How to receive 10% off your first order by Metro Baby?

However, the young company Metro Baby may not be as big as its competitor, Baby Bunting. Still, this Melbourne-based nursery retailer launched in March 2020 by Ling Fung is a well-reviewed go-to store for baby nursery gear in Australia carrying a broad selection of popular baby brands like Miffy, Liewood, Atelier Choux, Leander, Lolli Pop, Love to dream, Manhaton toys and many many more…

However, Baby Bunting is well known for sharp pricing and a generous selection of products and brand choices, don’t underestimate smaller nursery stores like Metro baby, which are keeping up pretty well with big-box competitors like Baby Bunting.

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How do you receive Metro Baby’s 10% off first-order discount?

To obtain the Metro baby10% off first order discount, there are only a few steps to do and a few criteria that must be met to be eligible to use your discount for that first order.

Firstly, You must sign up for their newsletter…

Step 1…

If you have arrived on the website from .au, you will probably see a pop-up appearing within a minute or so with the question of whether you would like to sign up for their newsletter and save 10% on your first order, as pictured below in the screenshot.

How to receive Metro Baby 10% off first order discount?-Screenshot of the Metro baby pop up for the sigh up newsletter to receive 10% of your fist order.

Step 2…

You can click the Save 10% button, and the following box will pop up, like the image below.

Please fill out your email address and click on unlock my code.

You then receive an email with the code you can use for 10% off your first order. But please remember, conditions apply to receive the discount…

How to receive Metro Baby 10% off first order discount?-Sreenshot of the Metro baby website with pop up the sign up for the newsletter.

Can the 10% first-order discount be used with other orders?

No, there are limitations to using the 10% off first-order discounts, such as;

  • First-order discounts can only be used for full-priced items.
  • Discounts can not be used with other offers, sales or discounts.
  • First order discount can not be used towards gift cards
  • The first-order discount can not be applied to previous purchases.

Check out on-sale items at Metro Baby with huge savings available using the red button underneath.

Final thoughts on Metro Baby 10% first-order discount

If you have never ordered with Metro Baby before and don’t use any other value, sales or promos, you can benefit from 10% off by simply subscribing to their newsletter through the pop-up link on their website. Save 10% at checkout using the unique promo code sent to your email.

Additionally, check out the other opportunities to save money at Metro Baby. Free shipping on Metro Baby orders is available, yet this excludes bulky items. There is an extra $29.99 fee for bulk items, as featured in the overview of the screenshot below.

How- to receive Metro Baby 10% off first order discount?-Screenshot of Metro baby shipping cost overview..

Have you been able to receive some excellent discounts at Metro Baby recently?

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