#6 Unique baby clothes ‘brands’ around the world…

If you are looking for unique baby clothes that stand out and have colours, this article is written for you on this page; we will maintain a growing list that is globally available online and unique compared to many other brands.

You may have experienced finding a store or brand that sells baby clothes you fully love and are different and unique, which can be challenging and overwhelming.

So, we decided to designate this post to overview the unique go-to stores and brands to help find authentic, artistic, unique baby clothes that stand out from the hundreds and thousands of brands.

However, we start with a small list; we like to keep the list truly unique and will be critical in adding brands and stores. Yet, Moving forward, we will add stores and brands with great, unique options.

What are the best places to find Unique baby clothes around the world?

Please read along for some great, genuinely unique suggestions…

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1 # Etsy

However, it is not a brand; we would like to start with Etsy as a suggestion to check for unique baby clothes.

Etsy is an American e-commerce company focused on vintage and handmade items and craft supplies and is available in 80+ countries.

Etsy is one of the best places to find true gems, such as handmade baby clothes, personalised baby clothes, and organic baby clothes with unique graphics.

2# Oobi- (Unique clothing brands For girls)

Oobi is an Australian children’s clothing, homewares and lifestyle label for girls aged up to twelve.

However, although Oobi is based in Australia, its clothing is not made in Australia but overseas. Yet Oobi is an ethical brand that even received a 5-star rating from the world’s leading children’s brand rating: ‘Good on you. ‘

At Oobi, you can find the most beautiful, unique, gorgeous dresses and hats made with fantastic colourful prints, frills, ribbons and hoodies that make that kid’s clothes fun and memorable.

3# Paper Wings

Paper Wings was founded in 2006 and is also a company that sets itself apart from the rest with unique, bold prints and artistic designs for babies, kids and even adult clothes… It is also an Australian company founded in 2006.

Although Paper Wings is an Australian brand initially made in Australia when the business was small, their clothing is now in Vietnam.

Paper Wings takes many sustainable initiatives within their brands, such as their commitment to minimising waste, using organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and upcycling fabric.

Like Art and Eden, who currently appear not to be very active yet (you can still find some of their unique baby and kids clothes at Kidizen), Paper Wings also focuses on creativity, unique prints and modern crafted designs from Quality fabrics with a sustainability focus.

If you love uniqueness, the Artistic designs and prints of Paper Wings clothing might make you greedy to load your shopping trolley with many unique touches, designs and patterns in their collections.

#4 Tea collection

Tea collections were launched in 2002, and as a brand genuinely inspired by all cultures celebrated worldwide, this kid’s clothing brand deserves a place in our most unique kids’ clothing brands review.

In-house tea collection artists design tea collection prints, and you can recognise their style through an exuberant mix of colour and patterns.

Like many other kids’ boutique clothing brands that are well made, Tea Collection is a member of the Kidizen rewar program, where you can shop for pre-loved Tea collection pieces that are gently used yet have plenty of life left in them.

Tea Collection kid’s clothing is unique and colourful, made to last for more than one child.

Tea collection currently ships to the United States, Washington, DC and Canada and offers international shipping now, which makes Tea collection available now for many countries around the world.

#5 Mini Boden

Even though Mini Boden might not be a hidden gem as some of the others have already grown to a bigger brand, we do like to include this brand in our list as their clothing quality is unique in style and loved by many.

Mini Boden was originally a British brand but is now available in several countries worldwide.

Mini Boden is very popular, and it’s understandable why with eye-catching, typical classy English style designs and a quality fit, brilliant tailoring and vibrant colours used to make their uber cute, unique kids’ clothing.

Boden has online stores in multiple countries, such as Australia and the U.S., and of course, back where it all begins: the U.K., which also offers international shipping through 3-party Global-e.

Also, Boden has regular sales, so it could be worth checking out their unique Mini Boden collection.

#6 Stella MC Cartney

Stella Mc Cartney is a pioneer in eco-conscious fashion and a well-known U.S. designer brand with some unique, interesting, colourful collections that stand out.

Stella MC Cartney kid’s clothing stands out with unique and uber-cute designs crafted from organic cotton knit.

If you are looking for sustainable designer pieces or perhaps the perfect unique, sustainable baby clothes gift, Stella MC Cartney could be the brand you are looking for.

Stella MC Cartney’s baby clothes are all made with organic cotton knit.

Final thoughts for unique baby clothes brands

Gradually, we are adding more unique baby clothes brands to our list, yet we like to keep this list genuinely unique and will be building this list out slowly with truly unique boutiques and high-quality baby clothes brands.

However, we will gradually add more unique brands to this list in the future to help you find some of the best authentic, Unique baby clothes around the world.

What is your favourite unique baby clothes brand that you would like to see in the list of excellent-quality unique baby clothes that deserve a spot in our overview?

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