#7 stores with SALE for Designer clothes for kids!

When browsing for designer clothes for your baby or child but don’t want to spend big, you might find some of the designer brands you love in one of our seven selected stores with designer clohtes for kids on sale.

While there are various price classes between different brands of designer clothes for kids, some of the most expensive brands are far out of reach for many.

Yet there may be more sales around for kids’ designer clothes than you think, and you might be able, after all, to dress your baby in Burberry, Guess or Versage or Chloe outfits or one of the many other brands.

Underneath, we share seven retailers with kids’ designer clothes, shoes and accessories on sale and offer international shipping to most countries.

What Store has Designer clothes for kids on sale?

The opportunity to purchase fashion on sale has increased with more frequent sales events happening across the year.

Also, to find designer clothes for kids on sale, you could check sales sections of high-end department shops and designer brands that often have a permanent sales section available.

#1 Marcus Neiman

You can find some heavily discounted kids’ designer clothes at Neiman Marcus that are interesting to check out.

They also have a selection of accessories and shoes for girls, boys, and babies.

At Neiman Marcus, you can find a broad range of your most popular designer brands, including brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, off-white, Givenchy and Burberry, to call just a few.

Discounts available vary, but some of the highest discounted pieces are up to 40- 50% off.

#2 Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale is the second option to find some designer kids’ clothes for sale, and this department store ships in over 100 countries worldwide.

Bloomingdale has a designer section with options for newborns, boys and girls, and shoes and accessories for kids.

Brands you can find at Bloomingdale’s designer kids’ clothing section include Kissy Kissy, Angel Dear, Sam, Pink Chicken or Poupette-st-barth and Hux Baby, to call a few.

#3 Farfetch

Farfetch is home to many kids’ designer clothes, and you have a lot of choices in their section for sale.

Also, Farfetch has both kids’ designer newborn clothes and items for girls and boys, shoes and accessories.

By Farfetch, you can find designer brands like Kenzo, Givenchy Kids, Marc Jacobs Kids, Off-white Kids, Versage Kids and Stella Mc Cartney Kids.

Discount percentages vary for each item at Farfestch, but discounts are as high as 50% off for some things. Also, Farfetch has international shipping services available.

#4 Melijoe

Melijoe is an e-commerce fashion retailer based in Paris, France, specializing in luxury children’s clothing. They have designer items from French and international labels and have an outlet section on their website with discounted items up as high as 50% off.

Miljoe’s outlet section is easy to navigate by brand, product, or gender, making it very easy to find designer clothes or accessories you are specifically interested in.

Their brand choice is generous, and so is their product choice. Worthwhile to have a peek for sure.

Some brands you can find at Milijoe include Diesel, Stella MC Cartney, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Beanie & Bear and one of the most expensive designer brands Burberry and many more.

Milijoe does offer international shipping to most countries. However, if they don’t deliver to ship to the country you currently reside in, you could consider sending your parcel to an internal shipping forwarder company like MyUS.com.

#5 My Theresa

Mytheresa is a German e-commerce luxury fashion company founded in 2006.

My Thersa is home to many big designer names. However, based in Germany, this international luxury fashion company ships to more than 130 countries within 72 hours.

Designer kid’s clothes at MyThersa include Moschino kids, Marc Jacobs kids, Molo, Chloe, Polo Ralph Lauren, Givenchy kids and Versace kids, to name a few.

Discount at Mythersa sale varies, with the highest value of up to 50%!

Like most other stores, also MyThersa has choices for baby, boy, and girl shoes and accessories in its sale section.

#6 Base Childrenswear

The Base Childrenswear is the U.K.’s leading designer kids’ clothing retailer for girls and boys ages 0-16.

The base childrenswear has an Outlet section on its website with designer gear available for babies and kids and designer accessories and shoes for boys and girls.

Discounts at the Base Childrenwears outlet are up to 70%!

Some of the brands you can find by this U.K. leading fashion retailer include Kenzo, Guess, La Coste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Patachou and Kissy Kissy, to call a few.

#7 Bambini fashion

Babini has headquarters in Viena, Austria and is a retail fashion company specializing in designer clothing for kids.

With more than 750 top-quality designer clothing brands for kids up to the age of 16 to choose from, Bambinifashion.com give you a generous choice to find your kid’s style,

You can shop up to 65% off during the sale of kids’ designer clothes, shoes and accessories during the Bambinifashion sales period.

You can check it out using the button below.

Did you know you can use internal shipping forwarder companies like MyUS.com for your international order if the company you are purchasing from doesn’t provide the shipping service to send the parcel to the country you reside in?

Final thoughts for designer clothes for kids on sale…

Across multiple luxury fashion retailers and department stores, there is a lot of choice to get your hands on kids’ designer clothes, shoes and accessories at a lower price.

Many items are discounted for as high as 50 and even 70% at stores during sales or outlets.

What is your favourite go-to to find kids’ designer clothes on sale?


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