap baby clothes online from brands like Jessica Simpson, Little Me, Burt’s Bees, Nike, Adidas or SOOKIbaby. Yet, overall, you may not be satisfied with purchases due to the frequent lack of quality control and customer service.

Unfortunately, this fashion outlet’s overall shopping experience is not overly highly rated at this stage, with an average of 1.5 out of 5 stars, scoring over 500+ reviews.

#7 Saks of 5th

Lastly, we have selected Saks of 5th in our review for cheap baby clothes online at the end. Also, they are one of your options for getting a nice mixture of boutique, mid-range, and more luxurious high-end baby clothes.

Some brands include Little Me or Andy & Evan, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Calvin Klein and Burberry, to name a few.

Yet, please note that this outlet of the initially high-end department store, Saks Fith Avenue, is also not going without bad reviews.

However, Saks of 5th also has happy customers who are satisfied with their service and products; there are many reviews from people who have had issues with refunds and customer service.

Saks of 5th is rated ‘Bad‘ on Trustpilot with 1.3 out of 5 stars.

Final thoughts on cheap baby clothes online?

Surely, you can buy cheap baby clothes online, but keep in mind that it is a common issue that customers have poor experiences if they have to deal with customer service and are in situations where they have to use refund policies to return items.

Indeed, there are advantages to ordering baby clothes online, and yes, poor customer service experiences also happen where places like Childrensalon sell high-end and designer baby clothes, yet keep in mind the risk of ordering (cheap) baby clothes online as inconsistent quality, customer service, and refund issues do not happen on rare occurrence.

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