Does Amazon have the Best Baby Gift Registry in Australia?

Does Amazon have the best baby gift registry in Australia?

Good question, as Amazon is hands down one of the most popular baby gift registries in the U.S. and U.K., with tons of products available under one roof and a variety of perks offered by this major shopping platform. But is the Amazon baby gift registry in Australia worth it as well?

Let’s check it out…

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Is the Amazon baby gift registry in Australia worth it?

Is the Amazon the best baby gift registry in Australia?-Dashboard of the baby gift registry of Amazon Australia.

However, Amazon Australia doesn’t have some of the perks found at Amazon.US and Amazon U.K.; Amazon A.U. can still be an exciting Baby gif registry to consider for various reasons.

Does Amazon Australia have a Baby registry welcome box?

Amazon Australia no longer has the baby registry welcome box for their customers.

The Welcome Box was an introductory offer for the launch of Baby Wishlist, which is no longer available.

Eligible customers had to complete purchases and redeem the Welcome Box by 31 December 2019.

Still, you can access a gift when setting up the Amazon baby gift registry and spending the minimum amount of money buying qualifying items from the Amazon Australia baby store. (Gift is only available as long as stock last).

Is Amazon the best baby gift registry in Australia?-Overview from the steps to follow to access the free baby gift.

Is Amazon Australia Universal?

One of the benefits of the popular baby gift registries of Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K. is that these registries are universal. With this convenience, you can add products from other shops to your Amazon registry by adding a browser extension to Chrome.

Amazon Australia, though, does NOT have this perk, and Amazon Australia is NOT universal.

The only stores you can add things from on your Amazon Australia registry are adding products from Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.



You could consider syncing your Amazon Australia registry to so you can manage all your gifts on one beautifullyĀ convenient list, all free of charge.

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So, what makes Amazon Australia an excellent baby registry?

Good question and a few things make the Amazon baby gift registry worth considering.

1. A vast selection of products under one roof…

As you may know, Amazon has many products and brands to choose from, making it an exciting and convenient choice to set up your registry at this powerful shopping platform and a populair choice for families.

2. The completion discount…

And secondly, but perhaps most importantly, Amazon offers their baby gift registry a completion discount as the ONlY Baby gift provider in Australia, where remaining eligible items from your baby wish list sold and shipped by can be purchased for a discount. (Conditions apply)

The discount will depend on your membership with Amazon Australia as you get a higher discount as a member with 15% and a 10% for primary list owners.

(If you consider signing up for Amazon Prime membership, try a free 30-day trial here…)

Your eligibility for this discount is 60 days before and 90 days after your pregnancy due date inputted on your baby wishlist.

Also, your baby wishlist has to be active for a minimum of 14 days to be eligible for the completion discount.

3. Inspiration …

Also, Amazon can e helpful by providing you with a curated list of popular products to make shopping for your baby much more accessible.

4. Free 30-day return…

With the Amazon Australia wishlist, you also have 30 days to return items purchased from your wishlist.

5. Sharing with family and friends…

You can also share your wishlist with those looking to purchase a gift with the Amazon Australia registry.

Final thoughts for Amazon baby gift registry in Australia

Amazon baby gift registry is amongst one of the most popular baby gift registries in Australia. It has some exciting perks to make this registry a beneficial choice for families. Especially the completion discount could be attractive.

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