Are Baby Gift registries a thing in Australia?-(+ 7 popular registries options in Australia)

As you may know, baby showers and making a baby gift registry when you expect to welcome a new baby into your life are popular traditions in America. But are baby gift registries a thing in Australia? Or do most mums not worry about baby showers and making a gift registry?

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Are Baby Gift registries a thing in Australia?

However, it may not be for everyone; baby showers and gift registries go together and have increasingly become more significant in Australia. The abundance of registry providers in Australia offering baby registry services makes the popularity evident.

Yet competition discount and free baby welcome boxes which are expected perks by Americans by registries have not become the norm in Australia yet.

There are multiple registries in Australia to consider, with some companies providing services to sync multiple registries into one universal registry, which can significantly benefit mums who like to be organised by creating a list that include all their wishes and is 100% personalised with products and brands you love.

Where can you make a baby gift registry in Australia?

Setting up a baby gift registry is easy; the most challenging job may be choosing the one you like that aligns best with your wishes and lifestyle.

And having quite a few choices does not necessarily make it easier.

While in America, The Babylist and Amazon are some of the most popular options, and they are both options in Australia. Yet, there may be other options to consider when residing in Australia.

Let’s have a look at some ins and outs of a few of the most popular baby registries you can consider in Australia’s

#1 Babylist

Are Baby Gift registries a thing in Australia?-Babylist Logo.

Babylist is one of the leading baby gift registries in America. Babylist is easy to use and universal, and you can customize your baby registry entirely to your needs and preferences, which makes this registry great to personalize completely to your lifestyle, with the opportunity to add any product or service from any store to your registry.

Yet, if you reside outside the U.S., make sure to only put products from stores on your list that ship to Australia and don’t use the Babylist store as they are not shipping outside the U.S. at this stage.

Also, unfortunately, you are not eligible to receive the free welcome gift if you don’t have a U.S. address.

Perhaps a more suitable option when you are residing in the U.S. could be number 2 on our list, the Amazon Australia baby registry option.

#2 Amazon AU

Are Baby Gift registries a thing in Australia?-Screenshot of the staring page to make a Amazon baby wish list.

As you may know, in America and the U.K., Amazon is one of the biggest go-to shopping platforms for making a baby gift registry, with a massive selection of products and brands available on the site, great discounts, and welcome gifts.

However, things are slightly different for baby gift registries in Australia, so it can still be an exciting registry to check out for various reasons.

Learn more about the Amazon Australia baby gift registry using the button below.

#3 My gift registry

My gift registry is another option available in Australia for an online baby gift registry that has moved away from the traditional baby gift registries and has made their registry versatile to use your registry how you need it, adding things from anywhere.

My gift registry is reviewed pretty well on Trustpilot, with 4.7 out of 5 stars across 490+ reviews. With my gift registry, you can add items from both physical and online stores, receive payments from your guests, and spend it how you like it. You can also send e-invitations and get RSVPs; you can even collect dietary requirements if you wish.

Underneath, you can watch a little introduction video, My Gift Registry, to learn a little more.

#4 My Registry

My is a universal registry that syncs multiple registries. You can watch the little video below for an introduction to the many options with

My Registry Australia allows you to Sync most of your favourite existing registries as My Register partners with more than 20 partners, including Target, Metro Baby, Amazon, Crate Barrel and more.

You can easily import existing store registries onto your MyRegistry gift list or create and sync new store registries at any time. 

However, doesn’t give you completion discounts or welcome boxes; going with does allow you to keep all your existing registries under one roof while benefits from individual registries remain.

Some registries offer completion discounts on unpurchased items left on registries and other perks like baby welcome boxes, sign-up gifts, coupons with discounts, and more.

With, you’ll keep all these perks when syncing those registries. Yet, saying that Australia is not as big on perks as America, and not many stores join in with this fun just yet in Australia except Amazon.

#5 Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting is one of your options if you want to set up registries with individual nursery stores to benefit from their vast range of products and brand choices.

Baby Bunting itself is not Universal. So, you can not add products from other stores to your Baby Bunting gift registry. Yet, you could make a Baby Bunting gift registry to add your favourite items to your list and then sync it to My if you wish to do that.

Baby Bunting doesn’t offer perks like a completion discount or welcome gifts, yet they have a vast selection of products and brands and a price-beating policy.

#6Baby Kingdom

The Baby Kingdom is another popular nursery retailer based in Sydney, where you can set up a Baby registry. You can only register for the Baby Kindom Registry online, yet all gift registries created can be accessed at any store, and the purchase can be made from any store or online. Also, items can be bought from the registry using click and collect.

Also, Baby Kingdom doesn’t offer competition discounts, yet they have price-matching policies.

#7Metro Baby

Metro Baby is another popular nursery retailer based in Melbourne with an extensive curated range of top baby brands and products. You can set up your baby registry at Metro Baby, which is one of the partners of, which you will notice when signing up with the Metro Baby registry.

Like Baby Bunting and Metro Baby, Metro Baby doesn’t offer completion discounts or welcome gifts, yet Metro Baby has price-matching policies in place.

Final thoughts for baby Registries in Australia

Baby registries in Australia are commonly used to make baby gift lists, and many retailers and companies offer baby registry services for free. Yet, the Iconic perks offered by baby registries in America are not commonly seen in Australia.

Yet there are some great companies out there offering services to sync all your registries wish, giving you great opportunities to build baby registries 100% aligned with your needs and lifestyle making it worthwhile t set up a baby gift registry in Australia as an easy way to create all your wishes in one place.

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