Does Kissy Kissy Run Small?

Does Kissy Kissy Run Small? Kissy baby clothes are famous and well known for their super softness. Their designs are delicate and sweet, and the luxurious boutique-style baby clothes are made from high-quality Pima cotton.

Today we chat about Kissy Kissy’s sizing to help you choose the best sizing for you from the Kissy Kissy brand.

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Does Kissy Kissy Run Small?

The quality of Kissy Kissy is highly rated and made from 100% Pima cotton. Yet, you may experience a fair bit of shrinkage after washing, so follow washing instructions as most customers agree that Kissy Kissy baby clothes run small.

What sizes does Kissy Kissy have?

Kissy Kissy kid’s sizing guide is only measured by weight, starting with sizes for Preemie babies up to size 6. Yet, not all their outfits are available in preemie sizes, and a lot of their footies are only available for the smallest ones up to 9 months.

Final thoughts for Kissy Kissy baby clothes

Many quality-focused retailers and shopping platforms sell Kissy Kissy baby clothes, including Marc Neiman, Nordstrom, Liberty London, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales Bergdorf Goodman.

And, of course, you can find the complete collection of Kissy Kissy on their official website

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While their clothing is made from unique Peruvian Pima Cotton that has longer fibre length resulting in a more durable luxurious fabric, keep in mind their clothing runs mostly small and expect some shrinkage considering sizing up could be worth considering.

To minimise shrinkage, follow Kissy Kissy’s washing instructions to machine washing the clothing in cold water and dry only on low.

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