What is Babylist, and how does it work?

Babylist was launched in 2011 by Natalie Gordon, who realised from her experience that baby registries could do with some serious upgrading.

Nathalie’s main goal with creating Babylist was building a better baby registry experience that would genuinely put parents first.

And so she did…

Did it work?

Yes, it did!

Babylist is now one of the leading Baby gift registries in the U.S

Today, we chat about What a Babylist is and How a Babylist works to help you decide if a Babylist might be for you.

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What is the baby list, and how does it work?

Babylist is a popular Baby gift registry in the U.S that uses patented technology to provide an innovative and helpful registry that is easy to use and offers unique features like price comparisons of products. It is easy to set up by doing a mini quiz (1 minute) and answering a few questions, which will help Babylist suggest products that suit your needs best.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Image of the start of the Babylist mini Quiz.

At the end of the short quiz, you will be asked if you would like to add the babylist chrome extender to your chrome search bar. It is easy, and adding the Babylist Chrome extension bar to your search will help you with the feature to add any product or service from any store easily to your babylist registry while browsing your favourite stores on the web.

What is Babylist, and how does it work?-Screenshot of the Babylist chrome extenstian you can easily add to your chrome bar during the quiz if you wish to do so.

Can you add any products or services to your baby registry at Babylist?

Yes, you could put ANY product from ANY shop on the web into your Babylist registry and make it 100% personal, suiting your needs. However, as mentioned before, the Babylist’s core value and goal is to put registries first.

For services to add, consider babysitter services, frozen meals or dog walkers to add to your registry if that is something you expect to need when you welcome a new baby into your family.

How do I create a registry at Babylist after setting my account up?

After the short quiz, your account is set up, and you can finish setting up your registry.

You will arrive on a page similar to the image underneath, and you can start creating your Baby list registry by following the six steps and instructions.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Landing page after the quiz to start setting up your registry..

You can fill out the following to finish setting up your registry.

  • You can add a photo to your registry if you like
  • Choose to receive a free insert card for your shower invitations
  • You can fill out whether you will hold a shower or not.
  • You can fill out the arrival date of your baby (If applicable)
  • And the address to which you would like your gifts sent too.

Can you use Babylist outside the U.S.?

Yes, you can, but remember to NOT select items from the Babylist store, as they only ship to addresses in the U.S. Instead, select products or services in stores that deliver to the country you reside in to ensure there will be no issues with gift delivery.

Is Baby List free to use?

Yes, the Baby List app and registry are free to use. Only the cost of the gifts that the gift givers select is the only expense.

Is the Babylist registry good?

The BaByliss is a well-reviewed registry and scores 4.8 out of 5 stars amongst 12000 reviews.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Screenshot from Babylist app with ratings in Google Play store.

The Babylist registry is beside Target and Amazon, which are two of the most popular registry choices in the U.S.

The Babylist app is in the Google Play Store, has been downloaded 500 000+ times, and 8 million people buy what they need to welcome a new baby on the list each year.

How does buying from a Babylist work?

The registrant of the Babylist can add any product or service from any store to the Babylist. Did you know you also opened a cash fund in your registry for perhaps your baby’s college nappy funds… or anything else you would like to save up for?

To start a cash fund, you can access the dashboard from your registry and find ‘Add a cash fund’ on the left-middle side.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Screenshot of the Babylist registry with the area where you can add a cash fund.

To shop in the Babylist store, you can find the store option at the top of the page next to the registry and Guides, like the image below. Hence, remember not to shop here if you reside outside the U.S.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Image of the area you can use the Babylist store to browse products of the babylist store.

If you want to shop elsewhere for your registry, you can browse the net and use the Babylist Chrome extension you have added while setting up your Babylist account.

If you didn’t add the Baby button to your Chrome extension yet, don’t worry. You also have the option to add the switch later on your registry page as one of your options.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Screenshot of the registry dashboard where you can add Babylist button extension.

The Babylist Chrome extension makes adding your favourite products or services to the registry easy while browsing the net.

What is Babylist and how does it work?-Image of the button that will appear after you have installed the Babylist chrome extension..

If you select a product elsewhere that Babylist has in their store, they will let you know and share the product and price for sale in their shop.

How does shipping work at Babylist?

So, as mentioned before, remember not to use the Baby Store shop if you are residing outside the U.S. as Babylist stores only ship inside the U.S. If a person buys a gift directly from the Babylist store. The registrant provides the address; the system will automatically allow you to ship by checkout. But, if the giver wishes to do so, they can also change the address they want to send it.

Can you return staff from Babylist?

Within nine months, Babylist accepts returns of items purchased directly from their Babylist shop. Hence, the products must be in the same condition as when purchased unopened and within the original packaging.

Does Babylist offer a completion discount?

Yes, Babylist gives a 15% completion discount 60 days before your baby’s due date.

You can use the completion discount once, and it stays valid for up to 6 months after your baby’s due date.

Also, the completion discount of 15% is only valid for products bought in the Babylist store.

Does the Babylist notify returns?

No, Babylist, do NOT notify gift givers about returns you may send.

How do you get your welcome box from Babylist?

To receive a Hello Baby Box, you must set up an account and add all your personal information, such as your first and last name, U.S. residential address, and your baby’s arrival date.

You also have to:

  • Add three items to your registry: the Babylist shore.
  • Add three items to your registry to other shops.
  • Complete a minimum of $10- purchases from the Babylist shop
  • Verify your address and pay $8.95 +(if applicable) tax shipping.

What is in the Hello Baby box?

Babylists can not guarantee what is in the Hello Baby Box and are dependent on demands and supply, but overall, they try to add products from their favourite brands.

Previously added in Hello Baby Boxes include diapers, bibs, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, and coupons to save money.

Final thoughts on the Babylist registry?

Would you like to create your registry with the freedom to select items and services from anywhere online, making it 100% personal and suiting your needs?

Do you want to benefit from the patented innovative technology with unique price comparison features and lots of resources and use the highly reviewed Babylist app?

Then Babylist might be worth checking out for you.

Set up your registry for free today using the red button below.

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