Does baby Bunting install car seats?

Does baby bunting install car seats, and where are these services available?

Baby Bunting is Australia’s largest nursery retailer selling a wide range of products, including various brands of car seats.

But does baby Bunting also offer car seat installations?

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Baby bunting is Australia’s largest nursery retailer, primarily known for its broad choice of baby brands and products, including some furniture, car seats, a few cute baby clothes options and many more baby products. Baby bunting has price matching policies and is famous for its competitive pricing and sales.

Does baby bunting install car seats?

Yes, Baby Bunting does offer the service of installing car seats.

You can use the car installation service of baby Bunting at your closest Baby Bunting store, as all Baby Bunting stores offer this service by Baby on Board.

What is Baby on Board?

Baby on board is the accredited car seat installation service that provides car seat installation services at Baby Bunting stores.

Baby on board is a member of the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI) and fits approx 50,000 restraints each year.

What is the cost for car seat Installation at Baby Bunting?

To use the car seat installation services from baby bunting, the following fees may apply to you.

  • Single Seat Installation  $45
  • Two Seat Installation  $84
  • Three Seat Installation  $119

How can you make a booking with Baby Bunting to install your Baby’s car seat?

You can book online to use Baby Bunting’s car install services, yet keep in mind that you can not use the online booking service for same-day service but need to phone your nearest Baby Bunting instead.

(Please note that we have noticed that currently, the online service of Baby Bunting for car seat installation has an error, and you may have to contact your nearest store to organise car seat installations)

You can find your closest Baby Bunting store here.

What are other car seat installation services in Australia to consider?

Underneath, you can find an overview of other services in Australia to consider for car seat fitting beside Baby Bunting.

Yet, keep in mind not all services are available throughout all Australia.

Baby safe Australia is a mobile service that comes to you and is currently only available in the metropolitan Melbourne area)

ACRI professionally trains all the installers of Baby safe Australia.

For more information about Baby safe Australia services, you can use the best phone tel:0412646911

The other option or car seat installation service is Hire for Baby. You can find underneath:

Hire for Baby not only can seat restraints but also offer a broad range of car seat services throughout Australia, including car seat installation services for a similar cost to Baby Bunting charges.

Current services Hire for Bay offer include:

  • Care seat fitting services
  • Car seat consultation
  • Car seat checks
  • Restraint fitting clinics
  • Group restraint checks
  • Family daycare clinics
  • Family daycare audits
  • Community restraints fitting days

Final thoughts for Baby Bunting Car seat installation services

Baby Bunting uses the professional ACRI-trained baby on board to provide car seat installation services at all their stores throughout Australia.

Additional, Baby Hire provides similar services throughout Australia with very similar pricing for the service as well.

Have you used car seat installation services in Australia yet?

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